NXT ON USA: NXT May 10 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 5/11/122 by Bob Magee

Flashback to last week at Spring Breakin', where Bron
Breakker retains his NXT Championship over Joe Gacy. The
previous episode ends with Breakker victorious, but behind
him lurks two hooded figures.

As decades of watching Undertaker matches have taught me,
those figures are "druids" that surround Breakker. The
druids close in for a cliffhanger ending.

Tonight's episode opens with footage from after NXT went off
the air. The druids attack Breakker. They hit the champ with
a metal folding chair, and they execute a Magic Killer on
the chair. Haunting music plays.

The druids carry away Breakker on a stretcher wrapped in
barb wire. Buckle up, yet another kidnapping storyline in
NXT. Gacy has abducted Breakker, and he even put a sack over
Breakker's head. It is a diabolical plot. The champ looks in
danger. Cue ominous music.

Live inside the soundstage at the Performance Center, the
show kicks off with a women's tag team bout. Wendy Choo has
been a thorn in the side of Toxic Attraction in recent
weeks. Choo teams with Roxanne Perez (formerly Rok-C) in a
match against the champs, albeit non-title.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne
& Gigi Dolan with NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose) defeat
Roxanne Perez & Wendy Choo in a non-title match

Dolan pins Perez after blatant outside interference by Mandy
Rose. The match itself was decent enough, but the finish is

The babyface team are off to a hot start before the bell.
Choo with a sneak attack on the heel trio, as Choo leaps off
the top rope into a flying cross body on Toxic Attraction.

Perez is cut off, and Toxic Attraction work over Perez. Hot
tag to Choo, and she cleans house. Choo hold the ropes open
for Perez, who flies into a suicide dive. The show cuts to a
split-screen commercial break, and the babyface team is in

Perez gets a hot tag after the show returns from the break.
Perez shows a ton of fire.

Mandy Rose suddenly gets into the ring, and interferes at
will. Choo attacks Rose, and they tangle up on the mat.
Perez goes for a finisher on Dolan, but Jayne hits Perez
with a superkick. Dolan then cradles Perez for a three
count. Lame finish due to blatant outside interference.

Toxic Attraction after the match beat down Choo, and they
bully her. Childish behavior. Grow up, and get better

Tiffany Stratton went shopping with Grayson Waller.

The Creed Brother are upset with Roderick Strong for him
interfering last week in the Creeds' match against the
Viking Raiders. The Creeds tell Roddy they have a rematch
next week against the Raiders.

Strong responds by introducing the group to Damon Kemp. The
Creeds are upset even more, as new members to Diamond Mine
is supposed to be a group decision. Tension brews in Diamond

Joe Gacy is in the ring flanked by druids for a speech. The
live audience in the soundstage drown out Gacy, but he keeps
talking anyway. Dude cannot take a hint.

Gacy apparently wants Breakker to be a part of his
"movement" or whatever. Gacy says hardship awaits those that
resist him. He is not wrong. Watching this feels like a

A new skit debuts called the "Ivy Nile Challenge." This week
begins with a push-up challenge. Nile vows to be the last
one standingns, and so begins a skit that runs throughout
the show.

All of the participants in the Women's Breakout Tournament
are introduced in front of the live audience, as the
tournament is set to begin.

Fallon Henley defeats Sloane Jacobs in a first round match
in the Women's Breakout Tournament

Henley pins Jacobs, and Henley advances in the tournament.

Briggs & Jensen come down to ringside to cheer on Henley.
Their cheers work, as Henley makes a comebacks. High fives
all around.

Henley with a wickedly cook combo, and then a running knee
strike. A three count later, and she was celebrating with
Briggs & Jensen.

Henley advances to the next round where she meets the winner
of Nikkita Lyons against Arianna Grace, which is another
first round match later tonight.

Santos Escobar is backstage with Legado del Fantasma for an
interview with McKenzie Mitchell. Last week, Fantasma
kidnapped AJ Galante. Escobar cuts a promo, but is basically
getting away with a crime. Then, Escobar basically threatens
to murder someone.

After a commercial break is a skit where Tony D'Angelo and
his crew jump someone from Legado del Fantasma, and they
kidnap him. D'Angelo says they are sending a message. Yeah,
you and everyone else in NXT it seems. Yet another
kidnapping plot is underway. There are so many I have lost

Alba Fyre defeats Amari Miller

Fyre pins Miller in what is billed as Fyre's re-debut. Fyre
re-debuts with a new name and a slightly new look. She still
carries a baseball bat to the ring, but her gear is new. Kay
Lee Ray was better, but this new character is very WWE.

Although it is a showcase for Fyre, Miller gets some
offense. Miller is making her return to action after an
injury in a match with Lash Legend.

Miller is soon cut off. Headbutt by Fyre, and she drops
Miller into a Gory Bomb. Fyre then climbs to the top rope,
and she jumps off the top with a Swanton. Fyre then covers
Miller for a pinfall.

Solo Sikoa in a silly skit locks Carmelo Hayes and Trick
Williams out of the building.

Cora Jade is asked if she is nervous to face Natalya
tonight. She is indeed nervous, and Jade says she is ready.
Jade vows to win.

