Palmetto Championship Wrestling June 5 Columbia, SC results

Posted on 6/09/121 by Jamarm1

PCW All Star Night 2021 1. 8-Person Battle Royal (timed
entry) Order of Entry:

1st. Rudy Jay
2nd. "Melt Man" Donnie Ray
3rd. "Starboy" BK Westbrook
4th. "Classless" Mason Myles
5th. Selina Rose
6th. Tristian Swags
7th. Bojack
8th. "Mega Star" Drew Hood

Winner: "Starboy" BK Westbrook

Order of Elimination:

1st. Selina Rose used her speed to her advantage and
repeatedly outstruck whoever she faced during the battle
royal. However, Donnie Ray attacked her from behind and
grabbed two handfuls of hair and tossed her over the top.

2nd. Bojack had Drew Hood on the ropes and was eliminated
after Hood ducked his clothesline attempt and the momentum
carried him over the top and to the floor.

3rd & 4th. Mason Myles and Donnie Ray were double-teaming
Tristian Swags in an attempt to get the big man over the top
but Rudy Jay snuck up from behind and simultaneously
eliminated Ray and Myles.

5th. Drew Hood tossed Rudy Jay over the top.

6th. Tristian Swags almost eliminated BK Westbrook but
Westbrook was able to use his legs (similar to a
Huracánrana) to pull Swags over the top and onto the apron
beside him. As they slugged it out, Drew Hood caught Swags
off guard when he ran across the ring and kicked him from
the apron to eliminate him.

7th. After they had a discussion, Drew Hood eliminated
himself by stepping out of the ring and jumping off the
apron, allowing "Starboy" BK Westbrook to win.

Thoughts: I lost count of how many times BK Westbrook came
up on the short end of an exchange and rolled outside under
the bottom rope to take a breather. Those frequent strategic
breaks and his deal with Drew Hood didn't win him any fans
but it definitely won him the match. Jesse Barton got in the
ring and demanded a match with Joshua Cutshall and told PCW
GM Dave Foster that he wasn't leaving until Cutshall showed
up. Foster informed Barton that Cutshall wasn't there so
instead, Barton's challenge was answered by masked luchador,
Reyoro, who was making his PCW debut.

2. Jesse Barton vs. Reyoro Winner: Reyoro by pinfall
Thoughts: Barton had Reyoro stunned and as he was
recovering, Barton looked like he was gearing up in the
corner for a running kick but someone came to ringside and
tripped him as he shot out of the corner. Reyoro capitalized
by rolling Barton up in La Magistral Cradle for the pin.
Jesse Barton got up and locked eyes with the guy that
interfered in his match before he left and he seemed to
recognize who it was.

3. 8-Man Tag Match The team captains got to pick their team
members in the weeks leading up to the event and to up the
ante, PCW management stated that the members of the winning
team would automatically be entered into the Palmetto
Classic Tournament for 2021.

Team Captain: "The Working Team Captain" Owen Knight "That
Dude" Jon Davis "Do or Die" Chip Day and Billy Brash vs.
Team Captain: "No Gimmicks Needed" Ethan Case The Buff-n-
Fluff Connection (Soda City Champion, Sean Legacy and Cody
Fluffman) and Xavien Bright

Winners: Team Knight by pinfall after Jon Davis delivered a
piledriver to Ethan Case. Thoughts: Team Knight had the
experience advantage over Team PWA as Ethan's team was
mainly composed of Palmetto Wrestling Academy graduates.
Like wolves after a flock of sheep, the most seasoned vets
for Knight's team targeted the most inexperienced member of
the opposing team, Xavien Bright and used frequent tags to
keep the ring cut off as they had their way with him.

Team PWA was actually able to gain the momentum after
Fluffman was seemingly rendered unconscious by a knife edge
chop from Jon Davis. As Fluffman lay flat on his back with
his arms extended upwards (as if rigor mortis had set in)
his team members gathered in the ring to pull him to his
feet. After they placed him upright, he face-planted back to
the mat.

