Posted on 6/18/122 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Target Center
City: Minneapolis, MN

Smackdown opens with Mr. McMahon. He welcomes everyone to
Smackdown and says its good to be in a WWE ring in
Minnesota, then he goes on to say the four words in the
opening: Then, Now, Forever and most importantly, Together.
He leaves the ring.

Riddle is out next and says before he kicks Roman Reigns in
the head and takes the WWE unified Universal Championship,
he wants to take a stroll down memory lane and a recap is
shown with all the issues between RK-Bro and the Bloodline.

Riddle says he has been waiting a long time for this
opportunity and he knows his family and our friend Randy is
watching at home. He wishes Randy well in his upcoming
operation and says he misses him and tells Randy he loves
him as the WWE Universe chants “Randy, Randy.”

Tonight, he faces Roman Reigns, and he is dedicating this
match to his best friend Randy Orton. And says he is going
to play something we haven’t heard in a long time and hopes
we can hear it again real soon when Randy returns and
Randy’s theme plays.

Madcap Moss VS. Happy Corbin in a Last Laugh match

Madcap Moss hits the punchline, then another punchline for
the win.

Winner: Madcap Moss

After the match Madcap gets a microphone and says Hey Corbin
then starts laughing.

The Street Profits are shown in the back hyping the
championship match.

Corbin says he has something to say and wants the whole
world to hear it. He yells at Pat McAfee about criticizing
him after he was done McAfee stands up and says with the
help of the people in Minnesota, he wants to laugh Corbin’s
sorry ass out of this arena. And everyone starts laughing at
him as he walks out.

We are shown a clip of 20 years ago on Smackdown when Edge
and Hulk Hogan won the tag team championship.

We are then shown the issues between Natalya and Ronda

In the back Natalya is interviewed and says she is going to
make Ronda Rousey tap out and become the new Women’s
champion for the second time.

The New Day VS. Jinder Mahal and Shanky

At one point Woods was blowing the trombone and Shanky, who
was legal in the ring, was dancing. Jinder smacked him to
tag in but gets hit with Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise for the

Winners: The New Day

Another preview for the returning Viking Raiders Next Week
on Smackdown

Drew McIntyre is out next for Adam Pearce’s decision on who
is going to the Money In The Bank match, Drew or Sheamus.

Sheamus in the back with Ridge and Butch and he tells them
they have to stay in the back tonight and Sheamus makes his
way to the ring.

Adam Pearce starts explaining why he knows the Money In The
Bank match and Drew interrupts him and says he wants in the
match, or someone is going to get a beating, Sheamus said he
has successfully cashed in before. Pearce says he has
watched the footage and counselled WWE management and
Sheamus is in. And Sheamus began agitating Drew and Drew
clotheslined him out of the ring and Pearce said, “Drew my
next sentence was about to be ‘Drew you’re in too.’” And
Sheamus came running back into the ring only to get a

In the back Sami Zayn is shown attempting to knock on Roman
Reigns’ door and Kayla Braxton walks up and asked if he
thinks there is any ill feelings since he is the reason
Reigns has to defend the championship tonight. Zayn says no
and then looks worried and says he has to go to the bathroom
and walks away.

Raquel Rodriguez VS. Shayna Baszler in a Money In The Bank
qualifying match

Shayna worked on Raquel’s left knee, Shayna goes for a
sleeper hold but Raquel got to the corner then picks Shayna
up for her one-armed powerbomb for the pin.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

In the back Dupri is yelling at Pearce about the lighting
and says you will not see anyone until the lighting is

We are then shown Gunther winning the Intercontinental
Championship last week, Gunther is then interviewed
backstage, but Ludwig takes the microphone and does all the
talking until Gunther says he is the new Intercontinental

Riddle VS. Roman Reigns for the WWE Unified Universal

Riddle hits an RKO, but Reigns kicks out. He goes for a knee
but Reigns ducks and they both run into the ropes, Riddle
gets on the second rope to jump at Reigns who hits Riddle
with the Spear in mid air and pins the Bro.

Winner and Still Unified WWE Universal Champion the Tribal
Chief Roman Reigns

After the match the Bloodline stands with all the
championships and Roman says there is no one left. He said
he said he is here to wreck everyone and leave, so he has
wrecked everyone now they are leaving but he needs one more
thing for Minneapolis to acknowledge him.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the beast is back!

In the ring they stare down each other and Lesnar laughs and
removes his cowboy hat and offers Reigns a handshake, Reigns
goes for the shake and Lesnar hits an F5. The Usos come in
for the save but each received an F5.

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