ROMAN REIGNS: Roman Reigns hints at leaving WWE in post-match speech in Trenton, NJ

Posted on 5/08/122 by Colin Vassallo

Roman Reigns made a speech following his
match at the non-televised live event in
Trenton, New Jersey last night and hinted
that he is starting a “new phase in his
life” and his WWE days are numbered.

“I think there’s going to be some moves made
here pretty soon. There’s always these
speculations, these contract talks. All that
pushing, that’s my business,” Reigns said.

“People who can dive deep enough…I’m sure
they can uncover enough stones to figure out
the time frame, but that’s something I
definitely want to dabble in. I want to gain
more experience and I want to use these
tools that I’ve learned,” he continued.

Reigns said that WWE has done right by him
and they gave him a lot and placed many
great blessings and opportunities in front
of him.

“I like to think that along the way, I just
picked up so many skills and experienced so
many different things that are going to help
me because at the end of the day, we all
know how this works. This is a young man’s
game. You can’t fall down your whole life,”
Reigns said.

He mentioned transitioning and create new
content for his fan base and he thinks he
has the ability to do just that.

“At the end of the day, it’s about getting
into that game, being thrown into that fire
and seeing how you do. I have a pretty good
track record with being thrown in the deep
end and if that’s what happens in Hollywood,
I’m looking to swim,” Reigns concluded.

Reigns signed a3rd WWE deal in 2019 and the
rumors are that his contract expires in mid-

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