Since he still seemed to be amongst the living, Team PWA
stepped back and Team Knight attempted to pull him towards
the center of the ring by forming a human chain. While their
backs were turned as they attempted to pull forward,
Fluffman "regained" consciousness and proceeded to roll
forward, steamrolling every member of Team Knight in the

He then rolled back over them in the opposite direction for
good measure. Case's team kept that momentum by utilizing
frequent tags but Team Knight once again regained the
advantage by targeting rookie Xavien Bright. Led by a
barrage of blistering chops from Davis and thundering kicks
from Chip Day, Owen Knight's team seemed to entertain
themselves in a game of one-upmanship that could have been
described as Beat the Brains Out of The Rookie.

Xavien showed incredible fighting spirit by holding on and
periodically mounting offense until he was able to make the
desperation tag. Unfortunately for Team PWA, the strategy
employed by Team Knight proved to be highly effective as the
biggest member of their pack was able to retrieve the head
of their leader.

In a touching moment after the match Ethan Case stated that
he doesn't just see his students as the future of PCW, he
sees them as the future of all of professional wrestling.
I'd have to agree.

Case seems to be a versatile trainer as I've seen various
styles exhibited by graduates of the Palmetto Wrestling
Academy but I have yet to see any slouches. "Starboy" BK
Westbrook came out and stated that he brought Drew Hood in
to watch his back because he knew no else in PCW would and
it's already paying off because that's why he won the battle
royal earlier tonight.

3. "Mega Star" Drew Hood w/ BK Westbrook vs. "Mad Dog" Josh
Winner: Drew Hood by DQ

Thoughts: You could almost consider this a handicap match
because even though Hood was more than capable of mixing it
up with Powers, Westbrook was all around the ringside area
choking and cheapshotting Powers whenever the referee was
out of position. When referee Yolanda "Yoyo" Wright caught
Westbrook in the act and attempted to eject him from
ringside, he never made it because "Mad Dog" Powers attacked
him before he even had the chance to leave. That frustration
spilled over into Powers' in-ring offense because when he
had Hood in a seated position in the corner, he continued to
choke and punch Hood way past the 5 count so Yoyo was left
with no other choice than to disqualify him.

4. PCW Heavyweight Championship match "Tie-Dye Sunrise"
James Johnson vs. "Top Tier Talent" Drew Adler(c) w/Ryan
Adler Winner: Drew Adler by pinfall after a Yakuza Kick in
the corner. Thoughts: Adler showed a more sadistic side for
this match because the bulk of his offense was a series of
clubbing forearms, kicks, stomps, and punches, mostly
focused on Johnson's back.

Although he showed great intestinal fortitude and was able
to withstand everything Adler threw at him, including
kicking out of his Drew Drop finisher, I imagine this loss
was especially irritating for James Johnson for the way that
it took place. In their previous bout, Ryan Adler pulled the
referee out of the ring to prevent Drew Adler from losing
the title. This time, after Adler had thrown everything at
Johnson and he kept bouncing back, it looked as if Johnson
inadvertently injured himself at what seemed to be a pivotal
point of the match. While fighting off a superplex attempt
from Adler, Johnson performed an avalanche swinging

Unfortunately, it looked as if Johnson was unable to
capitalize on that because he laid prone on the mat just as
long as Drew did. I think that also drew the attention of
Senior Official Chris Wiggins because he repeatedly checked
on James Johnson's condition before he was able to get back
to his feet. He was able to mount a little more offense and
get a two-count on Drew after a Shining Wizard but I think
the injury to his arm compounded the pain he was receiving
from Adler's offense. Although he had been able to recover
from a Yakuza Kick earlier in the match, a second one put
him away. PWA head trainer, Ethan Case came out to check on
Johnson and he seemed to either be suffering from a rotator
cuff or elbow joint injury.

Aftermath: Drew Adler said he felt disrespected that he
wasn't going to be in the main event of this year's Palmetto
Classic Tournament even though he is the current PCW
Heavyweight Champion. He said he is the main event and he
demanded GM Dave Foster fix this. Foster said he would look
into it and left but Drew pulled him from backstage, led him
back to the ring, and demanded he fix this RIGHT NOW.

