ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TBS: July 27 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/28/122 by Bob Magee

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

Jim Ross was on commentary to start the show alongside
Excalibur and Taz -- no Tony Schiavone.

William Regal joined commentary for the opener.

Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated Rush
(w/ José The Assistant)

This was a fantastic, hard-hitting, dramatic opener.

Rush attacked before the bell and sent Moxley into the
barricade. The match started as Rush brought Moxley back
into the ring, attacking him with corner clotheslines and
biting at his face. Moxley was busted open. José distracted
the official and Rush swung a chair at Moxley, but Moxley
avoided it and took him out with a suicide dive. He followed
it up with a vertical suplex on the floor.

Back in the ring, they traded hard chops. Rush got the
better of the exchange with a thrust kick and a powerslam.
He brought Moxley back to the floor and choked him with an
electrical cord. Rush continued to dominate throughout a
commercial break.

A big suplex allowed Moxley to earn some breathing room
after the break. They had another nice strike exchange
before trading Germans. Moxley was eventually able to take
Rush down with a King Kong lariat, but Rush cut him off with
a snap German for two.

Rush locked on a crossface, but Moxley reversed it into
kicking Rush's head in. Rush returned fire with an overhead
belly-to-belly into the turnbuckle. He tried to use a
superplex, but Moxley bit at Rush's face to buy himself some
time. José distracted the official and Andrade El Idolo came
out and pushed Moxley off the ropes, then the Lucha Bros
came out to chase them off. Moxley rolled up Rush for two.

Moxley countered the Bull Horns into a lariat, but Rush
returned fire with a straitjacket piledriver for a near
fall. Moxley avoided another Bull Horns attempt and locked
on a rear naked choke. Rush headbutted out of it but ran
right into the Death Rider for a great near fall. Moxley
then applied another rear naked choke before transitioning
into the Bulldog Choke for the win.

– After the match, "Judas" played and Chris Jericho came out
accompanied by Sammy Guevara, Angelo Parker, Tay Conti, and
Anna Jay. Parker demanded that the "AEW Galaxy" appreciate
them, and Jericho congratulated Moxley on an amazing match
before putting over his own stable. He said Jay called him
last week wanting an opportunity, and Jay said she's "Anna
Jay-A-S." She said she'd choke everyone out.

Jericho talked about all the brutalization he took at the
hands of Eddie Kingston last week, including a broken nose
and having to be cut out of the barbed wire spider web --
but he beat Kingston, and next, he'll beat Moxley. After two
and a half years, Le Champion will return.

Moxley said he hated Jericho, and he's the two-time world
champion. He used to look up to Jericho, but everything he's
got going on right now is pathetic. The AEW World
Championship isn't a sports entertainment championship, it's
a professional wrestling championship. If Jericho's got the
balls, he needs to leave everyone home. He doesn't want the
Wizard, he wants the guy from the Super J Cup: the


At the commentary desk, Excalibur introduced the brand new
AEW World Trios Championships. There will be a tournament to
crown the new champions, concluding at All Out.


Dante Martin was backstage with Schiavone. He said Guevara
has been spending all this time backing up Jericho and
hanging out with Conti to avoid getting in the ring. He's
brought backup tonight: Skye Blue.


There was an awesome, hilarious promo video for Starks ahead
of this match.

FTW Championship: Ricky Starks (c) defeated Danhausen

Danhausen mocked Starks' pose at the start, so Starks simply
downed him with a boot. Danhausen hit a pump kick and a
Northern Lights suplex, but Starks fought out. Danhausen
avoided a spear and rolled Starks up for a good near fall,
but Starks then hit the Spear for the quick win.

– After the match, Starks demanded another challenger for
right now. HOOK answered the call, with brand new orange

FTW Championship: HOOK defeated Ricky Starks (c) to win the

HOOK laid in body shots and hit a pumphandle suplex right
away. Starks laid in strikes and hit a back suplex, but HOOK
flipped out of a hip toss. Starks crushed him with a Spear
and went for the Roshambo, but HOOK turned it into the
Redrum for the decisive submission victory.

