WWE BUSINESS: Not quite “to the moon” but WWE stocks go up 10% after r/wallstreetbets post

Posted on 6/10/121 by Colin Vassallo

A post on the popular Wallstreetbets Reddit website shot up
the WWE stocks by over 10% at time of this writing.

Just 9 minutes after trading opened, WWE stocks went up to
$70.72, a 52-week high but has now settled in the mid-60s.
The spike came after an r/wallstreetbets user posted an up-
beat story, titled ‘$WWE – Can you S.M.E.L.L. what the stock
is cooking?‘ about WWE stocks with a lot of financial and
historical data, urging fellow investors to buy WWE stocks.

WWE stocks closed the day yesterday at $58.15 and then
opened at $63.01 with the opening bell. The spike pushed
WWE’s market cap to $4.44 billion at time of this writing.

The Reddit Wallstreetbets forum is popular for promoting
meme stocks, sending GameStop, AMC, and other stocks “to the
moon”…and back.

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