TAMMY SYTCH: Tammy Sytch arrested, facing 30-year prison sentence for fatal car crash

Posted on 5/07/122 by Colin Vassallo

It took a minute, but Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is finally behind
bars facing consequences of the fatal car crash from March.

Ormond Beach police officers took the WWE Hall of Fame into
custody yesterday evening according to PWInsider.com and
charged her with nine different offenses, including causing
death, driving with a suspended license, and other charges
related to damaging property and DUIs.

The former star is now staring at a 30-year prison sentence.
The bail was set at $227,500.

The reason she was not arrested earlier was because the
police department were still waiting for toxicology reports.
Sytch denied she was going at a fast speed when crashing
into a stationary car, causing the death of a 75-year-old

A few days ago, Sytch blamed a “light” heart attack for the
incident. She and her boyfriend, whose car she was illegally
driving, were sued by the family of the deceased man.

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