WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: February 19 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 2/20/121 by Bob Magee

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
February 19, 2021
St. Petersburg, Florida (Tropicana Field)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with Royal Rumble winner Edge. He
makes his way down to the ring and cuts a promo about how
Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship at
the Elimination Chamber against which ever superstar will
survive the Chamber. As he’s talking, Roman’s music hits and
out he comes.

Roman along with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso get in the ring.
Roman tells him Edge can pick a main eventer or he can pick
the main event for WrestleMania. Edge tells him last week,
Roman said he looked in Edge’s eyes and saw fear. But what
he saw wasn’t fear, it was someone playing him. Edge says he
can’t acknowledge him as the main event. A few weeks ago, he
saw Roman lose his cool. That confirmed to him that he needs
Edge to be in the main event of WrestleMania.

Edge says he looks at Roman and sees he is insecure. He says
Roman is in his prime, a generational talent, he respects
Roman and his family. But he got too much too soon, he is
cracking under the pressure and that is pressure he hasn’t
even put on him yet. Edge asks him if he wants him to put
that pressure on him and to check his ego. Edge asks why
he’s not answering him.

Out comes Sami Zayn. Sami says this is amazing as it’s one
thing to be disrespected every week by WWE management but to
be disrespected by Edge and Roman, that is something else.
Sami tells Edge that he acts as if it’s a forgone conclusion
that Roman will be champion at WrestleMania. And Roman
doesn’t see the threat in front of him. Sami says WWE
management didn’t want him in the Chamber match but he
fought his way in and that should worry them both.

Sami says once upon a time, he was the ultimate opportunist.
But he is a master at strategy and that should worry him.
And Roman is looking at the Champion of the people. He
points at the WrestleMania sign and says Sami is going to
WrestleMania. As he’s talking, Jey hits him with the

Heyman takes the Championship from Roman as Roman puts his
hands behind his back and whispers into Edge’s ear. Roman
backs away as he, Heyman and Jey leave the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E makes his way down to
the ring.

Two of the best talkers in WWE start SmackDown. Edge and
Roman Reigns just killed it out there. They're making this
clear that it's the two of them at WrestleMania and the
build up has the potential to be great. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Big E is on commentary eating a microwaveable dinner with
his feet in a massage machine and a blanket on top.

Kayla is backstage with Apollo. He says Big E told him to go
out and get what he wants and when he did that last week,
Big E told him to go to catering. Apollo mentions how his
ancestors were Nigerian royalty and if Big E would have
spoken to them the way he spoke to him last week, he would
have lost his tongue. He tells her that Big E is intimidated
by him as he leaves for the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings and we are under way. A knee to the
midsection by Nakamura. He sends Apollo to the ropes but
Crews with a drop kick and Nakamura to the outside. A
baseball slide onto Nakamrua and Nakamura slams into Big E’s
snack tray. Crews to the outside as he throws Nakamura into
Big E.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Nakamura with a kick to the head
followed by a drop kick. Nakamura with several kicks onto
Apollo. He places Apollo in between the ropes and hits him
with a release German suplex. Nakamura stomps on him. He
runs to the ropes but Apollo with a spinebuster. He goes for
the cover but Nakamura kicks out.

Apollo goes for the military press but Nakamura gets on his
feet and rolls Apollo up and gets the pin.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Crews attacks Nakamura from behind and throws him to the
outside. He throws Nakamura into the barricade and
approaches Big E. Both men are face to face. Crews grab the
steps as Big E tells him to throw them down and walk away.
He tells Apollo they are over. Crews drops the ring steps as
Big E goes to check on Nakamura.

Apollo grabs the ring steps and hits Big E from behind. He
throws Nakamura over the barricade and tells Big E it’s over
when he says it’s over. He throws Big E in the ring and
grabs the ring steps. Apollo is about to hit Big E with the
ring steps as the referee breaks it up and Big E rolls to
the outside. The referee tells him to put the ring steps
down. Apollo tells the referee he will put the steps down as
he throws the ring steps to the outside and they apparently
hit Big E. WWE officials run to the outside to check on him.

They are trying to push Apollo Crews yet he loses 4 matches,
all clean too. Nakamura gets the win and while I hope it
will lead to something, it probably won't. My guess is
Apollo vs. Big E at the Elimination Chamber and with Big E
injured, Apollo wins. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Big E is taken out on a stretcher.

