ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TBS: June 15 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/16/122 by Bob Magee

Show Report --

William Regal joined commentary.

There was a barber's chair set up at ringside.

Hair vs. Hair Lucha de Apuesta: Chris Jericho (w/ Jericho
Appreciation Society) defeated Ortiz (w/ Eddie Kingston)

Ortiz attacked right away. Jericho came back with a
Lionsault attempt, but Ortiz got his knees up and beat him
down on the outside. He placed Jericho on the barber's chair
and laid in ten punches. Back in the ring, Ortiz continued
to dominate until Jericho raked his eyes. Ortiz returned
fire with a dummy splash for two.

An Ortiz tope was countered by a forearm from Jericho, who
followed it up by suplexing him from the apron to the floor.
After a commercial, Jericho was still on top. Ortiz started
a comeback with a strike combination before hitting a
hanging cutter for two. A DDT got two more.

Jericho avoided a corkscrew splash and hit a Codebreaker for
a near fall. An Ortiz backslide got two, but then Jericho
reversed a hurricanrana into the Walls. Ortiz fought and
reached the ropes. Angelo Parker got involved, so Kingston
ran in and attacked Jericho Appreciation Society. Santana
and Wheeler YUTA ran out to join the brawl.

Inside the ring, Kingston hit Jericho with the Uraken, but
Jericho kicked out of Ortiz's pin attempt for a great near
fall. Hager tried to get involved, but the distraction
allowed Fuego Del Sol (it was clearly Sammy Guevara in the
Fuego gear) to run out and attack Ortiz with Floyd the Bat,
giving Jericho the win.

– After the match, "Fuego" unmasked as Guevara.

Some guy in a barber outfit showed up with clippers. Ortiz
refused it and cut his own hair right in the ring. Kingston
gave Ortiz a mic, and Ortiz repeatedly shouted "Blood and
Guts!" as he continued to shave off his hair.


20-on-1 handicap match: Wardlow defeated The Plaintiffs (w/
Mark Sterling)

The plaintiffs surrounded the ring. They can be eliminated
by being sent over the top rope. Wardlow immediately
eliminated four before powerbombing another onto the pile.
He submitted and pinned two simultaneously, then used those
two to pin two more. He powerbombed three of them and
stacked them all up to eliminate them, then did it again
with four more, then did it again with five more. The final
plaintiff tried a top-rope attack, so Wardlow caught him and
powerbombed him.

– After the match, Wardlow brought Sterling into the ring.
As he was about to attack him, Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky
interrupted from the rafters. Lambert told Wardlow to look
over his shoulders, then directed UFC fighters Matt Hughes
and Tyron Woodley, who were in the front row, to attack

Wardlow got a microphone and said Hughes and Woodley were
too smart to take orders from Lambert. "We're cut from the
same cloth." Woodley turned on Sterling and sent him to
Wardlow, who powerbombed him to end the segment.


Will Ospreay defeated Dax Harwood

This was an incredible back-and-forth match. Ospreay is
maybe the best wrestler in the world.

There were really loud dueling chants for both wrestlers.
They wrestled around for a moment before Ospreay managed to
take Dax down with a hurricanrana. Dax came back with nasty
chops and back body dropped Ospreay for two. They jockeyed
for position on the apron, where Dax tried to suplex Ospreay
to the floor, but Ospreay escaped and pulled Dax down before
sending him into the steps with a shotgun dropkick.

Back from commercial, Dax hit repeated German suplexes. He
followed it up with a release version that led to just an
absurd bump from Ospreay. Ospreay rolled out of the way of a
diving headbutt and landed a springboard 450 splash for two.
Ospreay went up top, but Dax cut him off with chops and went
for an avalanche back suplex, which Ospreay countered into a
crossbody for two. Dax then cradled Ospreay for a good near

Ospreay hit a jackknife powerbomb, but Dax came back with
another roll-up for another near fall. Ospreay landed a
diving forearm to the back of Dax's head for two. He called
for the Oscutter, but Dax went for a rebound powerbomb,
which Ospreay fought out of. Dax recovered to counter
another Oscutter and hit the powerbomb for two.