Foster said sometimes you have to pay to play and asked if
Drew was willing to put his title on the line in each match
he participated in during the course of the tournament. Drew
said "I'll play" so it seems he has agreed to enter the
tournament and defend his belt during the tournament,
similar to how current champion Vadim Nemkov is doing during
Bellator's ongoing Light-Heavyweight World Grand Prix.

Some say there's a fine line between genius and insanity and
I feel this could certainly further cement Drew's legacy in
PCW or it could blow up in his face. He's taken on all
challengers for the PCW Heavyweight Championship since he
defeated Ethan Case at a decision match for the belt at
AnnIVersary on 11/01/2019 so there's no questioning his

However, let's take a closer look at the current entrants in
the Palmetto Classic this year. I'll mainly focus on each
entrant's accolades in PWX since it's somewhat of a sister
promotion for PCW. Billy Brash has competed in the PWX X-16
tournament in 2018 and 2019, he's a two-time PWX ITV
Champion, and he's trained at the NJPW LA Dojo under
Katsuyori Shibata. Chip Day has competed in the CWF Johnny
Weaver Memorial Cup tournament in 2016 and 2017, the PWX X-
16 tournament in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2021, and the WWN
Style Battle #6 tournament.

He's a one time PWX Tag Team Champion (with Corey Hollis),
and he's also a two-time PWX ITV Champion. Owen Knight has
competed in an AWE Tag Team Title Tournament in 2016, the
Garden City Classic Tournament in 2019, and he's a former
PCW Soda City Champion who is just one month removed from
taking Drew Adler to the limit when he challenged him for
the PCW Heavyweight Championship. Jon Davis competed in the
ROH Tag Wars tournament in 2010 where he and Kory Chavis
made it to the finals. He also competed in the first three
EVOLVE/WWN Style Battle tournaments and won the third one.
He and Kory Chavis as the Dark City Fight Club are two-time
NWA World Tag-Team Champions, and he's a two-time and
currently reigning FIP World Heavyweight Champion.

To put it short, none of these men that have been entered
into the Palmetto Classic thus far are strangers to
competing in prestigious tournaments or to carrying gold. As
the current PCW Heavyweight Champion, Drew Adler is now
obviously the odds-on favorite to win the upcoming Palmetto
Classic but depending on how PCW management seeds this
tournament, that may just spell trouble for Adler's chances.

The reason I say this is because back in 1986, during NWA
World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair's 4th title reign, he
pledged to defend his title in each of the 13 cities during
the Great American Bash tour. On night one of the tour, on
July, 1st, 1986, at Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, Ric Flair was pinned by Road Warrior Hawk but
saved by the referee. The way that happened was, Hawk
accidentally shoulder blocked Tommy Young after Flair dodged
his attack.

As a result, Young fell out of the ring. Hawk whipped Ric
into the corner and Flair did his signature flip over the
buckle, then he ran to the next corner and climbed to the
top rope for a double ax-handle attack. Hawk sidestepped
Flair's attack and caught him in a bearhug, then hit him
with a falling gutwrench backbreaker. Hawk had Flair covered
and referee Tommy Young called for the bell and disqualified
Road Warrior Hawk because he had violated the NWA rule of
throwing an opponent over the top rope.

If the referee saw that entire sequence, why did he wait
until after Hawk had Flair flat on his back before he called
for the bell? On night twelve of the Great American Bash
tour, on July, 26th, 1986, at the Greensboro Coliseum in
Greensboro, North Carolina, Dusty Rhodes challenged Ric
Flair in a steel cage match and after battling for over 20
minutes, he rolled him up in a small package to win the

As great a champion as Flair was, during his ambitious
undertaking, he got lucky on the first night and officially
lost his belt on the twelfth night of that tour. Vadim
Nemkov has to successfully defend his title three times over
the course of 7 months in order to win the Bellator Light-
Heavyweight World Grand Prix.

Drew Adler may not have a 13 city tour to defend his PCW
Title but in order for him to win this year's Palmetto
Classic, he has to successfully defend his title three times
in one night. No matter the outcome, history will be made.
PCW's next event will be "Cookout at Seven Oaks" at Seven
Oaks Park, 200 Leisure Lane, Columbia, SC 29210 on Saturday,
July, 3rd, 2021 with a special bell time of 3:00 PM.

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