ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite January 13 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 1/14/121 by Bob Magee

Show Report --

Earlier today, Eddie Kingston said he would bust PAC up and
send him back home.

PAC (w/ Lucha Bros) defeated Eddie Kingston (w/ Butcher,
Blade, & Bunny)

This was a good, hard-hitting match. Kingston's selling was
the best part.

PAC exploded out before the bell with a shotgun dropkick
before landing a Fosbury flop on the outside. Back in the
ring, PAC continued to put the boots to Kingston before
hitting a missile dropkick. Kingston countered a corner
attack with a second-rope knee drop.

Kingston sent PAC out of the ring, and Bunny dug her nails
into PAC's face while Kingston distracted the official.
While Fénix complained to the official, Kingston hit an
exploder suplex on the floor. While the two teams exchanged
words on the floor, Kingston hit a neckbreaker, beginning a
targeted attack on PAC's neck.

A series of chops from Kingston allowed him to maintain
control. They had a striking battle in the center of the
ring as PAC fought back with forearms before making his
comeback with a sequence of strikes and a German suplex. PAC
laid in mid kicks, but Kingston fired up with strikes and a
backdrop suplex for two.

PAC stunned Kingston on the top rope with an enziguiri
before following it up with a superplex. He continued the
offense until Kingston popped up with a big lariat for two.
PAC countered a DDT and hit a running dropkick before
landing the Black Arrow for the win.

After the match, PAC locked on the Brutalizer until Butcher
and Blade ran in to break it up. As they all squared off,
Lance Archer's music hit, and he and Jake Roberts made their
way to the ring. Archer chased off Kingston and co. before
exchanging words with PAC.


Miro (w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford) defeated Chuck Taylor
(w/ Orange Cassidy)

If Miro wins, Taylor has to be his butler until Sabian and
Ford's wedding.

Miro posed at the bell, so Taylor attacked with strikes
before sending Miro to the floor. Taylor sent Miro into the
staging area multiple times before landing a tope con hilo.
He continued the attack on the floor, sending Miro into the
ring post and landing a diving knee drop. Taylor went to the
top rope, but was distracted when Sabian attacked Cassidy.
Miro took advantage with a Samoan drop.

It was elementary from there as Miro hit a thrust kick and
locked on Game Over, forcing Taylor to tap out in under four


Matt Hardy and Private Party were interviewed after the tag
team signed Hardy as their manager. Hardy had to speak
first, but Private Party was still excited about Hardy's
management... that is, until Quen complained about Hardy
taking a large chunk of their earnings. They called Hardy a
"money-grabbing carny." Hardy said that Private Party was
nothing before him, and demanded that they listen to him
from now on.


Inner Circle's New Year's Resolutions

Jericho said "who wants to start?" Hager simply yelled
"championships, yeah!" MJF wanted to strengthen bonds with
everyone else in the group, and also get rid of fat people.
Ortiz wanted to master a sofrito recipe.

The resolution for Jericho was winning the AEW tag team
championships with MJF. Santana took offense to this, as he
and Ortiz are the Inner Circle's designated tag team.
Guevara said that he understands what's going on here:
Jericho is a "tag team slut."

MJF stood up for Jericho as the rest of the group calmed
each other down. Jericho said that any one of them could
team with another and win the championships. So next week,
there will be a three-way match to determine the official
tag team of the Inner Circle. The teams will be MJF &
Jericho, Santana & Ortiz, and Sammy & Hager (ha, ha). MJF
wrapped it up with the group's signature middle fingers.


The Dark Order were interviewed about what's next for the
group. Evil Uno said that they will perform in Brodie Lee's
name, and they have to be better people. It all starts next
week when Hangman Page will team with the Dark Order again.
Silver was extremely excited. Reynolds asked when they'd
know for sure about Page joining the Dark Order, and Page
said he'd make a decision next week.


An excellent video played recapping the background behind
Brian Cage challenging Darby Allin.


Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and the Young Bucks arrived for
their upcoming match. They agreed to have separate

After Omega's entrance, Callis took the mic and said "the
band is back together" before introducing Omega's "two best
friends in the world," the Good Brothers. The Bucks were
shown backstage, offended because it appeared that Callis
was talking about the Bucks.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl
Anderson) (w/ Don Callis) defeated Varsity Blondes (Griff
Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.) & Danny Limelight

Omega and co. attacked before the bell, taking control on
the floor. Limelight got a hope spot in the ring, but
Gallows downed him with a clothesline. Varsity Blondes sent
the Good Brothers packing, allowing the match to reset.

The Blondes maintained control on Omega with frequent tags
until Limelight tagged in and a Gallows kick allowed Omega
to hit the Kotaro Crusher. Omega, Gallows, and Anderson kept
up the attack through a commercial break.

Back from break, Limelight landed a springboard hurricanrana
and avoided a German before hitting a kick, allowing him to
reach Pillman for the hot tag. Pillman ran wild on all three
opponents before teaming with Garrison to hit a doomsday
blockbuster for two on Anderson.

Omega ran into the ring and his team regained control,
hitting a triple neckbreaker, but their opponents broke it
up. A big boot from Anderson got another two. The Good
Brothers went for the Gun Stun, but Limelight tagged in.
Anderson stopped Limelight's attack with a spinebuster, and
the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer for three.

As Omega and the Good Brothers celebrated, Jon Moxley's
music played, and he ran in for a fight, but he was
outnumbered. The Lucha Bros ran out to even the odds, and
some AEW Dark talent ran out to break up the fight. Moxley
landed a tope on a big pile before the Young Bucks entered
the fray to try and talk Moxley down. The Lucha Bros downed
the Young Bucks with superkicks, and a wild free-for-all
brawl ensued as Omega and Callis escaped.


The Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker

Rebel introduced Baker to start the segment, and then Baker
introduced Cody Rhodes as her guest. Baker went through a
campy comedy schtick, which was intentionally bad, as Rebel
laughed along obnoxiously, before Cody came out.

Baker congratulated Cody on his and Brandi's pregnancy. Cody
was about to talk about the year to come, but Baker
interrupted him and introduced Jade Cargill as her surprise

Cargill grabbed the mic and said that nobody cares about
Brandi's pregnancy. She demanded an opponent and said that
if Brandi ever returns, she was going to beat her ass. Red
Velvet entered and she and Cargill slapped each other before
getting into a pull-apart brawl.

It cut to a video of Baker's attack on Thunder Rosa from a
couple weeks ago. It was followed by a video promo from
Rosa, who said that Baker and Rosa would wrestle each other
at Beach Break on February 3. Baker complained and said that
it wasn't happening, but a graphic for it came up on the
screen. Baker closed the segment.

That was one of the worst segments in Dynamite history.
Everything was disjointed, they tried to fit way too much
into one segment, and the one advertised thing about the
segment –– an interview with Cody Rhodes –– didn't even
happen, making two straight segments where that occurred.


FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (w/ Tully Blanchard)
defeated Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

This was a strong tag match, with Stunt holding his own in
there against one of the best tag teams in the world.

They wrestled around for a bit at the start before the two
teams faced off against each other in the ring. Harwood
shoved Stunt into the corner, but Stunt fired back with a
slap, which just made Harwood mad. FTR began an extended
beatdown of Stunt with frequent tags and power moves.

A tijeras and dropkick allowed Stunt to escape to Jungle Boy
for a hot tag. Jurassic Express hit double up kicks before
Stunt used assists from Jungle Boy to dispatch both of FTR.
Stunt landed a tope through Jungle Boy's legs before Jungle
Boy landed a quebrada.

During the break, FTR took control of the match once again
with a double team attack on Stunt. Stunt escaped a Gory
Special with a roll-up before avoiding a powerbomb to reach
Jungle Boy for his second hot tag. Jungle Boy landed a
series of strikes, concluding with a backstabber on Harwood
for two.

Jungle Boy and Harwood fought on the top rope before Jungle
Boy landed a top-rope hurricanrana, but Wheeler broke up the
pin. Harwood rolled up Jungle Boy with a handful of trunks,
but he kicked out at two. Stunt tagged in and went for
Sliced Bread, but Harwood countered it and leveled Stunt
with a lariat.