Out comes Seth Rollins. He says what happened to Big E was a
tragedy. Being betrayed by your friends is a tragedy. And
that’s what happened to him last week. They all turned their
backs on him and walked away and that is a tragedy. He says
he understands Big E’s pain and if you don’t believe him,
here’s the footage. We see a clip from last week where
Rollins was in the ring and the WWE superstars were
surrounding the ring and left midway into Seth’s speech.

Rollins says that’s emotional trauma. He is still suffering
and it’s unacceptable at the work place and anywhere else.
He says he had to do something about it. He and his lawyers
drafted a letter, a formal complaint that has been delivered
to WWE officials. He says legal action is pending but they
will win. He says the reason he did it is because as he
stated in his letter, months and months went into planning
his big moment. His return to SmackDown and it was ruined by
a bunch of losers. A bunch of cowards who ruined it because
they are afraid. They want to divide them and they’re afraid
because there’s already millions of them out there who have
already embraced the vision for a better tomorrow, a better

Seth says they will win because they are strong and
powerful. And the biggest loser is Cesaro because he took
their moment, their homecoming and he made it about himself.
He disrespected them, he patronized them, he stayed behind
when everyone left just to look him in the eyes and
disrespect him. And what happened to Cesaro is not his
fault. It’s Cesaro’s fault. And that’s what will happen to
anyone who stands in their way. Because they are strong,
they are powerful, they are winners. Seth says to embrace
the vision.

Kevin Owens is backstage and in comes Edge. He tells Owens
that they are alike. They get knocked down but get back up.
Owens says thanks and Edge would understand him because the
past year Edge must have been obsessing over his comeback.
And the last two months have been hell for him, he’s come
close to being champion. And all he wants is to win the
Chamber, beat Roman and have that title. Edge wishes him
good luck and says it would be good to face him at

Sonya DeVille along with Adam Pearce and WWE officials are
bringing Big E into the ambulance.

That Seth promo was not bad but I can't get into this cult
character. At all. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

The Riott Squad vs. Natalya and Tamina

The bell rings and we are under way. Tamina knocks Ruby
down. Ruby gets up and right hands onto Tamina but a right
hand by Tamina knocks Ruby down. She tags Liv into the
match. Liv with right hands but Tamina picks Liv up as Liv
lands on her feet. Liv jumps off the second rope but Tamina
knocks her down. Natalya is tagged in.

Natalya slams Liv into the corner. Right hands by Natalya
but Liv knocks her down and tags Ruby into the match. They
double team Natalya. Ruby with right hands and a snap mare.
Ruby runs to the ropes and Liv is tagged in as they double
team Natalya. Liv goes for the cover but Natalya kicks out.

Out comes Billie Kay down to the ring. Ruby is tagged in.
Billie is about to get on the ring apron which distracts
Ruby as Natalya goes for the roll up cover but Ruby kicks
out. Tamina is tagged in. She runs and knocks Liv down off
the apron. She slams Ruby down onto the mat. She goes for
the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Tamina and Natalya

Billie Kay gets in the ring after the match starts
celebrating as Tamina super kicks her down.

Edge is backstage and in comes Corbin. He tells Edge that
this feels like a WrestleMania main event. He tells Edge
that he made his name on SmackDown but now it’s his show.
The next time you see someone wearing a $10,000 suit and a
$34,000 time piece, you bow down. Edge tells him he has a
time piece as he takes out his cellular phone. He tells him
the time and says it even takes pictures.

-Commercial Break-

Ding Dong Hello with Bayley

She welcomes everyone to the second episode of Ding Dong
Hello as she welcomes Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to the
show. They are both standing behind the door. She welcomes
them both and they can’t fit through the door at the same

Bayley sits on the couch and leaves them only one chair. She
thanks them for coming to the show. Nia says they are glad
she isn’t mad that they took the belts off her. Bayley says
she’s not mad, she got rid of Sasha and got her own show.
She says there’s a rumor that she might be taking Ellen’s
job. Nia says the best thing she did was get rid of Sasha.

Shayna says Bianca is just as bad. There’s no way Bianca is
stronger or tougher than them. Nia says Bianca is bad but
Sasha is worse, she calls herself the box but they won’t
take orders from her.

