ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Tony Khan says Tyson’s appearance will have “real impact” on Dynamite

Posted on 4/07/121 by Colin Vassallo

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated,
AEW’s Tony Khan said that tonight’s return of Mike Tyson
will be “a big deal” and that “he’s going to have a real
impact on Dynamite.”

Khan noted that Tyson left a huge impact last year at Double
or Nothing and at the Dynamite that followed and now it was
the time to bring him back in front of fans.

“The fans who have come to the shows in Jacksonville have
added so much to AEW, and it’s important for me that our
fans get to see him live. We’re excited to have Mike back,”
Khan said.

Tyson is the second celebrity in as many months to show up
on Dynamite following Shaq, who had a match last month on
Dynamite. Khan described Shaq as the greatest celebrity
wrestler of all time

“Backstage, I’ve never seen anyone come in and be more
genuine, spend more time working on the craft for months, as
well as paying respect to the wrestlers. This is one of the
biggest stars in the world, and he came in to help us. He
gave to the wrestling,” Khan continued.

In the same interview, Khan also said that they’re excited
to have Wednesdays all for themselves starting next week and
said that now there is more wrestling on TV every night of
the week for fans to enjoy.

“We’d love to have all people check out Dynamite on
Wednesdays, and we really want all fans to check out the
show. That’s why we’re so open to working with other
companies, which you’ve seen as we’ve agreed to collaborate
with companies like New Japan Pro-Wrestling, AAA, Impact and
the NWA,” he concluded.

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