Posted on 6/18/122 by Dan Moreland


We open with Chris Jericho v Ortiz hair v hair. Tony Khan
would be doing Chris Jericho a favor by having his head
shaved but you know that’s not happening. Hair v hair
matches usually mean little in 2022 since so many wrestlers
have shaved their heads for no good reason, but we’ve never
seen Jericho shaved bald that I’m aware of so there was some
excitement when Ortiz got the near falls. Ortiz painted his
face which distracted from the stip a little. At least we
have the god ring announcer this week. When did Jake Hagar
start dressing like a Young Buck? Good to see later Ortiz’s
head was completely shaved so the stip as followed. Sammi is
back as Jericho’s bitch.

Still not feeling Wardlow’s ring entrance. Also very
confused as to the rules of this 20 v 1 match. OK I get what
they are doing with Wardlow but with 20 on one, NO ONE can
get any offense on the guy? Maybe even take a green indie
guy you think has potential and have him put up a fight and
build on that. These are the most incompetent security
guards in history. This went LONG and was a little
ridiculous. Even the lines being fed to the ring announcer
about the plaintiffs and case dismissed was corny, just have
her call the results. Dan Lambert is rich? Why does he dress
like a homeless person? Matt Hughes really is a UFC fighter?
He moves like he’s crippled. At least Tyrone Woodley has a
look. This entire segment was very clumsy from top to
bottom. Until you can really figure out what to do with
Wardlow, just have him squash guys and let’s do away with
all this crap.

I’m 100% pro LGBQT . . . . but . . . Sonny Kiss?

Excalibur makes the first attempt by anyone on AEW TV to try
and explain what IWGP and New Japan is during the Dax
Harwood-Will Ospreay match. The Dax spring Liger bomb on
Ospreay was SOLID. I liked this Ospreay match a little
better than his Rampage match. He didn’t really do anything
that much different but I was not distracted by his United
Kingdom goofs he was tagging with. I spoke too soon, here
they come in the afterbirth. The result of all this? FTR is
now aligned with Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends clowns,
and Will Ospreay is being wasted at Forbidden Door against
Orange Cassidy. If the match was the penthouse, the result
from a booking standpoint is the outhouse.

At least they are showing footage of Tanahashi, except the
entire pretape is Moxley talking about himself. We already
know who Mox is, more focus on Tanahashi please.

This Miro-Ethan Page match isn’t very good. Miro almost
broke Page’s neck on one slam. Miro needs more energetic

There is absolutely zero chance Dante Martin beats Mox on

I have no idea what happened between Jade’s lawyer and the
woman with the blue hair. Seinfeld impression: Who are these
people? Why are they here?

Toni Storm upsets Britt Baker to face Thunderosa. Uh oh who
did Britt tick off?

Adam Page v Okada > Adam Page v White. Doesn’t matter, Jake
White says he isn’t defending the IWGP title versus either
Cole OR Adam Page after the second sneak attack from behind
on the show. OK, I’m SLIGHTLY intrigued but the challenger
better be good.

Main event is a ladder match for the tag team titles
featuring the Bucks v the Jurassic Express. Even with the
higher ladder I don’t see Jungle Boy reaching those belts.
This was a very good match for what the Young Bucks do and
what their fans expect. I loved how Luchasaurus got hit and
just landed back first on a table to set up one spot, and
how he obviously leaped into the four tables off the ladder.
That Christian turn on Jungle was HOT, it helps that there
have not been any hot turns of note for several months. Only
problem is while we all saw this coming, not good storyline
reasons have been given for the turn, maybe a good promo by
Christian will explain it all.

Gotta say 2 ½ good matches, but two sneak attacks and three
run ins and too much Faction Stuff.

RT on Rampage is a bit shaky, working a trade show this
weekend, we will see.

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