They butted heads and traded forearms. Dax got the better of
the exchange, leveling Ospreay with a lariat. Ospreay came
back with a Liger bomb for a near fall. He finally was able
to hit the Oscutter for a great close near fall. Ospreay
then destroyed Dax with the Hidden Blade for the win.

– After the match, Aussie Open, Great-O-Khan, and Jeff Cobb
came out and attacked Dax. Cash Wheeler and Roppongi Vice
came out to join the brawl, then Orange Cassidy's music
played and he returned after about four months away due to
injury. He and Ospreay faced off in the ring.


Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi face to face

Both men made full entrances. Moxley said he'd been chasing
Tanahashi for a long time, and now he's here. He said from
Day 1 in NJPW, it's always been about Tanahashi. "There's
only one man that they call 'Ace,' and that's you -- but not
for long." Moxley said that he, himself, is the best
wrestler on the planet, and that there's more on the line at
Forbidden Door than just the AEW Championship. "When the
dust settles at Forbidden Door, you are going to call me

Chris Jericho's music played, and he walked out flanked by
Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. He said that this was his spot
and threatened to burn Moxley's face, because "he's a
wizard." Jericho pointed out that he beat Tanahashi at
Wrestle Kingdom, so Tanahashi told him to shut up.

Jericho called for the rest of the J.A.S. to come out and
attack, but El Desperado and Lance Archer of Suzuki-gun came
out and attacked as well. Jericho then introduced Guevara
and Conti as the newest members of the Jericho Appreciation
Society. Jericho said the Suzuki-gun members were on loan
from Minoru Suzuki, who will team with Jericho at Forbidden
Door alongside Guevara against Wheeler YUTA, Shota Umino,
and Eddie Kingston.

Kingston, YUTA, Santana and Ortiz ran out and cleared out
J.A.S. Tanahashi hit Desperado with a Sling Blade, then he
and Moxley faced off to end the segment.


A video package discussed Darby Allin's anger at reDRagon
for injuring Sting. Darby said he'd break Bobby Fish's leg.
They will face off on Rampage.


Toni Storm was asked about facing Britt Baker later tonight.
She said Baker was a dentist, meaning she's studied, and she
knows things. Storm dropped out of school at 15, but she
knows not to act like Baker has. She will take the AEW
women's division to where it should be.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship qualifier: Miro defeated Ethan
Page (w/ Dan Lambert)

Early on, Page just ran from Miro before baiting him back
into the ring on a chase. Leg kicks dropped Miro before Page
turned the attack to Miro's left arm. Miro came back with a
lariat and beat down Page before sending him shoulder-first
into the ring post.

Back from break, Miro laid in sledgehammer blows over the
ropes. Page countered by dropping Miro's arm over the ropes
and sending him into the steel steps. A diving cutter from
Page got two.

Miro fired up and hit multiple overhead throws before
landing the running leg kick. He called for Game Over, but
Lambert hopped on the apron. Miro dispatched him and hit his
signature thrust kick on Page before locking on Game Over
for the win.


A Dante Martin and Matt Sydal video promo aired. Dante has
to face Jon Moxley on Rampage, and he said he was sick and
tired of being labeled "potential." He said a new star would
be born on Rampage. Sydal called him "inhuman" Dante Martin.


Toni Storm defeated Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/ Rebel &
Jamie Hayter)

An early distraction from Rebel provided an opening for
Baker to attack Storm. Storm fired back by pulling Baker to
the floor and landing a diving crossbody for two. Rebel
distracted the official, allowing Hayter to sweep the legs
of Storm. Thunder Rosa came out and chased Hayter to the

During the break, Baker maintained control. Once back, Storm
came back with a tornado DDT and then a second out on the
floor. Baker wanted the glove from Rebel, but Storm cut her
off with a German suplex. She followed it up with a hip
attack in the corner, and it looked like Baker was
legitimately out of it -- but it was a ruse, as Baker rolled
Storm up for two. A neckbreaker from Baker got two more.

