NXT ON USA: July 26 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/27/122 by Bob Magee

In an understatement that opens the show, Vic Joseph on
commentary says "it has been newsworthy few days in WWE."
Tonight the show begins with someone that also made news on
NXT last week.

Zoey Stark comes to the ring with fanfare, coming off her
winning a battle royal in her return to NXT. Stark is amped
as she says it feels good to be back in the ring.

Stark was not sure she could ever feel this moment again.
She tore her ACL and MCL "straight off the bone" in a match
last year at Halloween Havoc. Doctors told her she would out
well over a year, but she knew deep down inside she could
beat that timetable.

There were also hard times physically and mentally. Would
the fans remember her? Would they still care? The live
studio audience chants her name. They remember.

She points backstage in the direction of the trainer's room.
She lived in that room, and she busted her butt to return.
She went on to return four months ahead of schedule.

Then came the night of the battle royal. That made all of
the pain and hard times worth it.

"Look at me now!" Stark is now the number one contender for
the NXT Women's Championship after winning the battle royal.

Stark says the only thing that stand in her way is Toxic
Attraction. The same women that nearly ended her career.
Stark in turn vows to take the title from Mandy Rose.

With that, Cora Jade interrupts Stark's monologue. Jade is
standing on a perch overlooking the ring. Jade begins to
talk trash, and Stark responds by pointing out she threw
Jade out to eliminate her from of the battle royal.

Jade says everybody else teamed up on her. She accuses Stark
of stealing her moment. Stark tells Jade she saw her
"moment," alluding to the heel turn. Stark says it was
"disgusting" that Jade threw the NXT tag title in the trash
can. They begin to bicker about that when the Toxic
Attraction trio interrupts them.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose says it's cute they are
bickering over, when Rose herself could easily beat both of
them. Rose notes that tomorrow she becomes the fourth
longest reigning NXT Women's Champion in history.

"Put some damn respect on my name!" Rose is quite proud of
her accomplishment.

Stark has the "perfect way" to put respect on the champ's
name. Put the title on the line tonight, dares Stark.

Gigi Dolan chimes in to instead accept the challenge,
setting up Stark against Dolan in match later tonight on

Tony D'Angelo addresses his family while they are gathered
in the locker room. D'Angelo brags on them, but he reminds
them must keep proving their loyalty. He says they will
"crack skulls" tonight in the eight-man tag. It is not
personal. It is just business. "Tony D. business."

Grayson Waller defeats Wes Lee

Waller pins Lee after outside interference by Trick

Early on, Lee was too quick for an overconfident Waller.
Eventually cut off by Waller, a quick rally by Lee leads
into a commercial break. When the show returns from the
break, Waller is in control.

Waller grounds Lee and works him over. High impact sit-out
fireman's carry slam by Waller for a near fall. Waller goes
on the slap Lee.

The slap lights a fuse. Lee then slaps Waller across the
face. Slaps turn into chops. Lee soon dives through the
ropes with a tope suicida. Lee jumps on the turnbuckles.

Waller shoves Lee off the turnbuckles, and Lee falls to the
floor. Lee gets up looking to get back into the ring.
Someone stands up in the front row with a face covering, a
trench coat, and wearing boxing gloves. That is Trick
Williams in disguise. He then clobbers Lee in the back of
the head, and Lee crumbles in a heap at ringside.

Meanwhile, the referee is counting to ten. Lee teases a
countout, but he leaps back into the ring at the last moment
at nine. Waller then does his flippy floppy cutter finisher,
and he steals a pin from Lee.

Williams reveals himself as the assailant after the match,
and he stands over a fallen Lee, posing with the boxing
gloves. Williams was also wearing a cap that read "Trick

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Schism. Joe Gacy is there with
Jagger and Rip. Asked about Cameron Grimes, Gacy again
invites him to join Schism.

Apollo Crews defeats Xyon Quinn

Crews pins Quinn clean after a chokeslam.

Another loss for Quinn. His push has cooled considerably. It
is downright cold. He does get some heat on Crews during
this match, but Crews makes a comeback to derail Quinn.

Quinn bumps and feeds into the rally. He takes a Stinger
splash, and Crews follows with a short-arm clothesline for a
two count. Crews then climbs the turnbuckles. An awkward
high cross follows where they fall to the match like tall
timber falling in the forest.

They trade near falls in the closing moments. Quinn then
takes a backstabber and chokeslam from Crews. A three count
immediately follows.

