NXT ON USA: July 20 results (F4Wonline)

Posted on 7/21/121 by Bob Magee

The show began with a music video recap of the drama between
Samoa Joe and NXT Champion Karrion Kross. Yeah, that guy
pinned on Raw last night. No mention of that. The less said
the better.

Samoa Joe opens the show marching to the ring looking pissed
off. Though he wore pants and a t-shirt, Joe was also
wearing wrestling boots and wrist tape. He looked ready to

"Tick tock, tick tock," Joe said. "Look who's come to smash
your clock!"

General Manager William Regal interrupted Joe's monologue.
Regal said this is not what he had in mind when Joe returned
to NXT. Joe cannot call out superstars. An angry Joe got in
Regal's face.

Screaming at Regal, Joe said the deal was if he was
provoked. Joe screamed to consider himself provoked. Regal
argued that Joe was a referee last week when Kross attacked
him, not acting in his other official capcity. That is a
weak argument to be honest. Joe must have thought so too, he
shot it down saying that is semantics. He ain't wrong.

Joe went on to say Kross is out of control, and Joe is here
to get control of Kross. Joe briefly mentioned Kross going
to Raw. Like I wrote earlier, the less said the better.

Regal told Joe that Kross was on his way to the building,
and Regal ordered Joe settle things peacefully between Joe
and Kross. The crowd chanted to "let them fight." Because of
the deep respect Joe had for Regal, Joe promised the issue
will end tonight, but Joe could not guarantee things end
peacefully. Joe also guaranteed Regal "that tonight somebody
is going to sleep."

Xia Li in a pre-tape promo translated via subtitles vowed to
become the first Chinese NXT Women's Champion. She called
the title bout the biggest match of her life. Li warned
champion Raquel Gonzalez that Li would do to her what Li did
to Mercedes Martinez (which was legit knock her out a few
weeks ago).

Bobby Fish & NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida defeated
Roderick Strong & Tyler Rust (with Hideki Suzuki & Malcolm

Kushida submitted Rust to win the match. Good match. The
Diamond Mine cheated to win last week, and this week they
were beaten clean in a tag team match. Not the best of

Fish & Kushida attacked Diamond Mine before the bell. The
two babyfaces cleaned house before the show went to a
commercial break. The match was joined in progress after the
break. Fish was working over Strong as the show came back
from break, and the babyfaces continued to maintain an

Strong was eventually able to cut off Kushida with a
backbreaker. Rust soon tagged in to take his turn in working
over Kushida. Hot tag to Fish, and he throttles Rust. Strong
distracted Fish, allowing Rust to strike from behind. Fish
falls out of the ring, and Strong suplexed Fish onto the
apron. Fish was prone on the floor selling as the show cut
to commercial.

Going through a second commercial break, the match continued
with the heels targeting Fish. They worked him over, until
Kushida came in off a hot tag. Kushida ran wild, leading to
a near fall. Rust stopped the rally by cutting off Kushida.
They went on to trade strikes, and Rust struck with a
swinging neckbreaker. Fish jumped in to break up a pinning
attempt, and Fish went after Strong. They both tumbled to
the floor.

Kushdia with a flying elbow off the top rope to target the
arm of Rust. Kushda followed up with by punting the arm.
Rust tried a counter, but Kushida ended up countering with a
flying bodyscissors. Kushida transitioned from that into the
Hoverboard Lock, and Rust tapped out.

Million Dollar Champion LA Knight and Cameron Grimes arrived
the building a sports car with the top down. Grimes was
driving since he is still Knight's butler. They looked more
like odd couple pals here than rivals.

Knight said they could have arrived sooner of Grimes had not
listened to the GPS. Grimes was still dressed as a butler,
and Knight ordered Grimes to get his bags. Knight had a lot
of bags, and Drake Maverick came out of nowhere to offer
help. Grimes said he would do it alone, but Maverick
insisted he help. Knight basically told Maverick to get
lost. Maverick said he wasn't going anywhere. This sets up a
match between Maverick and Knight for later tonight.

NXT TakeOver 36 was announced for August 22, 2021.

A vignette hyped Odyssey Jones ahead of his match in the NXT
Breakout Tournament.

Samoa Joe paced around backstage waiting for Karrion Kross.