Out comes Reginald who says he can’t let them slander the
good name Sasha. He says Sasha is like a good bottle of
champagne, timeless. Where as they are weak and disposable.
He gets in the ring as Bayley tells him to go through the
door. Nia gets in Reginald’s face. He says if Sasha decided
to team with Bianca, they would be former Champions.

Out comes Sasha Banks. She gets in the ring as Bayley tells
her to use the door. Sasha grabs the microphone from
Reginald and tells him he never speaks for her. And for Nia
and Shayna, she is the boss and she makes the rules. She
says Bianca will choose to face her at WrestleMania because
the women’s division revolves around her. Out comes Bianca
to the ring.

Bianca tells Reginald that she is no one’s sidekick or
anything. She tells Sasha her winning the Royal Rumble says
that the EST is the star of this division. And people don’t
revolve around her, they get beat by her. Reginald says they
are on the same team, they shouldn’t be fighting with each
other, they should be fighting them. Reginald says they
should team and fight Nia, Shayna and Bayley. Nia asks for a
referee and tells Reginald that she wants to beat him up.

Reginald is in that infatuation phase when it comes to Sasha
Banks. And again no Carmella, who, you know, he sides with
but for some reason he's with Sasha. Bayley is much more
enjoyable in this role and not the Karen role. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

Entering the Elimination Chamber weekend like this

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Reginald, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair vs. Nia Jax, Shayna
Baszler and Bayley

The bell rings and we are under way. Bianca and Shayna in
the ring. A waistl ock take down by Bianca as she knocks
down Shayna. Sasha is tagged in as they double team Shayna.
Reginald flips into the ring and tries to high five them but
they tell him to get back on the ring apron. Nia is tagged
in and she runs through Sasha. Bayley is tagged in as she
throws Sasha down.

Bayley not wearing boots as she is wearing socks and Shayna
is tagged in. Shayna goes after Sasha’s knee. Nia is tagged
in and they double team Sasha. She gets Sasha in the corner
and goes for a big splash but Sasha moves out of the way.
Sasha with a kick takes Nia down. Bayley slides in and trips
Bianca down as Sasha throws her to the outside. Reginald is
tagged in. He and Nia tie up as she pushes him down.

He runs towards Nia but she shoulder blocks him down. He
tries a drop toe hold but Nia doesn’t move. She throws
Reginald in the corner. She goes for a big splash but he
acrobatically moves out of the way. He runs to the ropes but
Nia slams him down. She goes for a leg drop but Reginald
moves out of the way. She goes to tag Shayna but Sasha and
Bianca attack Shayna off the ring apron.

Reginald goes for a cross boduy but Nia catches him. She
turns around and a double dropkick by Sasha and Bianca. He
falls onto Nia and goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Reginald, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Kayla is backstage with Cesaro. She asks him about Seth’s
comments. Cesaro says he heard what Seth said and he was out
there respecting Seth. He was hoping for a new Seth, he
knows his potential and accomplishments. They were all
hoping Seth would come back as that guy, as the leader.
Instead he came back as the same smug, condescending guy
that left. And that’s why they left ringside and he will get
even with Seth.

Cesaro says he has to keep his momentum going into the main
event and the Elimination Chamber. In comes Edge who says he
doesn’t know what has gotten into him lately and Cesaro has
the grit. Cesaro says he won’t forget it and after his wins
at the Elimination Chamber, he will see him in the main
event of WrestleMania.

Reginald pins Nia and for the second week in a row, the
Women's Tag Team Champions get humiliated. I don't even know
what to make of this but I said last week, they'll get Sasha
and Bianca to team up and they did it this week. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

Rey Mysterio getting a piggy back on Dominik's back reminds
me of when I'd play Super Mario and have Mario on top of
Yoshi. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs. Otis and Chad Gable

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are on commentary. The bell
rings and we are under way. A take down by Gable onto
Dominik but Dominik gets out of it and a drop kick takes
Gable down. Otis is tagged in. He runs through Dominik. Rey
is tagged in as he jumps off the top rope and a senton takes
Otis down. He goes for a cross body but Otis catches him and
slams him into the mat. A big splash takes Rey down. Gable
gets in the ring and instructs Otis do another big splash.
The referee tells Gable to leave the ring but doesn’t and
the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: By disqualification, Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Otis gets on the second rope and a big splash onto Rey.