– After a commercial, a dejected Starks was in the ring with
Powerhouse Hobbs and Schiavone. Starks said he made the most
of his FTW title reign, and he's done waiting his turn. He
was about to say he and Hobbs would work together to move up
together, but Hobbs leveled him from behind with a clubbing
blow and crushed him with a spinebuster.


The Acclaimed were backstage, and they hyped up an upcoming
match with the Gunn Club.


Sammy Guevara (w/ Tay Conti) defeated Dante Martin (w/ Skye

They had an athletic exchange at the start, wrestling around
to a stalemate. They fought up the ramp, where Dante landed
a nice diving senton after running off the stage. After a
break, Guevara countered a springboard dive with a rising
knee and returned fire with a tope of his own.

Back inside, Dante hit an inverted suplex for two. He
followed it up with a standing Spanish Fly for two more. A
full nelson bomb got yet another two count for Dante.
Guevara countered another dive into a cutter and hit the GTH
for the win.

– After the match, Guevara and Conti set Dante up for a 630
splash, forcing Skye to intervene. Anna Jay ran out and took
out Skye and she and Conti beat her down. Eddie Kingston,
Ortiz, and Ruby Soho ran out to chase Guevara and co. away.


Daniel Garcia was backstage, asked about his match against
Bryan Danielson. Garcia said Danielson had been gone for
months, and he'd send him on vacation with his family again.
They'll call Garcia "the best technical sports entertainer"
in the world.


Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh were backstage.
Lethal complained about his match with Samoa Joe but then
turned his attention to the Best Friends... who just so
happened to be right off screen. Dutt challenged them to a
three-on-three match for Rampage.


Jungle Boy speaks

This was a star-making performance for Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy came out accompanied by Luchasaurus. He took a
moment to consider Schiavone's question, then said
"Christian Cage, you are the biggest pussy I have ever met
in my entire life!" The crowd loved it. He said he didn't
get at first why Christian was so bitter; it was just a one-
match bonus. But then he remembered that Christian was
strapped for cash because his wife divorced him.

He just kept going on Christian. He said Christian needed
someone to protect him, so he found a monster -- but that
monster is Jungle Boy's best friend. He was only being
protected for Jungle Boy, because Jungle Boy wants to be the
first one to get his hands on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy can
take anything Christian can throw at him.

Jungle Boy started to talk about burying his father three
years ago, but Christian interrupted from backstage. He said
Luchasaurus saw over the past few weeks how Christian could
lead him, instead of being Jungle Boy's lap dog. He said
he'd put Jungle Boy in a bodybag. Jungle Boy won't have to
worry about Christian insulting his dead father: he can cozy
up beside him. "You told me all your secrets, and now I'm
gonna pray on your weakness."


The Young Bucks were backstage. They didn't want to do the
Cutler Cam, but Cutler wanted to be trios champions with
them. Hangman Page showed up, and the Bucks awkwardly wished
him a happy birthday. Matt Jackson was about to try and talk
things out with Page, but the Dark Order ran up with
birthday wishes. Evil Uno perceived the conversation that
was about to take place, but the Bucks said it was fine and
walked off.


Keith Lee is barred from ringside.

1-on-2 Handicap Match: Swerve Strickland defeated Tony Nese
& Mark Sterling

Swerve was able to fight off both men at the start, but an
eventual distraction from Sterling allowed Nese to take
control. Sterling inadvertently tagged himself in, but he
fled, so Swerve continued to beat down on Nese. Swerve got
Sterling into the ring and hit the jumping thrust kick for
the win.

– After the match, the cameras cut backstage with Josh Woods
standing over a laid-out Keith Lee. Nese attacked Swerve
from behind and teased a tag title challenge.