Sarray confronts Toxic Attraction backstage, where Sarray
challenges Mandy Rose to a title match. Rose accepts the
challenge, seemingly setting up a match for next Tuesday.

A video package hypes Solo Sikoa against Von Wagner. Sikoa,
in a very well produced pre-tape promo, calls out Wagner for
a match next week.

Zoey Stark challenging NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose in a
title match in made official for a show dubbed "NXT
Heatwave" that is three weeks away.

Zoey Stark defeats Gigi Dolan (with Jacy Jayne and Mandy

Stark cleanly pins Dolan. Cora Jade attacks Stark in a post-
match angle.

Dolan works over Stark, including trapping her in a bow and
arrow submission hold. Stark escapes and fights back,
leading her getting a two count.

Things are going along when Stark hits Dolan with a
superkick. Stark points in the direction of Rose before
executing a modified GTS. Stark then scores a pinfall on

Jacy Jayne tries to ambush Stark after the match, but Stark
knocks her out of the ring. Starks turns around in time to
thwart a sneak attack from Rose, and Rose bails out of the

Stark is glaring at Toxic Attraction as they slink away.
Cora Jade suddenly appears in the ring standing behind
Stark. Jade hits Stark with a kendo stick, swinging it like
a wild Sandman. Roxanne Perez rushed to ringside, running in
to make a save. Jade hightails out of the soundstage.

JD McDonagh arrives to the building, and he has a ticket. He
says tonight he is a member of "paying public."

Wendy Choo losing to Tiffany Stratton is giving Choo's
nightmares. That is especially bad because Choo's gimmick is
she sleeps a lot.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker confronts JD McDonagh

McDonagh is now in sitting among the live studio audience.
He has a microphone, so he must have some sort of VIP
ticket. He proceeds to insult people in the crowd, and he
bullies the timekeeper. McDonagh tells ring announcer Alicia
Taylor she has a lovely voice. He has a snarky comment for
Wade Barrett. McDonagh then bullies Vic Joseph.

McDonagh gets into the ring. What the heck kind of ticket
did he buy? Anyway, McDonagh calls out NXT Champion Bron
Breakker, daring him to come meet the "Irish ace" face-to-
face in the ring.

Out comes Breakker, carrying the NXT Championship belt over
his shoulder. Breakker says he will face McDonagh at NXT
Heatwave, revealing another match for a the supercard in
three weeks. Next week, Breakker says "we make this thing

McDonagh with a cheap shot heatbutts Breakker, and Breakker
strikes him back. McDonagh gets back up with a bloody lip,
and he flashes a maniacal smile.

A wacky, yet entertaining, skit with Andre Chase and his
Chase U students is a teaser for a match this is up next.
However, it is not quite "up next" like they said.

First, a video package on Axiom. The wrestler formerly known
as A-Kid debuted under a mask last week. He is comic book
character come to life, or whatever. Seems like a generic
masked guy, but time will tell.

And then a surprise appearance from a legend and WWE Hall of

Alundra Blayze cameo announcing tag title match for next

Roxanne Perez, still holding her NXT tag title belt, has a
message for Cora Jade. Perez says if Jade wants to throw
away their friendship, "that is fine!" What Perez cannot
stand for is Jade throwing her half of the titles in the
trash. That is apparently a step too far. Perez then says
someone else agrees with her.

In walks Alundra Blayze carrying a trash can. Jade bulls the
other women's tag belt in the ring. Blayze announces a fatal
four way elimination tag team match for the vacant NXT
Women's Tag Team Championship next Tuesday.

Giovanni Vinci defeats Andre Chase (with Bodhi Hayward, Thea
Hail and Nathan Frazier)

Vinci pins Chase. The wrong guy won this match. Nothing
against Vinci, but the Chase character is really starting to
get over with the live audience. Chase needs a win.

This is the match where the Andre Chase character finally
won me over. I guess Chase U is infectious.

The match is going along when Chase eats a kick from Vinci.
Chase gives him a receipt. Vinci grabs a Chase U flag from
Hayward, and Vinci breaks the wooden flagpole across his
knee in a show of strength. Vinci hurls the flag onto the
floor. That fires up Chase, just as the show cuts to a
commercial break.

A pep rally from the Chase U students leads to a comeback
for Chase. He stomps on Vinci as the live studio audience
spell out Chase U in unison with each stomp.

Near fall for Chase as the crowd is solidly into the match.
They love Chase. Yet he is suddenly cut off, and Vinci
executes a sit-out Last Ride powerbomb. Vinci then covers
Chase for a pinfall.

