BIG E: Big E says C1 vertebra not healing as hoped

Posted on 5/06/122 by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE champion Big E posted some not so
good news on his Twitter, saying that his C1
vertebra is not healing as it was hoped.

“My C1 apparently isn’t healing optimally.
I’ll spend another 4-6 weeks in a brace in
hopes that I can avoid a fusion,” E posted,
saying that he’s got a tremendous support
system and “what shall be shall be.”

Big E suffered a broken neck on the March 11
episode of Smackdown during a tag team match
with Kofi Kingston against Sheamus and Ridge
Holland. E was on the receiving end of a
belly-to-belly suplex at ringside from
Holland and unfortunately landed on his

While no surgery was required, it was
determined that both his C1 and C6 vertebrae
were fractured, although not displaced, and
there was no spinal cord damage either. The
C1 vertebra controls the movement of the
neck and supports the weight of the skull at
the tip of the spine while the C6 controls
wrist extensor muscles, biceps and and other
muscles in the upper arm.

The initial diagnosis was that he had to
spend 12 weeks with a neck brace in hopes of
things healing naturally but undergoing
major neck fusion surgery will obviously
mean a longer road of recovery for The New
Day member.

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