Malakai Black addressed Miro, trying to recruit him to the
House of Black. Brody King said he attacked Darby Allin just
because he can. He wants Darby in a coffin match.


AEW Women's World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) defeated
Miyu Yamashita

Yamashita looked really good in front of a new audience.

They had a technical wrestling exchange at the start. Rosa
eventually dragged Yamashita to the apron, but Yamashita was
able to sweep Rosa's leg. Rosa avoided a running knee and
landed a shotgun dropkick followed by chops on the floor.
Yamashita came back and dominated with kicks through a
commercial break.

Once back, Rosa hit a corner clothesline and a slingshot
knee drop. She followed it up with running dropkicks and a
Northern Lights suplex for two. Yamashita returned fire with
a high kick, and then they traded forearms in the center of
the ring. She hit another high kick and hung onto a cazadora
for a German suplex bridge for two.

Yamashita fought out of the Fire Thunder Driver and hit a
step-up kick followed by the skull kick, but Rosa grabbed
the ropes for a great near fall. They traded roll-ups for
near falls, then Yamashita hit a sick kick combination
before Rosa avoided Crash Rabbit Heat and hit a rising knee.
Rosa then hit a roundhouse kick and the Fire Thunder Driver
for the win.


AEW Rampage (7/29) lineup --

Matt Sydal vs. Lee Moriarty
Ethan Page vs. Leon Ruffin
Anna Jay vs. Ruby Soho
Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, & Sonjay Dutt vs. Orange Cassidy &
The Best Friends

AEW Dynamite (8/3) lineup --

Undisputed Elite return
ThunderStorm vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Jamie Hayter
Christian Cage vs. Matt Hardy

AEW Quake By The Lake (8/10) lineup --

AEW Interim World Championship:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho joined commentary.

Daniel Garcia defeated Bryan Danielson

This was a stellar main event and a massive upset.

Danielson took it right to Garcia, attacking him out on the
floor and laying in ground and pound back in the ring.
Garcia gained an advantage and sent Danielson hard into the
barricade on the outside. He then exposed concrete by
pulling up the pads next to the ring, but he took too long
and Danielson laid in Yes kicks and a running knee out on
the outside.

Back in the ring, Danielson landed a missile dropkick, but
he landed hard as they told the story that Danielson
returned from injury too quick. Garcia capitalized and laid
in strikes, and while Danielson was able to hit the step-up
corner evasion, he collapsed immediately afterwards. Garcia
took control by sending Danielson into the steel steps and
DDTing him onto the concrete.

Back from commercial, Danielson was busted open. He'd try to
make a comeback, but Garcia was relentless in his attack.
They fought on the top rope, where Danielson gained the
upper hand after an avalanche back suplex. Danielson laid in
a kick combination before hitting more Yes kicks.

Danielson was about to kick Garcia's head in, but Garcia
countered into a rear naked choke. Danielson escaped out of
it into Cattle Mutilation before transitioning into a tiger
suplex for a near fall. Garcia caught an elbow and laid in
hammer-and-anvil elbows of his own, but Danielson then
returned the favor before hitting a Regalplex bridge for a
good near fall.

Garcia countered the Busaiku Knee into a cradle and hit a
fisherman's suplex for two. Danielson cradled Garcia for two
of his own, but Garcia slapped him. Danielson returned the
favor, and after another strike exchange, Danielson hit the
Busaiku Knee. He went for the LeBell Lock, but Garcia made
it to the ropes, forcing Danielson to recover with a running

As they went back in the ring, Danielson's foot was grabbed
by someone hiding under the ring. Garcia hit a piledriver
and locked on a Sharpshooter in the center of the ring.
After a long battle, Danielson passed out for the biggest
win of Garcia's career.

– After the match, it was revealed to be Jake Hager who
grabbed Garcia's foot getting back into the ring. The
Jericho Appreciation Society celebrated to close the show.

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