WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: July 19 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/20/121 by Bob Magee

Show Recap --

John Cena entered to another big reaction. Cena noticed fans
were still getting to their seats and encouraged everyone to
get in quickly. He also shouted out a young fan who was
celebrating his birthday. Cena missed the fans and missed
being there.

He always said that the biggest superstar in WWE was the
fans and they were proving it tonight. He joked that he
might wear his Peacemaker outfit to the Suicide Squad

He came back last night, and ruined Roman Reigns’
championship celebration, because of the fans. It was
because of them but it was also because of Reigns. The crowd
booed Reigns. Cena wanted a Universal Champion match at
SummerSlam in Las Vegas.

Cena wanted to explain why he wanted that match. It wasn’t
because of the magnitude of SummerSlam or because it would
be title win number seventeen — it was because Roman Reigns
was an asshole and he needs to be knocked down a peg. The
pathetic Reigns experience has gone on long enough.

He called Reigns an arrogant, self-absorbed, over-hyped,
over-protected gimmick who wasn’t as “over” as he thinks he
is, “and that’s coming from me.” He said if you were good,
you tell everyone how good you were. But if you were great,
the fans tell you. Cena also announced that he planned on
showing up to Smackdown on Friday.

Cena said it was time to get this show started which brought
out Riddle. Cena was caught off-guard by Riddle’s fireworks.
(The crowd chanted “bro” during his entrance.) Cena and
Riddle said “bro” a bunch of times. Cena hugged Riddle and

Cena was very good here, of course.

Bobby Lashley is issuing a WWE title open challenge tonight.
Charlotte Flair will have a championship celebration.

6-man tag team match: Riddle & The Viking Raiders defeated
John Morrison & Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos

Erik and Ivar squished Morrison on the outside. As they
celebrated with Riddle, Omos launched Styles onto all three
of them.

After a break, Omos was in control of Riddle. Riddle fought
off offense by Morrison and Styles to tag in Erik. Styles
and Erik had a nice strike exchange until Erik wiped out
Styles with a running knee. Erik hit another knee strike but
Styles came back with a Pelé kick.

Morrison and Ivar tagged in and they exchanged counters
until Ivar hit a clothesline. Ivar went for a moonsault but
Morrison moved. Morrison went for Starship Pain but Ivar

Riddle sprayed Omos from behind with the drip stick. Omos
turned around and assumed it was Miz (which the crowd
laughed at), so he went after Miz as he slowly backed away
on his wheelchair.

Morrison tried to save his friend but Omos chucked him back
in the ring. Erik and Ivar gave Morrison a Viking Experience
for the pinfall win.

The crowd wasn’t super into this but they popped for the
finish and were happy to cheer along with the babyfaces when
they celebrated.

Jaxson Ryker said he planned on doing bad things to Elias

They plugged next year’s WrestleMania in Dallas. They still
aren’t putting a number in the logo.

Elias was in the ring. He got the crowd to yell “walk with
Elias.” Before he could say more, Ryker appeared on the
screen. He said everyone was sick of his schtick and after
tonight, we’d never hear Elias say, “hello, I am Elias”

Symphony of Destruction match: Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias

There were musical instruments all around the ring and this
match is apparently falls count anywhere. I learned this
after Ryker hit Elias with a keyboard and pinned him outside
the ring for two. Elias hit a flying knee for two but Ryker
smashed a guitar across his back… which led to break.

They continued fighting for a while and there was a spot
where Ryker tossed Elias onto a piano for two. Elias hit
Ryker twice with a big ass cello for two. The match finally
came to an end when Ryker suplexed Elias from the
turnbuckles to the outside through a table for the pinfall
win, which did look good.

The crowd was quiet for the first half but got into it once
they started using the piano. I thought this match was about
12 minutes too long.

Mansoor was with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville in the back.
Mustafa Ali showed up and Deville informed him that they’ve
approved their request to be a team. Ali was surprised to
learn this. Mansoor explained that if Ali wanted him to
learn, it made sense for them to team. Ali didn’t like it
but agreed to do it for one night.

Sheamus showed up and argued with Deville and Pearce. He
wasn’t happy about having to face Humberto Carrillo again.
Deville said Carrillo deserved a fair shot. Sheamus
threatened to smash Carrillo’s face in. (They piped in some
booing when he said that.)