Daniel Bryan is backstage and in comes Edge who thanks him.
He says Bryan fought to get his career back and that made
him think that he could get his back. Bryan says he knows
Edge has a big decision coming up. If he wins the Chamber
match and beats Roman, he wants Edge to choose him for
WrestleMania. Edge says some might call it a dream match as
Bryan says some might call it long overdue.

I guess they are trying to turn Gable and Otis heel. It's
worth a shot but once more, they lose a match. At one point,
they have to win. But that was some splash onto Rey.

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

Me to myself when Otis crushed Rey. #SmackDown

— Wrestleview.com (@wrestleview) February 20, 2021

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Rey is being attended to by his son
and WWE officials at ringside.

Cesaro and Bryan are backstage and in comes Kevin. He asks
if they want to talk strategy. Bryan said they were just
talking about what happens if they get hit with the stunner
in the match. Cesaro says Kevin would never turn on a
partner. Kevin says he gets it but they don’t have to worry
about that tonight because they are a team. And he wants to
win this match. They don’t have to worry about a stunner
tonight but Sunday they should.

Carmella is backstage and in comes Reginald with a glass of
wine. She asks Reginald where he was just now. He says he
had to make sure the wine was the perfect temperature. She
tells him they are playing games now. She says she saw him
out there now. He says all he was trying to do was but
Carmella shushes him. She says she’s not mad, she knows he
will do the right thing. Because if he doesn’t, well, let’s
hope it doesn’t get to that.

She takes a sip of wine and spits it. She throws it in
Reginald’s face and says to get her a new glass.

It’s announced that Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax will defend
their Women’s Tag Team Championships vs. Bianca Belair and
Sasha Banks at Elimination Chamber.

-Commercial Break-

Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens, Daniel
Bryan and Cesaro

Edge is on commentary as the bell rings and we are under
way. Jey with right hands on Bryan but Bryan throws him in
the corner and kicks onto Uso. He tags Cesaro into the ring
as they double team him. Jey makes it to his corner and
Corbin is tagged in. Corbing goes for a test of strength but
backs away and tags Sami into the match. Cesaro grabs Sami
and Bryan is tagged in as they double team Sami.

Bryan with an uppercut. He sends Sami to the ropes but both
men collide. Sami with knees to the midsection and Corbin is
tagged in. Right hands by Corbin and Sami is tagged in. Sami
and Corbn both argue in the ring an Cesaro is tagged in. He
cleans house. An uppercut on Sami followed by another and
another and another. Sami rolls to the outside. Sami, Jey
and Corbin argue on the outside as they throw Sami into the

Cesaro swings Sami around the ring and hits him with the
slingshot. Corbin is tagged in as he tries to spin him and
does spin him as both men fall.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cesaro swings Corbin around. He goes
for the sharpshooter but Corbin gets out of it and Jey is
tagged in. Jey grabs Cesaro and he’s thrown to the outside.
Jey throws Corbin over the announce table. Sami is tagged in
and they double team Cesaro in the corner. Right hands by
Sami and Corbin is tagged in.

Paul Heyman is on commentary. Corbin with a knee to the
midsection as he slams Cesaro into the turnbuckle. Jey is
tagged in and they double team Cesaro in the corner. Jey
goes for the cover but Cesaro kicks out. Corbin is tagged in
and a right hand onto Cesaro. Corbin goes for a big splash
but Cesaro moves out of the way and a corkscrew uppercut by
Cesaro. Bryan is tagged in and as is Sami. Right hands by
Bryan followed by a clothesline. Bryan with the double knees
in the corner.

Bryan gets Sami on the top rope and a hurricanrana off the
top rope. He goes for the cover but Jey breaks it up. Kevin
Owens throws Jey to the outside and a cannonball off the
ring apron onto Jey. Back in the corner, Sami with the blue
thunder bomb. He goes for the cover but Cesaro breaks it up.
In comes Corbin who throws Cesaro to the outside. Owens with
a superkick on Corbin on the outside. Sami on the top rope
and Bryan with an underhook suplex off the top rope and into
the Yes Lock as Sami taps out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Cesaro

Bryan is celebrating in the ring as Corbin hits him with End
of Days. Owens with the Stunner on Corbin. The Exploder by
Sami on Owens. Cesaro with the Uppercut on Owens. Jey with
the Superkick on Cesasro. Edge with the Spear on Jey Uso.
Roman with the Spear on Edge.

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