JON MOXLEY: Jon Moxley reveals therapist at rehab advised him to retire

Posted on 6/23/122 by Colin Vassallo

On the newest episode of The Sessions with
Renee Paquette, her husband Jon Moxley
revealed that his therapist told him he
needs to quit performing in the ring and
walk away when he was in rehab.

Mox said that he had been trying to quit
drinking for the longest time but he
couldn’t stop but after he stopped, the
after effects were the hardest to deal with,
acknowledging it has not been easy to

“The therapist I had straight up told me to
retire,” Moxley said during the podcast.
“She was like, ‘start a wrestling school and
train some kids.’ She’s like, ‘You know what
the problem is? You got to get out of
there.’ I was like…’I don’t think it’s

The former AEW champion, who now has a
chance of regaining the title this Sunday,
said that AEW President Tony Khan was
“totally cool” with him seeking help and
even told him that if he doesn’t return,
that would be alright too.

“They didn’t bug me to come back. When I
came back, I just went like, ‘Well…I guess I
should probably come back now!'”

Feeling much better now, Mox said it’s great
he doesn’t have to worry about being
dehydrated the next day or waking up like
crap anymore and cannot see himself ever
having a drink in the future.

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