Solo Sikoa is the challenger-in-waiting for the NXT North
American title

Solo Sikoa comes to the ring for a promo. His target is the
NXT North American Championship. He challenges the winner of
Carmelo Hayes and Cameron Grimes when they face off at In
Your House (which is the next NXT supercard).

Grimes, who is the North American Champion, interrupts
Sikoa. Grimes agrees to give Sikoa the next title shot if
Grimes retains against Hayes. Sikoa and Grimes shake hands,
and Sikoa leaves the ring.

Hayes and Williams rush into the ring, as they found their
way into the building via another entrance. They jump
Grimes. Williams and Hayes are beating and stomping on

Sikoa looks over his shoulder to see Grimes in peril. Sikoa
rushes back into the ring for the save. Sikoa cleans house
on the heels, and they flee.

The mobster movie continues as Escobar and D'Angelo agree to
a have a wrestling match to settle their dispute. The
kidnappings have lead to a pro wrestling match. This mini-
movie was bad, but it was almost go bad it was good.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Nathan Frazier. He is
interrupted by Xyon Quinn. Wes Lee also interrupts. This
sets up a match between Quinn and Lee.

Sarray & Andre Chase (with Bodhi Hayward) defeat Tiffany
Stratton & Grayson Waller in a mixed tag team match

Sarray pins Stratton after a distraction by Hayward.

Hayward was dressed like Sarray, which was mildly offensive.
There was also some gaga in this match, if you can believe

The match goes through a commercial break. Only god knows

Sarray is running wild, and she signals for her wrecking
ball dropkick. Waller pulls Stratton out of the ring,
blocking Sarray's dropkick. Chase trips up Waller, and Chase
holds Walle so Sarray can hit him with dropkick.

Stratton springboards into a twisting splash on Sarray, and
she goes for a cover. Sarray gets her foot on the bottom
rope to break the count. Hayward also causes a distraction
with an airhorn. Stratton is very upset about the airhorn,
she leaps over the ropes with a plancha on Hayward.

Stratton gets back into the ring, where she is immediately
rolled up by Sarray for a pinfall. Sarray gets the win for
her team, and Stratton is upset like a spoiled child.

The Ivy Nile Challenge continues with lunges.

Von Wagner, with Mr. Stone at his side, is attacked by
Ikemen Jiro. There is a pull-apart brawl and lots of
shouting. No one was using their indoor voices. The yelling
seems to indicate there is a strong likelihood for a match.

Toxic Attraction comes to Indi Hartwell, and they bully her.
Hartwell is already sad because she lost her boyfriend. The
heel trio taunts her about it, making Hartwell even more

Nikkita Lyons defeats Arianna Grace in a first round match
in the Women's Breakout Tournament

Lyons pins Grace. Yikes, this was something.

Lyons sells more than in her previous matches, for better or
worse. Grace works an arm. Comeback by Lyons, and Lyons
hulks up.

Lyons with a roundhouse kick, followed by the splits into a
legdrop, and Lyons covers Grace for a pinfall.

Lyons advances to the next round of the tournament where she
faces Fallon Henley.

The Ivy Nile Challenges rolls on. Next up is battle ropes
and pull-ups.

The Vikings Raiders cut a campy promo on The Creed Brothers.
The two teams meet in a return match next week on NXT. Also
next Tuesday, Tony D'Angelo against Santos Escobar in a
singles match. In addition, Bron Breakker "answers" Joe

Natalya defeats Cora Jade

Nattie wins via referee stoppage after Jade loses
consciousness while trapped in the sharpshooter.

Best match on the show by a country mile, thanks in large
part to Natalya leading the way. The closing minutes were
especially good.

They grapple at the outset. Jade escapes Nattie's grasp as
the show cuts to its final commercial break.

After the show returns from commercials, Nattie is again in
control. Romero Special applied by Nattie, and she is taking
Jade to school. Jade keeps fighting back.

Jade fires up, leading to a running knee strike. Tornado DDT
by Jade for a near fall. They fight on the turnbuckles, and
the match really begins to cook.

Really good sequences as Nattie teases a sharpshooter. Jade
counters the hold as they go back-and-forth. Roaring
clothesline by Nattie for a near fall.

Nattie suplexes Jade into the ropes, which whips Jade's leg
into a rope. Nattie then begins to target a leg, and Nattie
dissects her prey. She rams the injured leg into a ring

Natalya teases a ring post figure four, but Jade blocks the
attempt. Inside cradle out of nowhere by Jade for a two

Shining wizard by Jade turns the tide. Comeback begins, and
Jade gets another near fall after a double stomp. Jade
continues to sell her knee.

Sliced bread by Jade, but her she keeps selling the knee.
Nattie kicks out yet again.

Jade applies a sharpshooter, but Nattie powers out. Jade's
buckles while selling her knee. Nonetheless, Jade goes for a
high risk move off the middle rope. The knee is weak,
causing an awkward jump.

Nattie counters the jump as she catches the legs of Jade.
Nattie applies the sharpshooter. Jade fights the pain, and
Jade refuses to quit.

Jade eventually passed out in the submission hold, and the
referee stops the match. Natalya wins after Jade passes out
while trapped in the hold.

Natalya embraces Jade after the match. They bury the
hatchet, and they shake hands. The show closes as Natalya
and Jade hug.

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