Baker put on the glove, but Storm had the Lockjaw scouted
and hit a German followed by Storm Zero for the win.

– After the match, Thunder Rosa came out and posed with the


Stokely Hathaway was backstage. Jade Cargill has issued an
open challenge for the TBS Championship, and Hathaway will
be on commentary. Willow Nightingale walked up and said
she's trying to prove herself, so she accepted Jade's


Hangman Page promo

Page said that last week, he challenged Kazuchika Okada for
the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, but Jay White won
the title this past weekend. However, the challenge still

Adam Cole interrupted, first congratulating White on the
title victory. He thought he should challenge for the
championship at Forbidden Door, because Forbidden Door is
about the Bullet Club and the Undisputed Elite.

He introduced Switchblade and signaled as if he was coming
down the ramp, but White showed up behind Page and laid him
out. White said he was the catalyst of professional
wrestling and the IWGP World Heavyweight champion.
Meanwhile, Page couldn't beat Punk, and White's 2-0 against
Page anyway. He won't defend the title against Page.
Switchblade then addressed Cole, saying it wouldn't be
against him either.


AEW Rampage: Road Rager (6/17) lineup:

Darby Allin vs. Bobby Fish
Jon Moxley vs. Dante Martin
TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Willow Nightingale
Max Caster in action

Also, during the main event, Thunder Rosa vs. Toni Storm for
the AEW Women's World Championship and Will Ospreay vs.
Orange Cassidy were announced for Forbidden Door.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder match: The Young
Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Jungle Boy &
Luchasaurus (c) to win the titles

This was a spectacular tag title match with an appropriate
title change.

Luchasaurus took the Bucks down with a double clothesline.
The Bucks sent him into the barricade, but then Jungle Boy
took out Matt with a tope suicida. Jungle Boy and Nick
traded escaleras, ending with Jungle Boy taking out Nick
with a hurricanrana. Both teams jockeyed for position around
the ladders. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus got the advantage
with teamwork and double teams.

The Bucks tripped up Luchasaurus and isolated Jungle Boy.
They tried to suplex Jungle Boy out of the ring through a
table, but Luchasaurus cut them off, allowing Jungle Boy to
hurricanrana Matt off the apron through the table. Nick
countered another Jungle Boy attack into a powerbomb through
the table before hitting Luchasaurus with a destroyer. He
kicked Luchasaurus onto a table and put him through it with
a 450 splash.

After commercial, the Bucks were still in control until
Luchasaurus hit high kicks before chokeslamming Matt onto a
ladder and taking out both Bucks with an apron moonsault.
Luchasaurus climbed a ladder, but Matt hopped on his back,
so Luchasaurus just continued to climb until Jungle Boy
knocked Matt off his back with a ladder shot.

All four men climbed ladders in the center of the ring and
battled at the top. Luchasaurus was the last guy up, but the
Bucks were able to powerbomb him onto a ladder bridge. A
reverse hurricanrana took out Jungle Boy. A diving elbow
from Matt sent Luchasaurus through a table.

Jungle Boy took out both Bucks with Germans. He climbed a
ladder, but the Bucks recovered and went for a BTE Trigger
on the ladders before Jungle Boy reversed and pushed the
Bucks' ladder over before falling down himself. Luchasaurus
set up a ladder in the center of the ring and climbed, but
the Bucks sent him out of the ring onto a table stack (much
like at one of the Hardys/Edge & Christian/Dudley Boyz TLC

The Bucks hit Jungle Boy with the BTE Trigger and then they
climbed the ladder, pulling down the belts for the win.

– After the match, Christian Cage came out and consoled
Jungle Boy -- before turning on him, hitting him with a
Killswitch, and crushing him with a con-chair-to.

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