Franky Monet (with Jessi Kamea) defeated Jacy Jayne

Monet pinned Jayne in a short match that Mandy Rose watched
at ringside.

Robert Stone came down to ringside as the match was
underway. Monet in the ring dashed a hope spot from Jayne.
Monet punished Jayne, and grounded her. Meanwhile, Mandy
Rose walked down to ringside and sat on the announce desk to
watch the bout.

Monet was distracted by Rose being at ringside, allowing
Jayne to make a comeback on Monet. Jayne gets a two count
after a neckbreaker. Monet hulked up to stop Jayne in her
tracks. Monet then executed a chickenwing facebuster, and
she scored a pinfall.

Stone was trying to win over Monet, but she wanted nothing
to do with him.

Kyle O'Reilly had beef with Austin Theory, leading to a
match tonight when Theory accepted the challenge. Johnny
Gargano told Thoery that Theory got himself into this match
so he's on his own tonight.

Wade Barrett sat down for an interview with Bronson Reed.
Barrett asked Reed about losing the NXT North American
Championship. Reed said he was ready to step up and move
forward. Barrett questioned whether facing Adam Cole in a
match was wise. Reed replied said Cole was the best, so why
not fight the best. Reed and Cole meet in a match next
Tuesday on NXT.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Austin Theory

O'Reilly submitted Theory to win a pretty good match.
O'Reilly would show a mean streak before the finish.

They grappled early on, and soon began throwing strikes.
Chain wrestling as they go back-and-forth. Theory started to
talk trash after grounding O'Reilly. The match went through
a commercial break with Thoery working over O'Reilly.

O'Reilly was fighting back when the show returned from the
break, but Theory dashed O'Reilly's hope for the time being.
Not for long, as O'Reilly fought back moments later to apply
a heel hook. Theory managed to get a rope break.

Theory with a rolling fisherman's suplex for a two count.
Comeback by O'Reilly with a flurry of offense. Theory cut
him off to deliver a Blue Thunder Bomb for two and a half.
Ushigoroshi by Theory for another near fall.

Theory went to use the ring steps, but O'Reilly snapped kind
of like Ken Shamrock used to do during his WWF run. O'Reilly
hulked up big time, and he went nuclear on Theory. Kicks,
strikes, more kicks, Kawada kicks, and O'Reilly was going to

O'Reilly off the rop rope with a bombs away flying kneedrop,
and O'Reilly barred the leg. Theory tapped out, but O'Reilly
refused to break the hold. The referee had to pry O'Reilly

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai cut a
promo ahead of the title match later on tonight.

Legado del Fantasma Mariachi Madness Musical

Not much of musical, but the promos were great.

Santos Escobar flanked in the ring by Raul Mendoza and
Joaquin Wilde for what was supposed to be a musical
celebration of marichi. Instead, Escobar told the musicians
to leave. The fans weren't worth it, according to Escobar.
He said his stable would not do the "Hit Row thing" where
they "vomit a few lines" while embarrassing themselves.
Escobar said he was the "true campeĆ³n."

Escobar warned Hit Row that he was coming for the North
American Championship, which is currently held by Hit Row's
Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. Hit Row interrupted Escobar's speech
to confront Fantasma. Hit Row took turns cutting promos on
Legado del Fantasma.

Scott said he going to make "Santo my bitch." Escobar cursed
in Spanish at Scott, and Escobar vowed to take the title
back to the Mexico. Hit Row approached the ring, and Legado
del Fantasma also wanted the smoke.

The two stables faced off in the ring. Hit Row dispatached
the henchmen as Scott squared off with Escobar. They got
into a brawl. There were guitars left in the ring by the
musicians that Escobar had dismissed earlier on. Escobar
grabbed a guitar, and he went to hit Scott with it. B-Fab
made a save to take the guitar from Escobar. B-Fab gave the
guitar to Scott. Escobar bailed out of the ring. Raul
Mendoza was trapped by himself surrounded by Hit Row. Scott
hit him with a guitar.

Looks like a North American title match is coming soon.

The Way was bickering amongst themselves, and Austin Theory
had enough. He said their family was falling apart, and he
left them to argue.

