CM PUNK/BROKEN SKULL SESSIONS: CM Punk weighs in on Jericho appearing on the WWE Network with Steve Austin

Posted on 4/07/121 by Colin Vassallo

TMZ caught up with CM Punk who asked him about the recent
announcement of Chris Jericho appearing on the WWE Network
for an interview with Steve Austin on his Broken Skull
Sessions series.

Punk said that it is certainly interesting for sure and he
understands the buzz surrounding the announcement but he
doesn’t think Austin will ask Jericho the tough questions
and it will be more “soft ball” questions instead.

“Maybe I’ll give it a shot and I’ll watch it,” Punk said,
adding that he doesn’t think they should ask the tough
questions and it should be a feel-good interview where they
discuss the past and a bit of AEW as well but the most
hardcore questions that fans want to know will probably not
be asked.

Quizzed over if he was surprised that an agreement was
reached to make this happen, Punk said, “You know, honestly,
my immediate reaction and opinion about it…I think it shows
that Vince McMahon is not afraid of AEW at all,” Punk said.
“Because if he was, he wouldn’t allow that to happen.” He
continued saying that both companies need the eyeballs right
now and praised both for getting it done.

Asked if we’ll see him in a cage or in a wrestling ring
again, Punk noted that he’s 42 and probably past the age of
getting in a cage for an MMA fight. He said he’s busy doing
TV and movies right now but “never say never.”

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