[Second hour]

Charlotte Flair’s championship celebration

Charlotte got a big mixed reaction. She said it felt good to
be standing there as their women’s champion. She said Rhea
Ripley tried to take a page from her book, but she’s the one
who created the book. The crowd chanted for Becky Lynch.
Charlotte let them know that Lynch was at home

She ran down her accolades and called herself the only 11-
time women’s champion in history. (I guess they aren’t
counting NXT anymore because she specifically mentioned
being a 1-time Divas champion, 5-time Raw champion, and 5-
time Smackdown champion.)

Charlotte said she could beat Ripley any day of the week.
Ripley interrupted and challenged her to a rematch.
Charlotte mocked her and mentioned Ripley whining about her
hurt knee last night. Charlotte declined.

Pearce and Deville entered. Deville congratulated Charlotte
on winning the title, however, she did just say she can beat
Ripley any day of the week. Pearce agreed and made the title
match official for tonight. The crowd cheered.

Charlotte kicked her shoe at Ripley before kicking her leg
out of her leg. Ripley went down and Charlotte left the

They recapped Nikki ASH winning the Money in the Bank

Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina defeated Shayna Baszler
& Nia Jax (w/Reginald)

Baszler and Jax didn’t get an entrance and the match was
underway after a break. (Only Riddle and Morrison got
entrances earlier for the 6-man match.)

Tamina won quickly by pinfall after superkicking Baszler
thanks to some Reginald shenanigans.

After the match, Baszler seemed to have enough. She said
(off mic) that they were unstoppable until Reginald showed
up. The crowd chanted for Shayna. Jax hugged Reginald before
headbutting him. Jax left with Baszler. Reginald was alone
in the ring and a few people chanted “Reggie sucks.”

Akira Tozawa was chased down to the ring by the 24/7 crew.
Reginald knocked him down and pinned him to win the title.
The other wrestlers went after him but he leaped over the
steel steps and bailed. The crowd changed their minds and
applauded Reginald.

Karrion Kross debuts tonight. The crowd popped when they saw
the graphic. (Scarlett was not in the graphic.)

US Champion Sheamus defeated Humberto Carrillo in a non-
title match (10:13)

This went through a break and Sheamus was in control when
they returned. Carrillo eventually fought back after biting
Sheamus’ finger and following with a series of kicks.
Carrillo brought Sheamus down off the top with a
hurricanrana and followed with a suicide dive and missile
dropkick for a nearfall.

Carrillo hurt his hand after punching Sheamus’ steel
facemask. Sheamus headbutted Carrillo with said facemask and
hit a Brogue kick for the pinfall win.

Bobby Lashley / MVP promo

Lashley and MVP entered for Lashley’s open challenge.
Lashley said he did all the talking he needed to last night
when he destroyed Kofi Kingston. He was done talking.

MVP said the fans were lucky to be in Lashley’s presence. He
said the Dallas fans resented the champ because they were
Cowboys fans and haven’t had a winner in decades. MVP
realized that Kofi Kingston was right but his words lit a
fire under the champion. (The crowd chanted “what” at MVP
but he ignored them. The same happened with Cena earlier.)

MVP said maybe Lashley was vulnerable a few weeks ago but
that window has closed and no one would be able to take his
championship now. No more women, champagne or fun and games
to distract him. No more bullshit. Tonight, we’d get to
witness the most dominant champion in history. Lashley
grabbed the mic and asked who was accepting his open

Keith Lee entered. Lee and Lashley stared down as they went
to break.

(Corey Graves said it was a title match but the graphic made
it seem like Lee would earn a future title match if he won.)

[Third hour]

Graves clarified that this was a “championship contenders”
match. Meaning non-title. Jimmy Smith said the crowd chanted
“welcome back” for Lee during the break.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Keith Lee in a non-title
match (5:50)

Lee shined early by driving Lashley repeatedly into the
corner and knocking him down with a running crossbody. Lee
went for a Spirit Bomb but Lashley countered into a
flatliner. Lashley tried hoisting Lee on his shoulders
outside the ring but Lee was too heavy and they stumbled
back into the barricade (fortunately for the fans, Lee did
not fall over it).

