CODY RHODES: Cody chooses interesting word association for Triple H in interview teaser

Posted on 5/05/122 by Colin Vassallo

In the word association teaser ahead of
tomorrow’s release of the Cody Rhodes
interview on the Steve Austin Broken Skull
Sessions, Rhodes will surely be raising some
eyebrows with the word chosen to describe
Triple H.

Asked by Austin what word does he associate
with Triple H, Cody immediately said that
“It’s going to get me in trouble.”

But he didn’t think twice about the answer.
“GOAT,” Cody responded. “He’s the GOAT.”

Cody had a habit of taking shots at Triple H
during his time in AEW, including destroying
the throne with a sledgehammer.

In other word associations, he chose
“mentor” for Randy Orton, “CrossFit” for
Seth Rollins, “over” for Roman Reigns,
“gear” for Bianca Belair, “diamond” for
Charlotte Flair, “underrated” for Edge, and
“lean” for Becky Lynch.

The interview will air on Peacock in the
United States and WWE Network everywhere
else tomorrow.

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