ALL ELITE WRESTLING RAMPAGE: May 6 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 5/07/122 by Bob Magee

From Baltimore, Maryland, with Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks
and Chris Jericho on commentary. Today felt like rushing
home from school to catch Global on ESPN in 1991.

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho defeated Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D &
Jamie Hayter (w/ Rebel) (8:39)

Jericho put Soho's music over on commentary at the start of
the match. Storm and Hayter started out and the crowd
chanted “Pittsburgh sucks!” to get under Baker’s skin. Tags
were made on both sides and Baker dominated Soho with
forearms and a slingblade. Soho countered an Air Raid Crash
into a sunset flip for a near fall. Storm and Soho hit a
double team legsweep on Baker. Baker came back by sending
Storm into the turnbuckle.

After a split-screen break, Hayter dominated Storm by
whipping her into the corner and battering her with
forearms. Storm came back with a German suplex (after an
assist by Soho), and tags were bade on both sides. Soho
caught Baker with kicks and a knee strike. Storm made a
blind tag and caught Baker with a hip attack in the corner,
but Hayter cut her off. Baker went for the Pittsburgh
Sunrise, but Soho made the save. Storm slammed Baker onto
Hayter, but Baker countered a Storm Zero attempt with an Air
Raid Crash.

Baker went for a Lock Jaw, but Storm rolled it into a
pinfall attempt and then hit a German suplex. Storm set
Baker up for a superplex, but Rebel distracted Storm, and
Baker came out of the corner with a double underhook suplex
on Storm. Hayter hit a sliding lariat, and Baker hit a curb
stomp, but Soho broke up the pin attempt. Baker superkicked
Soho out of the ring, then Storm rolled up Baker for the
upset for pinfall.

– At the commentary desk, Eddie Kingston called Chris
Jericho. Called on the phone, because I guess they don't
have Zoom. When Kingston got home to his wife (who he’s been
in a relationship with for 20 years), the sight of burned
face broke her. Kingston promised to hurt Jericho “really
bad... for her.”

– Mark Sterling and Tony Nese cut a backstage promo.
Sterling requested for Nese a match against the hottest free
agent signing in AEW, promising to give the first loss in
AEW to the undefeated… Danhausen.

Hook defeated JD Drake (1:27)

Drake hit a hard chop and Hook asked for another. When Drake
went to deliver, Hook headbutted Drake's arm and suplexed
him. Hook stopped to preen for the crowd, and they went
nuts. Drake tried for a reverse DDT, but Hook flipped
through the attempt and locked in the Redrum. Drake quickly
tapped out.

After the match, Danhausen came out to conference with Hook.
The crowd chanted “HOOKHAUSEN!" “Ah, yes, that sounds
good.” Danhausen asked Hook to be in his corner for the
match with Tony Nese next week. Hook shoved Danhausen down.
Danhausen left chips for Hook. Hook was still not
interested, and left the chips behind. But Hook, they were
your birthday chips!

– Lex Nair interviewed FTR. Even though the crowd is
cheering for FTR, Dax Hardwood is going to bring the nasty
back in his match against Adam Cole on Dynamite next week.

Riho defeated Yuka Sakazaki (8:16 aired)

This is Riho’s first match back since an injury suffered
against Britt Baker at the first Battle of the Belts back in
January. Riho is in all black tonight.

Riho hit a shotgun dropkick and a running knee in the
corner. Riho got a near fall after a crossbody from the top
rope. The crowd was solidly behind Riho. Sakazaki caught
Riho with a boot, and a dropkick sent Riho to the floor.
Sakazaki followed up with a springboard cannonball senton to
the floor.

Back from break, Sakazaki got a near fall after a Northern
Lights Bomb. She went for the Magical Girl splash, but Riho
got her knees up. Riho hit a release dragon suplex. Riho
went for a charging knee, but Sakazaki countered with a
sunset flip attempt. Riho hit a slide knee for a very close
near fall. The crowd chanted “that was 3!”

