NXT ON USA: NXT June 21 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/22/122 by Bob Magee

A memorial graphic honoring Tim White precedes the opening
of the show.

The show itself opens with the entrance of Solo Sikoa.
Grayson Waller is next to enter the sounstage, and he has a
microphone. He also has a pre-match promo to deliver from
atop the entrance ramp, a safe distant from Sikoa.

Waller says he is sick of hearing about Sikoa. We should be
talking about Waller instead. He calls himself "the greatest
first generation talent in WWE history." Waller then calls
the fans losers, and they support a loser in Sikoa.

Waller goes on to say he is sick of censoring himself, so it
is time to say what he really thinks about Sikoa and the
audience. Sikoa, on the other hand, has heard enough from

Sikoa rushes towards Waller and floors him. Waller flops
around trying to get his jacket off, while Sikoa sends him
from pillar to post. Sikoa then sends Waller into the ring,
and the bells sounds to start the opening bout.

Grayson Waller defeats Solo Sikoa

Waller pins Sikoa in a tainted victory, as Sikoa hit an
exposed turnbuckle just before taking a cutter.

Much like the pre-match pummeling, Sikoa continues to
dominate. Waller tries to fight back, and Sikoa strikes him
down. Sikoa is seemingly getting the better of Waller at
every twist and turn in the match.

At some point, Waller pulls a pad off a turnbuckle while
struggling to free himself from Sikoa. The exposed
turnbuckle would later play a factor in the finish.

Waller turns the tide after the show cuts to a split-screen
commercial break. During the break, Waller teases a Rikishi
stinkface. An angry Sikoa rises up, but Waller used that
anger to bait Sikoa. Waller then proceeds to work over

The show returns from the break with Sikoa fighting back.
Waller regains control, and he continues to work over Sikoa.
Eventually, Sikoa fires up into a fury, leading to an Umaga
hip attack. Samoan drop by Sikoa, and he climbs the
turnbuckles. Waller rolls out of the way, forcing Sikoa to
jump down.

Waller eats a superkick, and he backs into a corner with an
exposed turnbuckle. Sikoa attempts another Umaga attack, but
Waller dodges him. Sikoa hits the exposed buckle, and Sikoa
takes a pop-up cutter. Waller then covers Sikoa for a three

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Tony D'Angelo, who is flanked
by his "family" that still includes Legado del Fantasma.
D'Angelo is challenging for a title later tonight, and it is
a chance for Santos Escobar and his crew to prove themselves
to the family. Escobar says he understands, and he has "got

JD McDonagh (formerly Jordan Devlin) is "coming soon" to
NXT. A vignette shows him driving a car, so I assume he is
driving there. Good luck with that. Gas is high, and he is
driving an older model automobile. Bless his heart.
Regardless, he seems confident.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defeat Yulisa Leon & Valentina

Chance scores a pinfall after her and Carter execute their
double team finisher with a 450/neckbreaker combo.

Leon & Feroz got a lot of offense, but Carter & Chance still
manage to win decisively in this tag bout.

Wes Lee is backstage wearing a cool shirt and a stern face.
He is headed to the ring for an in-ring monologue.

Trick Williams-Wes Lee confrontation

Lee stars his speech by thanking the audience for their
support. He has experienced the highest of highs and the
lowest of lows in recent months. Lee gets emotional as he
talks about the former team with his "brother," and having
that end. Lee gets teary eyed talking about it.

Lee goes on to apologize for not acting himself because of
being angry over recent events. Trick Williams suddenly
interrupts the monologue. Williams cuts a promo on Lee,
accusing Lee of leaving his brother behind. Williams
insinuates Lee is not as true of a friend as he claims.

Responding to Williams, a fiery Lee dismisses Williams'
claims. Lee retorts by saying Williams is playing "second
fiddle" to Carmelo Hayes. Lee basically dares Williams to
step into the ring with him. Williams replies that they are
on his time. Williams then says he will do like all of Lee's
tag partners, and he will leave.

Tiffany Stratton in a pre-tape promo insults Wendy Choo on
her appearance.

Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp defeat Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del
Toro (with Stacks & Two Dimes)

Strong pins Del Toro after outside interference backfires.
Stacks & Two Dimes are at ringside, and they cost Wilde &
Del Toro the match.

Two Dimes trips Del Toro by mistake in a mix-up, and Strong
capitalizes to score a pinfall.

Good match, and the outside interference backfiring plays
into a larger story. With that and the work in the match
itself, this was all pretty good. Kemp is outmatches in
turns of experience in this match, but he fit in okay.

Giovanni Vinci is being interviewed McKenzie Mitchell when
Ikemen Jiro interrupts them. Jiro and Vinci apparently have
a match in the near future.

Apollo Crews continues to write in his journal during a
vignette. He goes full Batman, albeit without the cape and
cowl. A dude is getting jumped by three other dudes in an
alley. Crews jumps in to make a save, and he kicks some butt
in doing so.

Turmoil in the women's tag division

The Toxic Attracion trio is headed to the ring for a promo.
NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose is first to speak.

Rose wants to make something really clear about Roxanne
Perez and her loser friends. They are losers, and they got
lucky last week. Rose continues in burying Perez.

