VINCE MCMAHON INVESTIGATION: SEC and federal prosecutors launch inquiries into McMahon hush money payments

Posted on 7/26/122 by Colin Vassallo

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that
the Securities and Exchange Commission and
federal prosecutors have launched inquiries
into payments made by Vince McMahon to
settle allegations of sexual misconduct.

Sources close to Vince told WSJ that he
resigned from his position as CEO and
Chairman on Friday after SEC and prosecutors
turned up the heat on him and decided it
would be best if he left now and spare the
company he formed further embarrassment and
bad publicity.

While WWE painted his departure as a
retirement, documents files with the United
States Securities and Exchange Commission
show that he actually resigned.

WWE announced yesterday that it has received
regulatory, investigative and enforcement
inquiries, subpoenas or demands in
connection with the Vince McMahon

WWE also said that they have $14.6 million
in unrecorded expenses tied to McMahon,
which he will have to personally pay.

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