HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN: Jim Duggan says he has six more weeks of radiation for prostate cancer

Posted on 6/22/122 by Colin Vassallo

In a video on Instagram regarding an update
on his health, WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw
“Jim Duggan” said he was feeling sorry for
himself, listing the several health problems
he went through over the past few years
including kidney cancer, several trips to
the ICU with heart problems, and now
prostate cancer.

“They take out my prostate and I still have
to have radiation because the cancer is
still in me. I’m sitting there feeling a
little sorry for myself,” Duggan said.

“Then I look in the mirror, and the man in
the mirror is looking back hard at me. And
it’s, ‘Duggan, pull your head out! Stand up
straight! God bless that you have only 6
more weeks of radiation. God bless that you
only have six more weeks of radiation,'” a
fired up Hacksaw said.

He said that despite everything, he still
got it a lot better than a lot of other
people. He urged fans to get their physical
examinations done to save their lives.

Duggan announced that he’s battling cancer
again for the third time in May, five months
after he declared that he was cancer free.

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