Riho went to the top, but Sakazaki sprung up and planted
Riho down to the mat with a top rope flatliner for a near
fall. Sakazaki went for a helicopter slam, but Riho slid out
and rolled Sakazaki up for two. Both women exchanged
forearms, and when Sakazaki wound up for a big forearm, Riho
ducked down and rolled Sakazaki up for the pin. Very good

– Shawn Spears cut a promo on Wardlow, promising to be
kryptonite to Wardlow's Superman.

Owen Hart Tournament Women’s Brackets:

Toni Storm v. Jamie Hayter

Britt Baker v. JOKER

Riho v. Ruby Soho

Red Velvet v. Hikaru Shida

I thought for sure the finals were going to be Storm v.
Baker, but the brackets don’t shake out that way.

– Dan Lambert and the Men of the Year are out for a promo.
Even though Lambert is from Baltimore, he cut a promo on the
city. The "Baltimorons" have destoryed this great city. The
crab cakes are horrible! He’d rather get crabs from a lady
of the night than eat Baltimore crab cakes! This is why he
says he's from Miami now! Ethan Page called off the mixed
tag match with Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara (which makes
sense since everyone is heel). Frankie Kazarian came out
and asked for his TNT title match. Scorpio Sky responded
with a babyface promo. He told Dan Lambert to take the extra
TNT Championship Belt and put it in the trophy case at
American Top Team. Scorpio promised he would do things
differently this time, and agreed to defend the TNT title
against Kazarian next week.

This was a weird thing where Lambert and Page are still
seemingly heels, but Scorpio seemed like a face. But there's
a really easy fix for that.

– Excalibur started to run down the card for Dynamite when
Jungle Boy ran in to lay out Ricky Starks. Starks ran off
and Jungle Boy held up the FTW Title belt that Starks left

On Dynamite Wednesday:

Jungle Boy v. Ricky Starks for the FTW Title.
CM Punk v. John Silver
A Jericho Appreciation Society Victory Speech
Toni Storm v. Jamie Hayter in the First Round of the Owen
Hart Cup.
Hardy v. Allin in the First Round of the Owen Hart Cup.
Dax Harwood v. Adam Cole in the First Round of the Owen Hart
On Rampage next Friday:

Scorpio Sky v. Frankie Kazarian for the TNT Title.
Riho v. Ruby Soho in the First Round of the Owen Hart Cup.
Jay Lethal (w/ Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt) defeated Konosuke
Takeshita (9:31)

Clips of Takeshita winning matches on AEW Dark are shown to
help familiarize the audience with him. If only someone
thought to do that before the main event on Wednesday.

Takeshita busted out a Fargo Strut early on. He hit Lethal
with a shoulder tackle that sent him to the floor, and
followed up with a slingshot tope. On the floor, Satnam
Singh confronted Takeshita, and this distraction allowed
Lethal to take control as the show went to its last split-
screen break.

Back from the break, both men were fighting on the top rope
and Takeshita hit a lariat that sent both men to the mat.
That was an awesome spot. Lethal escaped a full nelson by
dropping down and caught Takeshita with a figure four.
Takeshita escaped and hit a sheer drop brainbuster for a
near fall. Apparently the pencil behind Sonjay Dutt’s ear is
a Ticonderoga, and I can confirm they make a quality pencil.

Takeshita avoided a Lethal Injection attempt and floored
Lethal with another lariat, then hit a flying knee. He went
to cover, but Sonjay Dutt distracted the ref before he could
make the count. When the ref finally did count, Lethal
kicked out at two. Lethal caught Takeshita with a roll up
for two, but when Takeshita kicked out, Lethal sprung into
the ropes and caught Takeshita with the Lethal Injection to
get the pinfall.

This match was fire.

After the match, Singh and Dutt hit the ring to beat up
Takeshita, but the Best Friends ran in to try and make the
save. It didn’t work. Singh grabbed Taylor by the throat and
bounced his head off the mat like a basketball. Orange
Cassidy got on the apron and distracted Singh. Samoa Joe
came out with a big pipe, but before he got to the ring a
gaggle of security geeks got between Joe and the ring.

Final Thoughts:

Three really good matches and a couple of interesting
character developments made for a pretty good show.
Hopefully everyone remembered to DVR it to watch later.

Also, no surprise here but this Takeshita kid is gonna be a
star for however long they have him.

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