Posted on 5/10/122 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: XL Center
City: Hartford, CT

Raw opens with highlights from yesterday’s Wrestlemania

RK-Bro VS. The Street Profits for the Raw Tag Team

Before the match Randy Orton says there was nothing on the
line last night, but they still want a match with the Usos
to unify the tag team championships.

Riddle catches Montez Ford with an RKO from Ford’s frog
splash attempt.

Winners and still Raw Tag Team champions: RK-Bro

It is announced that Cody Rhodes will get a chance for the
United States Championship tonight.

Theory is then interviewed; Theory says he is not worried.
He can do this all night long. He isn’t there about the past
he is there for the future.

Highlights from Edge/A.J. Styles match from last night are

The Judgement Day – Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley –
come to the ring; Edge starts by saying he is bigger than
the Hall of Fame. Edge says nothing and no one can touch
them. Priest said separately, him and Edge could destroy all
the favorites but together they are something else and they
added an instrument of destruction in Rhea Ripley. Ripley
said she has seen the difference in Edge and Priest and
wanted the same for her. Ripley then says she is going to
destroy Liv Morgan tonight. Edge says he is not done, and he
is looking for more but was interrupted by Liv Morgan’s

Rhea Ripley VS. Liv Morgan

Liv fought hard from the dominant Ripley till Ripley locked
Morgan in a leg submission.

Winner by submission: Rhea Ripley

After the match Ripley attacked Morgan and continued till
Finn Balor’s music hits and he and A.J. Styles come to the

Damian Priest VS. Finn Balor

During the match Edge comes in and spears Balor, then Styles
got involved and gets driven into the corner by Edge.

Winner by DQ: Finn Balor

We are shown highlights of Bobby Lashley and Omos’ match
from last night.

Omos makes his way to the ring with MVP says how selfish
Bobby Lashley is and how everything MVP has said since day
one about Omos is true. Cedric Alexander came to the ring.
Cedric says that the three of them will dominate. MVP says
he will stop him right there. Lashley’s music hits and
Lashley wipes out the security at ringside, Cedric tries
jumping on Lashley and Lashley slams him to the floor.
Lashley gets in the ring and clotheslines Omos out of the
ring. Lashley then goes after MVP who dives out of the ring.
Alexander gets back in the ring but is put down with a Hurt

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are talking in the back about
Deville’s opponent tonight. Pearce says she will have a
quality competitor.

Adam Pearce comes out after Sonya Deville came to the ring
and says the upper management has concluded their
investigation and Deville’s contract as a WWE official is

Sonya Deville VS. Alexa Bliss

DDT from Bliss followed quickly by a Twisted Bliss.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins Highlights from last night.

Ezekiel VS. Ken Owens (Kevin Owens with white hair and

Before the match Owens attacks Ezekiel with the help of
Alpha Academy who beat down Ezekiel and leave him lying in
the ring.

Pearce in the back runs into Asuka and she is deserving a
match with the champion and Becky Lynch walks up and starts
complaining. Asuka then started yelling at Lynch.

Veer Mahaan VS. Frank Lowman

Mahaan destroys Lowman

Winner: Veer Mahaan

Theory VS. The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes for the United
States Championship

During the match Theory cleared off the announce desk, but
Cody catches him and attempts to pick him up and Theory
squirms away and rolls back in the ring.

Theory goes for A Town down but Rhodes counters with a kick
to the head then a Cody Cutter, As Cody goes back after
Theory, Seth Rollins comes in and attacks Cody.

Winner by DQ: Cody Rhodes

Sasha Banks & Naomi VS. Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop

Nikki tells Doudrop not to worry about it and she got this.
Goes for a suplex on Banks who counters and Banks pushes
Nikki towards the ropes but Nikki counters and doesn’t see
Naomi tag in on Banks, Naomi with a kick to Nikki’s head,
Banks knocks Doudrop off the apron and they hit the double
knee drop on Nikki for the win.

Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks

After the match Doudrop begins yelling at Nikki when the
Miz’s music hits and the Miz comes out wearing a referee

Mustafa Ali VS. Ciampa with the Miz as special guest referee

Ali goes for a pin attempt, but the Miz just kept looking to
make sure Ciampa’s shoulders were down and never even
attempted a count. Ali gets up and yells at the Miz and
Ciampa takes advantage and beats down Ali.

Ali hits Ciampa with a ddt and goes for the pin, The Miz
took a long count to two. Ciampa grabs Ali while arguing
with The Miz and hits a drop on him and goes for a pin and
the Miz counts a fast 3 count.

Winner: Ciampa

Another episode of Lacey Evans’ life is shown.

Bobby Lashley challenges Omos in a Steel Cage match for next

Tamina and Dana Brooke are in back with R-Truth and wants to
get divorces. Reggie and Tozawa walk up with flowers in hand
thinking they are going on a double date. But Truth hands
Reggie his divorce paper and goes to hand one to Tozawa and
Tozawa screams no and throws the flowers at Truth and runs
away. Tamina says oh no the divorce is not official until
you give Tozawa the paper. Reggie then attempts to talk to
Dana and Tamina says no and pushes Dana away.

Becky Lynch joins the announce desk for the next match

Asuka VS. Bianca Belair

Bianca had Asuka on the mat and went for a handspring and
Becky Lynch grabs Belair and pulls her out of the ring and
throws her into the steps at ringside. Lynch then gets in
the ring and kicks Asuka then leg drops her. Lynch then side
slams Asuka.

Winner by DQ: Bianca Belair

Lynch walking backwards up the ramp yelling back at the ring
as Belair is in the ring checking on Asuka.

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