Samoa Joe was still waiting on Karrion Kross to arrive.
Seems like the champ is very late to work. Regal cautioned
Joe to keep things peaceful.

Oydessey Jones defeated Andre Chase in a NXT Breakout
Tournament first round match

Jones pinned Chase to advance in the Breakout tourney.

Jones got a vignette earlier in the show, and Chase did not.
Jones was also very much pushed like he was the star here.
Chase did get heat on Jones after posting him, and Chase
used a moonsault press for a two count.

Jones mowed down Chase, and Jones used a modified Big
Bossman slam to score the pinfall.

Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan cut a promo on Timothy Thatcher &
Tommaso Ciampa, challenging them to a tag match next week.
By the way, the show is airing on SyFy next Tuesday. They
happened to mention that here.

Drake Maverick defeated Million Dollar Champion LA Knight
(with Cameron Grimes) in a non-title match

Maverick pinned Knight with a roll-up after Knight was
distracted by Grimes.

Knight was preoccupied by his butler during the bout. Knight
wanted Grimes throughout the match to hold up the Million
Dollar title. Although Knight manhandled Maverick, Knight
again shifted his focus to Grimes. Knight was showing Grimes
how high Knight wanted the belt held overhead. Maverick with
a dropkick sent Knight headfirst into the title belt.
Maverick then proceeded to roll up Knight for a three count.

Knight jumped Maverick after the bell, and Knight assaulted
Maverick. Grimes got in the ring to make a save. Knight
ordered Grimes to hit Maverick. Grimes tried to leave, but
Knight stopped him. Knight yelled at Grimes to hit Maverick,
and Knight held Maverick for Grimes to punch him. Grimes was
very upset with himself for doing so. He glared at Knight in

Samoa Joe saw Kross' car drive up to the building. Joe
rushed over and forcibly pulled the driver out of the car.
It was not Kross. He pulled the okie doke on Joe, and Joe
left to go find him.

The announce team offcially announed NXT was moving to SyFy
for two weeks beginning next Tuesday.

Matches announCed for next week:

Adam Cole vs. Bronson Reed
Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy
Carmelo Hayes vs. Josh Briggs in a Breakout Tournament first
round match
NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez defeated Xia Li to
reatin her title

Gonzalez pinned Li clean to retain. Li was without Boa and
the ancient women in her corner.

Gonzalez powered out on Li early on. Li was posted like a
lawn dart by Gonzalez, and Gonzalez was looking dominate. Li
sidestepped a charge, and Gonzalez booted the ring post. Li
then several times rammed the leg into the post, and Li sent
Gonzalez crashing into the ring steps. The show cut to
commercial with Li working over the champ.

Li applied a half crab, targeting the injured leg. Gonzalez
dug in and she powered out of the hold. Gonzalez sold her
leg but was still able to fight back with power moves. Li
with kicks and strikes, and one spin kick netted a two

Gonzalez came back with a senton for a near fall. The match
paused briefly as the referee and trainers checked on Li.
Not sure if Li was indeed injured, if this was a spoofing
Li's last match on NXT against Mercedes Martinez. Either
way, they went right to the finish.

Gonzalez with her chokeslam bomb finisher, and she covered
Li. One...two...three. The champion retains.

Samoa Joe calls out Karrion Kross

Samos Joe stormed to the ring calling out Karrion Kross.
"Come out and play," Joe yelled on the house mic. "Where oh
where is my young champion?"

Joe vowed there would be a reckoning, and Joe wanted to kick
Kross' ass. Kross appeared on the video screen to say this
is not the same world (meaning NXT) that Joe remembers.
Kross said this was his world now, and Kross sayd he is "the
new beginning." Umm, that is also a New Japan show. Kross
went on to say he is "the way of the future." The Way is
Gargano's stable, and the supposed "future" was beaten in
under two minutes on Raw via a roll-up. But I digress.

Kross held up the NXT Championship belt, and he said it
means he can go anywhere he wants. He can also hurt anyone
he wants. The camera panned down to reveal Regal laid out in
the parking lot. Kross left Regal laid out as he drove away
in his car. Befoer leaving Kross asked, "Who provoked who?"

Joe ran outside to chase after Kross, but Kross was speeding
away. Joe screamed out in anger as the show faded to black.

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