Lee shoved Lashley into the post but became distracted by
MVP, so Lashley knocked him down and hit a running spear.
(Graves overreacted and said the ref should stop the match
to save Lee.)

Lashley tried applying the Hurt Lock but Lee was once again
too big. Before Lee could do anything, Lashley gave him a
spinebuster and followed with a spear for the decisive
pinfall win.

Goldberg entered. The crowd cheered and chanted his name.
Goldberg got right in Lashley’s face, laughed and yelled
“I’m next.” MVP backed off Lashley who was not happy.

Kevin Patrick approached Lashley and MVP in the back for an
interview. MVP said Goldberg disrespected the champion and
they didn’t plan on responding.

Jinder Mahal promo

Mahal announced that today was his birthday (which received
a tepid response). Even better than that, he said, Drew
McIntyre was not Mr. Money in the Bank. Mahal recapped
recent events by showing three different videos. Mahal was
happy that McIntyre wouldn’t be getting a title match as
long as Lashley was champion.

Mahal handed the mic to Shanky so he could sing happy
birthday. As Shanky sang, McIntyre entered the ring and hit
Mahal and Veer with a chair. Veer helped Mahal out of the
ring so McIntyre hit Shanky with the chair about ten times.

The crowd chanted “one more time,” but the chair was busted
so McIntyre got a new one and hit Shanky with it 20 more
times as the crowd gleefully counted along. (Shanky wore a
tank top but you could still see bruises and some blood
thanks to the chair shots.)

There was a Karrion Kross video. “Doomsday is coming.”

Kross entered. He entered wearing his NXT title belt. No

Jeff Hardy defeated NXT Champion Karrion Kross in a non-
title match (1:42)

Hardy got a big reaction. He entered to his “No More Words”
theme song.

Kross suplexed Hardy around but Hardy caught him with a
Twist of Fate. Kross dodged a Swanton Bomb but Hardy stacked
him up and pinned him with his feet on the ropes for the
pinfall win. Hardy picks up the surprise win. Kross was

Patrick asked Kross about losing in his Raw debut. Kross
said Hardy just made the biggest mistake of his life because
in the end everyone will fall and pray.

The crowd did not care at all about Kross.

Alexa’s Playground

This was awful. Worse than I could even describe.

Bliss spoke to Lilly for a moment until Eva Marie and
Doudrop busted in. Bliss ignored Marie but was again happy
to see Doudrop (despite Doudrop attacking her last week).
Bliss warned them that it was not a good idea to say
anything bad about Lilly. Bliss also didn’t want to put her
in timeout again.

Marie was annoyed. Bliss wanted to see what Marie could do
without any help. Marie decided to leave but she “tripped”
over nothing. Presumably, Bliss or Lilly caused her to fall.
Marie scrambled away and Bliss laughed.

AJ Styles and Omos defend their tag titles against the
Viking Raiders again next week.

Raw Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley defeated Charlotte
Flair via DQ — Charlotte retains the title

Ripley was doing fine until Charlotte targeted her knee.
Charlotte chop-blocked Ripley and the referee stopped her
from doing worse so he could check on Ripley (and because he
knew they were going to break).

Charlotte worked over Ripley’s knee after the break. Ripley
fought back and hit a back suplex. They traded right hands
until Ripley hit a series of short-arm clotheslines and a
Northern Lights suplex (while still selling her leg) for
two. Charlotte came right back with a big boot.

Charlotte tried a moonsault but Ripley got her knees up
(which barely grazed Charlotte). Ripley applied a Figure
Four but Charlotte reversed it. Ripley hit a thrust kick and
a Riptide.

My feed cut out at that moment so I didn’t see the end of
the match, but Charlotte appeared to get herself
disqualified to retain the title.

Ripley attacked Charlotte after the match and gave her a
Riptide outside the ring.

Nikki ASH’s music hit and she sprinted down and told the
referee she was cashing in her contract.

Nikki A.S.H. defeated Charlotte Flair to win the Raw Women’s

Nikki went to the top and hit a flying crossbody as soon as
Charlotte got to her feet to win the title. The crowd popped
big for the cash-in and the win.

This was a fun ending to an otherwise disappointing Raw

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