Local Michigan independent announces TV/PPV deal

Posted on 5/05/122 by Christopher Clontz

Ultimate Championship Wrestling is pleased to announce a
partnership with Yahs Entertainment and Muuzictyme which
will include a weekly television product and monthly Pay per
view distribution.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling has been doing live pro
wrestling events continuously for 22 years. UCW has been the
top drawing organization in Michigan for some time. Some of
the stars who have appeared for UCW have been Jerry the King
Lawler, Kevin Nash, Tommy Dreamer just to name a few. UCW
was based in Bay City Michigan Before Moving to Saginaw last
September to open a 7000 square foot training Facility and
Wrestling event center located at 3783 North Michigan.
Currently UCW holds 2 shows per month plus an additional 2
television tapings.

MuuzicTyme is a Detroit based Television network and Pay Per
view distributer. Muuzictyme is known for its music themed
television and Video on Demand Movies. Recently they have
expanded to Pay per view concerts and Sports.

Yahs Entertainment is an Atlanta Based Production Company,
specializing in Live Video Production and Promotion.

All three together combining forces they will produce an
‘Old school’ Pro wrestling Product with the First Pay Per
View taping being held July 23 2022. The Television product
will begin airing in Late May or Early June on Muuzictyme
Television prior to the Pay per view.

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