WWE/COVID 19: More WWE Superstars test positive for coronavirus

Posted on 1/13/121 by Colin Vassallo

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that
more WWE Superstars have tested positive for coronavirus and
at least three others, apart from Drew McIntyre, are

Meltzer says that someone from Smackdown who was scheduled
for the show last week and was taken off, an NXT star, and
another “big star” who was positive before and just
returned, are all in quarantine. Other individuals who they
interacted with are also being told not to come to
television due to contact tracing.

Monday Night Raw operated with a skeleton crew last night as
the company tries to prevent another COVID-19 outbreak
within their ranks. NXT and Smackdown are also scheduled to
have skeleton crew with limited Superstars available.

Drew McIntyre was the first Superstar that WWE openly
acknowledged that he had been tested positive. McIntyre is
said to be suffering from mild symptoms and at this stage
his match against Goldberg at the Rumble on January 31 is
still on.

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