ALL ELITE WRESTLING: Random thoughts

Posted on 1/14/122 by Dan Moreland


Good opener Atlas does some interesting moves for his body
type, he puts his gymnastics background to good use with
Adam Cole. Orange Cassidy and his music always suck the life
out of any afterbirth. Afterwards Excalibur ballyhooed
something and I had no idea what he said or was talking
about. This is what it sounded like to me:

“Interim” championship? Whatever happened to a champion
getting 30 days to defend their title? Who the hell cares
about an “interim” title in wrestling??

Tony Schiavone combed his hair for once and to his credit,
Idolo let Tony INTERVIEW him, not just rip the stick out of
his hand and promo. Only one problem: we can never
understand a word Idolo says.

Another good appearance by Hook though this week’s reaction
might have been the most subdued. I’m SO confused the Team
Taz. Taz on commentary yuks it up with Tony and Jericho but
then turns heel when things don’t go his way. Ricky Starks
and Hobbs act like bullies. But then Hook wrestles as a face
and beats up the Nightmare Factory, who are heels. It’s so
confusing for the fans. I get the promotion is based on
“wins and losses” but the most basic thing The Booker of the
Year failed to do from day one is to open a notebook, and
write down who the heels and faces are on both sides of the
paper, and have them wrestle each other. It’s okay to do a
face-face and heel-heel match as an attraction1-2x year.
But Tony Khan has taken it to the next step of absurdity and
has put heels and faces in the same STABLE.

What a terrible spot with Riho throwing Ruby into Jamie
Hayter. I thought it was annoying that Riho never stops
smiling even when she is getting her ass kicked, but after
close examination I just think it’s a facial feature of
hers. It makes it hard to take her selling seriously.

Actually a strong if short promo by Scorpio Sky maybe if we
have some more of this and less of him over-reacting to Dan
Lambert‘s hot takes he’d be taken a little more seriously.

Then it’s the garbage match in which there JUST HAPPENS TO
BE a metal trash can behind the guardrail. The Eddie
Kingston no-sell then eye poke spot was hilarious. Jeff
Parker just does not look like a heel I’m sorry. Unless
Kingston is the best seller in the world I hope that knee
heels soon. The fact that he blew it out slipping on a spilt
soda shows the idiocy of most of this type of wrestling.

Can you imagine if Eddie Kingston was born about 15-20 years
earlier and was in ECW?

Note: I didn’t review Battle of the Belts. I watched it but
have no interest in commenting on and “Interim” championship
or frankly the other title matches, and I don’t think you
care read it. Hope you enjoyed it though.

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