BOBBY LASHLEY: Lashley reveals he wanted out of Day 1 main event after Lesnar addition

Posted on 1/15/122 by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE champion Bobby Lashley admitted on the After The
Bell podcast with Corey Graves that he initially didn’t want
to be a part of the Day 1 main event after Lesnar was added
to the match and tried to get himself out of it.

Lashley said that with the match turned into a fatal five-
way, Lesnar winning the match would essentially mean that
Lesnar beat all of them – literally – and he wasn’t
interested in that being his first encounter with Brock.

“I was like…”that’s not the way this is going down. Get me
out of the match,'” Lashley told Graves. But the powers that
be shot down his request and told him there’s no way he’s
getting out of it.

Lashley mentioned that people backstage wondered to him if
he was scared of Lesnar since he wanted out but added that
many were not thrilled that Lesnar was just thrown into the
mix in the last second.

Lesnar felt the wrath of Bobby throughout the match as he
got speared through the security wall for a great visual and
later he got speared in the ring for a near fall. Lashley
even got the Hurt Lock on Brock, only for Big E to save the
day and break it.

Lashley eventually won the original fatal four-way match the
next night on Raw to book his place against Brock at the
Royal Rumble.

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