MICHAEL COLE: Michael Cole says Pat McAfee has “revitalized” his career

Posted on 7/20/121 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show earlier today, the voice of
WWE Michael Cole thanked his broadcast partner for
completely revitalizing his career.

McAfee’s addition to Friday Night Smackdown a few months ago
has been a blessing for the show and Pat’s enthusiasm during
the shows translate perfectly to the viewers watching at

Cole said that he has worked with ton of partners during his
years in WWE and named JBL and Corey Graves as incredible
talent but said that McAfee brings something different as he
is a true fan of the business.

“It’s been a lot of fun for me, it’s been different, and I
just want to thank you for breathing some life into this old
body again, maybe I can hang on for a couple of more years,”
Cole said.

McAfee also complimented Cole and said he wouldn’t be able
to do this if there wasn’t him as the biggest safety net
someone could have ever asked for.

The duo had a pretty wild night at Money In The Bank
yesterday and their Cena call will be remembered for a very,
very long time. “Whaaaat? Noooo waaaaay,” screamed McAfee as
Cena’s music hit. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Cena’s here,”
replied an equally-excited Cole. And then came the
punchline. “Where!?” McAfee responded.

“Last night was f*cking awesome, Michael Cole,” McAfee said.
“It was unbelievable, Pat. It was one of the top five
moments of my career,” Cole added.

The friendship the two have struck is pretty incredible
considering they did not get off to a great start when
McAfee started working occasionally for WWE a few years ago.
McAfee showed up for a WrestleMania in a jacket, bow tie,
and shorts and Cole freaked out at him with the two having
an argument and McAfee almost walking out. Cole was worried
that Vince wouldn’t like or get it but thankfully McMahon
gave his blessing and the rest, as they say, is history.

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