WWE/JOHN LAURINAITIS: John Laurinaitis on leave of absence, Prichard takes over

Posted on 6/21/122 by Colin Vassallo

John Laurinaitis has been placed on
administrative leave according to
PWInsider.com and Bruce Prichard has been
named interim Head of Talent Relations.

The news was given to WWE personnel
yesterday at Raw and Laurinaitis was not
present for the show.

Laurinaitis features in the current WWE
Board of Directors investigation of Vince
McMahon’s $3 million payout to a former
employee. The investigation uncovered that
after the unnamed employee was given a raise
by McMahon she was handed to Laurinaitis
“like a toy” and moved to his Talent
Relations department where she was his

The man formerly known as Johnny Ace will
not be returning until the investigation is
complete and also depending on the findings
of the Board.

McMahon temporarily stepped down from his
role as WWE Chairman and CEO but has
retained his creative duties.

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