Posted on 1/15/122 by Bob Magee

Hosted by Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks and Chris Jericho

Adam Cole (w/ Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., reDRagon, Young Bucks
& Brandon Cutler) defeated Trent Beretta (w/ Best Friends)

With this many people out there you might as well just call
it a Lumberjack match. There were ten people at ringside!

Beretta injured his neck in fighting on the floor early on.
In the ring, Cole got a near fall after a hangman’s
neckbreaker and continued to work over Beretta’s neck.
Beretta did a masterful job selling his neck. Cole sent
Beretta to the floor with a pump kick. Cole went for a
Panama Sunrise off the ring apron to the floor, but Beretta
countered with a backdrop. Beretta went for a spear, but
Cole moved and Beretta ran into the ring barricade. Cole
kept selling his injured neck on the floor and the show went
to a picture-in-picture break.

During the break, Cole worked over Beretta with a side
headlock. Beretta came back with an diving elbow in the
corner and a spinning DDT for a near fall. Cole set up
another Panama Sunrise attempt, but Beretta met him on the
middle turnbuckle and superpelxed Cole off the top rope for
a near fall. After every move, Beretta beautifully sold his
injured neck. Cole hit a back stabber, but Beretta responded
with a half and half suplex. Cole came back with a
brainbuster on his knee for another near fall.

The fight moved to the ring apron, and Beretta dropped Cole
with a piledriver. In the ring, Beretta went for Strong
Zero, but Cole countered with a Canadian Destroyer for
another near fall. Cole went for another Panaman Sunrise,
but Beretta caught him and delivered a fantastic Saito
suplex, followed by a stiff lariat. Cole came back with a
pair of superkicks. He went for the Panama Destroyer again,
but this time Trent countered into the Strong Zero. Beretta
went for a pin, but Cole broke up the pin attempt by getting
his foot on the ropes.

A fight broke out on the floor between everyone at ringside.
Britt and Statlander brawled back up the entrance. In the
confusion, Cole lowblowed Beretta, then Lowered the Boom and
got the pinfall. Great match, lousy finish.

– Pre-taped package highlighted the burgeoning feud between
Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez.

Shawn Spears (w/ Wardlow) defeated Andrew Everett (0:55)

Everett made his debut here, and his cyron advertised that
he’s won championships in eight different companies. Everett
displayed some high-flying skills… and lept right into a C4
from Spears. This got Spears a quick pinfall.

After the match, Spears cut a fantastic promo. While Spears
cut his promo, Warldow stood off to the distance behind his
shoulder. Of course, Wardlow looked disinterred in Spears
promo. Wardlow was very over with the crowd, who altered
between chanting for Wardlow and booing Spears. Spears does
drop a nice line at Wardlow’s expense that Punk won’t be
facing a green wrestler with a year’s experience when Punk
meets Spears Dynamite on Wednesday.

Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford & The Bunny defeated Kris
Statlander, Leyla Hirsh & Red Velvet (w/ Vicki Guerrero)

The story of the match early on was Hirsh and Statlander not
getting along. Statlander hit Bunny with a spinning
powerslam. Nyla Rose took advantage of the babyface team
bickering, flattening Red Velvet with a bodyblock and
knocking Statlander and Hirsh to the floor.

After a long commercial, Rose hit a chokeslam for a
nearfall. Statlander got the hot tag and took Bunny out with
a boot, then hit a gourdbuster on Ford for a near fall. Ford
went for a springboard cutter, but Statlander avoided and
locked in the Spider Crab. Bunny broke that up, then took
the blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Hirsh took it upon
herself to tag herself in. This caused another argument
between Statlander and Hirsh. Bunny shoved Hirsh into
Statlander, then rolled her up for the pin.

This long break-up storyline made for a hard match to watch.
Turn Hirsh heel and get her on Team Taz already.

– At the commentary table, Starks cut a promo on Jay Lethal.
Lethal came out and challenged Starks for the FTW title.
Lethal knows he won’t get an answer tonight because Starks
has to ask for Taz’s permission first. “But whatever Daddy –
I mean, Taz – says, do the opposite!” The refs came out to
break up Lethal and Starks. Probably pencil this in for
Rampage next week.

Preview for Dynamite Wednesday:

Adam Cole & Britt Baker v. Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander
CM Punk v. Shawn Spears
Sting & Darby Allin vs The Acclaimed
Serena Deeb v. Skye Blue
Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson v. FTR
Cody Rhodes returns
New Match! House of Black v. Varsity Blondes
Main Event Promo. Mark Henry asked Silver and Reynolds if
they are ready? Silver and Reynolds got out kazoos in
response. Christian Cage does all the talking for the
champions. “It’s Time for the Main Event!” Is that a Mark
Henry t-shirt yet or what?

Jurassic Express (w/ Christian Cage) defeated John Silver &
Alex Reynolds (w/ Anna Jay & Evil Uno) for the AEW World Tag
Team Championship (12:47)

Jericho revealed on commentary he doesn’t like it when the
crowd sings along with a wrestler’s music.

Jungle Boy and Reynolds started out and both looked
impressive. Jungle Boy hit a sommersault senton for a near
fall. Reynolds countered a backdrop attempt into a backslide
for two. Reynolds got the tag to Silver, who trucked Jungle
Boy with a clothesline and a high back body drop. Silver hit
a gamingiri on Luchasaurus and a tope on Jungle Boy, then
got into Christian Cage’s face at ringside. Jungle Boy went
for a dive on Silver, but Silver caught him, held him up in
a suplex and Reynolds hit a tope through the ropes on Jungle
Boy to the floor. This match slaps.

After a split screen break, Jungle Boy got the hot tag to
Luchasaurus. He dominated both Silver and Reynolds.
Lucahsaurus hit a double clothesline on the Dark Order, then
chokeslammed Silver on top of Reynolds (who he was also
choke-slamming) for two. Silver dropped Luchasaurus to the
floor with a low bridge, and Jungle Boy hit a German suplex
on Silver. Jungle Boy and Reynolds fought up to the top
rope. Silver followed them, then Luchasarus got involved and
the result was a crazy super stacker superplex powerbomb
pile up, and all four guys were down. Did I mention this
match slaps? Cause it does.

As everyone recovered, Silver and Reynolds took out
Luchasaurus with kicks. Silver and Reynolds hit a rolling
elbow and a gamingiri into a stunner on Jungle Boy, followed
by a German suplex from Silver into a jackknife cover from
Reynolds, but it only got two. The tandem offense from
Silver and Reynolds was insane.

Jungle Boy came back with his rebound lariat on Reynolds.
Jungle Boy hit a step up rana on Silver on the apron,
sending Silver into Evil Uno on the floor. Jungle Boy sprung
off Luchasaurus into a Canadian Destroyer on Reynolds for
another near fall. Luchasarus and Jungle Boy combined for a
double-team cutter on Reynolds, and while Jungle Boy hit a
tope on Silver on the floor, Luchasaurus covered Reynolds to
get the victory. Great match.

Final Thoughts:

The opener and closer were bangers. Either the Shawn Spears
squash or the women’s trios match should have been moved to
Dark to give the World Tag Title match more time.

Overall good show, but the middle of the show did drag.
Stick with the opener and closer.

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