Vinci attacks Chase again after the match. Frazier jumps in
to make a save, and Vinci powders.

Pep talk time for Diamond Mine ahead of their main event
match tonight. Julius Creed is hyping up the faction.
Notably, Roderick Strong is not leading the pep talk.
Likewise, the faction appears more united than in previous
weeks where they have teased dissension.

Elektra Lopez exchanges words with Ivy Nile, leading to a
pull-apart brawl that also involves Kayden Carter & Katana

Indi Hartwell defeats Arianna Grace

Hartwell pins Grace. Not particularly good. Grace tries to
cheat by putting her feet on the ropes for an illegal
advantage, but the referee catches her in the act. Grace
then walks into a high kick, and Hartwell pins her.

Sanga has words of encouragement for Yulisa Leon & Valentina
Feroz. They are entered in the fatal four way match for the
vacant women's tag titles.

Pre-tape promo with Von Wagner and Mr. Stone. There is a
brief mention of Sofia Cromwell having left them to go be a
model. Wagner says he doesn't care, although he instead uses
an expletive that is bleeped on the air. Vogner dares Solo
Sikoa to fight him next week.

Kiana James, doing an educator gimmick, cuts a promo on
Nikkita Lyons. This seems like an excuse to show photos of
Lyons in revealing attire.

The ongoing feud between Alba Fyre and Lash Legend is the
subject of a video package. Fyre and Legend meet in a match
against each other next week.

Announced for next Tuesday on NXT:

Fatal four way elimination match for the vacant NXT Women's
Tag Team Championship: Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs. Gigi
Dolan & Jacy Jayne, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Yulisa
Leon & Valentina Feroz (billed as airing commercial free)

NXT Champion Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh face-to-face for
a "NXT Heatwave Summit"

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose vs. Sarray in a non-title

Falls count anywhere: Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner

Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend

The D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo, Channing "Stacks"
Lorenzo, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) defeats Diamond Mine
(Roderick Strong, Julius Creed, Brutus Creed & Damon Kemp)

D'Angelo pins Julius Creed, after Roderick Strong accidently
hits Creed. The match got pretty good by the end with a lot
of action.

Ivy Nile and Elektra Lopez are barred from ringside
following their pull-apart brawl earlier in the show.

The match gets going, leading to a stalemate as both
factions square up. A slugfest erupts into a Gordon Solie
Pier Sixer. The smoke clears and the D'Angelo Family is
huddled together, which is a perfect target for cannonball
off the apron from Brutus Creed. The heels are mowed down
like bowling pins.

Brutus is in trouble when the show returns from a commercial
break. Hot tag to Kemp, and he runs wilds with explosive
moves. Kemp is hoisting up Del Toro when Wilde jumps to clip
Kemp's knee with a chopblock.

The heels work over Kemp. Quick tags as they also keep Kemp
in their corner of the ring. Working the leg, the heels
target Kemp.

Kemp is finally able to crawl over and tag out. In comes
Julius off a hot tag, and he cleans house. That includes a
giant leap onto the top turnbuckle for a superplex on Wilde,
and a German suplex on D'Angelo.

D'Angelo cuts off Julius, but Julius counters him to apply
an ankle lock. Stacks jumps in to break up the submission
hold. Brutus then levels Stacks with shoulder tackle that
sends Stacks airborne. Wilde and Del Toro then strike with a
double team move on Brutus. Kemps knocks Wilde out of the
ring, just before Kemp takes a missile dropkick from Del
Toro. Jumping knee strike from Strong hits Del Toro, and
Julius follows up with a sliding lariat. Same knee and
lariat combo on Wilde, as Julius and Roddy look to one-up
the other.

Julius holds D'Angelo so Strong can deliver a jumping knee
strike. However, D'Angelo moves, and Strong instead hits
Julius with a jumping knee. Stacks then knocks Strong out of
the ring. D'Angelo grabs a prone Julius Creed, and D'Angelo
uses a fisherman's buster as the finishing move. D'Angelo
then scores a three count on a laid out Julius.

Alundra Blayze is leaving the building with the NXT women's
tag belts. Blayze is asked who she thinks will win the tag
titles in the fatal four way. She says all four teams are
excellent, but "the last team standing will earn the right
to be called champions."

Blaze is confronted by Jayne & Dolan. They Blayze to hand
them the titles. She teases handing the belts to them, but
sike. Blayze snacthes the belts away, and she says win them
next week if they want them. The show closes with Dolan &
Jayne ranting to Blayze as she walks away.

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