WWE LAYOFFS: Bill Apter and Ken Resnick discuss the major changes in WWE

Posted on 6/04/121 by VOC Nation

Bill Apter and Ken Resnick on WWE's Big Changes

On the latest edition of Wrestling with History, Bill Apter
and Ken Resnick spoke about Mark Henry joining AEW, WWE’s
change in how they view competition, and the corporate
changes that were made recently. Here are some highlights:

Bill Apter on Mark Henry joining AEW: “I’ve known Mark
since he started…I think this is an amazing move and I think
that WWE was probably caught by (surprise)… They are
branching out into more shows – Rampage (is coming – they’re
going to keep doing things. They’re going to be doing
special videos, special segments with these broadcasters; I
have a feeling Mark Henry will be a backstage general.
He’ll be a coach and a broadcaster. I think having he and
the former Big Show Paul Wight together doing broadcasting –
that’s going to be another team that people will talk about
for years.”

Ken Resnick on not seeing Henry or Big Show making a big
difference: “They really even weren’t using (Henry). Vince
and WWE has always had a history: When they need you they
treat you great, but once they decide you’re not really in
their plans they kind of forget your name. Mark Henry (and)
Big Show (might be) valuable backstage and interesting as
broadcasters, but if they’re not in the ring I don’t know
how much they’re going to add to the product.”

Apter on whether the veterans will help AEW’s visibility:
“Definitely. It has to (help) only because if someone is
channel turning, or somebody knows (Mark Henry) because WWE
really played Mark Henry up so big – ‘Oh look, I’m watching
this wrestling show and Mark Henry’s here…hey the Big Show
is here…Sting is here…Christian Cage is here.’ It’s
familiarity… They’re familiar names to people that watch

Apter on WWE’s change in how they view competition: “It’s
now come to the point where Tony Khan is (calling out) the
other Khan… WWE is doing something they never did before:
They’re responding… Now with WWE romancing New Japan Pro
Wrestling, who is also in the pocket of AEW, look at all
this that’s going on. This could be like a World Series of
pro wrestling.”

Resnick on WWE corporate changes: “They’re not a wrestling
company. They’re an entertainment company. Vince McMahon
has said he wants them to become more of a media company…
In the past they were all about wrestling, and that’s not
their framework (anymore). AEW, their only business is
wrestling. WWE, that’s why (the E is for) Entertainment.
That’s what they’re focused on. That’s what Vince is
looking for. Certainly the hires (and) additions they
announced (this week) all point to them continuing to branch
out and get more involved in streaming and international…
The more you see, I think wrestling is just a component of
their entertainment conglomerate.”

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