Gigi Dolan is next to speak, and she continues the insults.
Jacy Jayne follows by also insulting Perez. They all bury
Perez over her dream of being a superstar. Rose warns that
if Perez sticks around, her dreams will become a nightmare.

Perez, joined by Cora Jade, comes out to confront the heel
trio. Rose warns Perez about challenging her for the title.
Perez had previously earned a title shot. Perez has a swerve
for Toxic Attraction.

Instead of challenging Rose for the title, Perez is instead
partnering with Jade in challenging Dolan & Jayne for their
NXT Women's Tag Team Championship.

Out comes Kayden Carter & Katana Chance to object. They too
want a tag title shot. Carter says the line starts behind
them. Perez & Jade trade verbal jabs at each other. A pull-
apart brawl erupts and a melee ensues.

Kiana James and Indi Hartwell bicker in a backstage
interview with McKenzie Mitchell. James insults Hartwell, so
Hartwell challenges her to a match next week. James accepts.
Hartwell calls her a "bitch" before leaving.

Cameron Grimes defeats Edris Enofe (with Malik Blade)

Grimes pins Enofe, as Grimes continues his journey towards a
NXT Championship match.

This bout was set up with a backstage skit last week, and
they have a babyface match.

The match is fast paced, but not heated at first. The tone
changes when Enfoe hulks up. He dares Grimes to strike him
some more, only for Enfoe to fire up with strikes of his

Double down, and it is time for Enofe to shine. He dives
over the ropes to the floor. He rolls through on a missed
450. Grimes comes back with a Cave In, and he coves Enfoe
for a three count.

Grimes shakes Enfoe's hand after the match, and they embrace
in a show of respect and sportsmanship.

Thea Hail is moving into the dorms at Chase University, and
her roommate is Bodhi Hayward. This was supposed to be

Nikkita Lyons returns from her injury next week on NXT.

Von Wagner defeats Brooks Jensen

Wagner pins Jensen in a grudge match where everyone from
their respective sides are barred from ringside.

Unlike any other match on this show, this was a hoss fight
where they fight like it is indeed a grudge match. No lock
up at the start, as it begins with brawling.

Jensen gets a near fall after a flying DDT, but he is unable
to hook a leg due to an injured thumb. Jensen then climbs
the turnbuckles, and he leaps off into the waiting arms of
Wagner. Dropping Jensen into a shoulder breaker, Wagner
follows up with an Attitude Adjustment and a pinfall on

NXT Champion Bron Breakker approaches Cameron Grimes in the
locker room. Breakker says the Grimes shows heart, and that
who Breakker is looking forward to facing at The Great
American Bash. Grimes tells Breakker if this Cameron Grimes
shows up, you are looking at the next champion.

Joe Gacy's druid tag team are apparently former champions.
Now they are in Gacy's cult, or whatever. Kevin Sullivan in
Florida was way better. Heck, Sullivan as the Taskmaster in
WCW might be better.

Alba Fyre defeats Lash Legend via disqualification

Legends uses a baseball bat to hit Fyre, leading to a DQ.
The feud clearly must continue.

Fyre (Kay Lee Ray) brought the bat to the ring. The bat is
still part of her act, except now is is used as a torch for
her entrance. It would also play into the finish.

Legend looks so much better in the ring here with a far more
experienced worker than some of Legend's previous matches.

Legend works over Fyre during much of the match, but Fyre
counters into a Gory Bomb. Fyre went for a high risk move
off the top rope. She has to roll through. After the roll
through, Legend grabs the baseball bat. Legend hits Fyre
with the bat for a DQ.

Two matches announced for next Tuesday on NXT:

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter against Cora Jade & Roxanne
Perez in a number one contender's match
Sanga vs. Xyon Quinn
NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes (with Trick
Williams) defeats Tony D'Angelo (with the family) to retain
his title

Hayes pins D'Angelo, after hitting D'Angelo with brass knux
given to Hayes by Santos Escobar.

D'Angelo has a punch and kick style that would have fit well
on a house show in the '80s. It at least fits his gimmick
rather well. He sends Hayes crashing into the ring steps
just before the show cuts to its final commercial break.

Stretching Hayes as the show returns from the break, "The
Don" works over the champion. Meanwhile, a stern Escobar
watches on, biding his time.

Comeback by Hayes. He nails Hayes after springboarding into
a flying lariat. D'Angelo cuts off Hayes by executing an
overhead Tazplex. D'Angelo then slaps around Hayes.

Hayes counters to deliver a codebreaker. Moments later,
D'Angelo again cuts off Hayes with another overhead suplex.
D'Angelo crawls to the side of the ring near Escobar.

Escobar pulls out brass knux at the behest of D'Angelo.
Meanwhile, Stacks distracts the referee. D'Angelo demands
the knux. Escobar looks D'Angelo dead in the eye when
Escobar slides the knux right past D'Angelo.

An angry D'Angelo yells at Escobar, while Hayes grabs the
knux that Escobar passed to him. Hayes punches D'Angelo with
the brass knux, dropping D'Angelo to the mat. Hayes then
covers D'Angelo to score the deciding pinfall.

Escobar and Legado del Fantasma have a staredown with
D'Angelo and his crew as the show goes off the air.

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