Harwood beat Stunt down in the corner, but Stunt fought his
way out and hit Sliced Bread for two. Stunt rolled to the
outside, where Tully rammed him into the ring post. Jungle
Boy confronted Tully, but ran into a lariat from Wheeler,
who proceeded to send him into the barricade. Back in the
ring, FTR hit the Big Rig on Stunt for the win.


NWA Women's World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) defeated Tay
Conti (w/ Anna Jay)

Having watched Conti's entire NXT career, I am absolutely
floored by how good she's looked in her last two AEW

They performed chain wrestling at the start as the
commentators discussed both women's martial arts chops. Deeb
applied a quick cradle for two, but Conti fought back
through applying a heel hook. Deeb countered it into a
chinlock, but Conti hit a judo throw as the match reset.

Conti went for a triangle sleeper, but Deeb escaped and
landed a sliding lariat for two. They exchanged cradles
until Conti downed Deeb with a pump kick. Conti maintained
control with judo throws during the break.

A full nelson into a stunner got two for Conti. Deeb
countered another hold into a stretch muffler, but Conti
reached the ropes. Conti countered the Serenity Lock into a
cradle, but Deeb, hit a gutbuster for two.

Deeb perched Conti up top and used the ropes as leverage to
apply a Gory Special. Conti evaded the follow-up and hit a
pump kick. She went for the Tay-KO, but Deeb countered into
the Deeb-tox for the win.


Next week's Dynamite card:

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Santana & Ortiz vs. Sammy Guevara &
Jake Hager
Matt Hardy & Private Party vs. Matt Sydal & Top Flight
Brodie "-1" Lee Jr. Birthday Celebration Match: Dark Order
(John Silver, Alex Reynolds, & Colt Cabana) & Hangman Page
vs. The Hybrid2 & Chaos Project
Nyla Rose vs. Leyla Hirsch
Jon Moxley in action
Miro and Chuck Taylor update

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) defeated Brian Cage (w/
Ricky Starks & HOOK)

This match was awesome. These guys worked the David vs.
Goliath formula to perfection.

Taz joined commentary before the match, where it was
revealed that only two members of Team Taz were allowed at
ringside, explaining Powerhouse Hobbs' absence.

Allin immediately kicked out Cage's legs and landed a low
tope suicida before driving Cage into the barricade. He went
for another tope, but Cage caught him out of midair and
suplexed him on the floor.

Back in the ring, Allin landed a defiant slap, but Allin
clotheslined him down. Cage then pressed Allin above his
head and tossed him through a ringside table onto concrete.
That was insane, and Allin was busted open. Cage tossed
Allin back in the ring and continued the beatdown.

Cage hit a running uppercut and a gamenguiri followed by a
release German suplex. He repeatedly threw Allin into the
corner and laid in ground and pound, keeping up the beatdown
through a commercial break.

Allin went for a dive, so Cage caught him and hit an F5, but
Allin kicked out at one. Cage hit a series of three
powerbombs, releasing on the third. A defiant Allin flipped
Cage off, so Cage powerbombed Allin onto the ramp. Cage
brought Allin back into the ring with a suplex over the
ropes, but Allin once again kicked out at one, infuriating

Cage pulled out the ring steps and set up to F5 Allin onto
them, but Allin fought out and bit Cage's hand, sending him
onto the steps. Allin then landed a Coffin Drop onto Cage on
the steps. Cage barely made it back into the ring at the
count of nine.

Allin laid in slaps, but Cage caught a Coffin Drop attempt.
He tried to apply a bear hug, but Allin bit his way out and
hit a stunner. Allin then tied a belt around Cage's ankles,
but Cage fought back anyway. Cage removed the belt, but
Allin hit Code Red for a close near fall. Allin dropkicked
Cage into the corner and hit a double stomp.

Starks tried to get involved, but lights went out and Sting
appeared with a bat, dispatching Starks. Cage went for an
avalanche F5, but Allin countered it into crucifix bomb to
retain the championship.

Snow fell and Allin and Sting stood tall in the ring to end
the show.

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