WWE LAYOFFS/LEAD STORY: Aleister Black discusses his WWE release during live Twitch stream

Posted on 6/03/121 by Colin Vassallo

Aleister Black jumped on his wife’s Twitch stream to talk
about his release from WWE with fans.

Talking casually and opening up, Black said that the reason
he was given for his release was because of budget cuts and
explained how the past two years were a “slow death” to him.

He said that he created so many storylines and thrown so
much stuff at creative but it was difficult to get the ball
rolling. While people in the back found him very intriguing,
everything he pitched didn’t go anywhere unfortunately. He
jumped at the defense of the creative team, saying they try
hard and are good at their job but it’s not just down to

“I have so many good memories,” Black said, adding that he
cannot wait to see what he can do without the WWE shackles
on him. He described the latest version of his gimmick as a
devil with memory loss, and this was supposed to be his shot
but it wasn’t meant to be. “It’s bittersweet, I owe
everything to WWE,” he continued.

Black thanked Vince McMahon, Triple H, Bruce Prichard, and
Paul Heyman, nothing that both Heyman and Prichard going to
bat for him so many times in the past.

Black also described Roman Reigns as one of the “best
f*cking locker room leaders I’ve ever had,” while putting
over other Superstars such as Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, The
Usos, etc.

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