SHAD GASPARD: HHH recounts last time he met Shad Gaspard

Posted on 5/22/120 by Colin Vassallo

Speaking to TMZ via video, Triple H had nothing but great
things to say about Shad Gaspard, echoing the sentiment of
all his peers. Triple H said that they are preparing
something that will air on Smackdown and Raw that will honor
Shad although he did not say what it is.

“He was such a great guy. Shad’s one of those guys who
everybody loved. Steph and I saw him maybe six months ago…we
were at FOX for a meeting and he was coming out of the lobby
and we were coming in the lobby and we stood there for 20
minutes talking,” Triple H said.

HHH praised Gaspard for finding success in all other things
he was doing away from professional wrestling. “You know
when the circumstances around all of this and his son, which
thank God is okay, but you know…knowing that he said ‘Save
my son’ and it was the last thing he did is all you need to
know about the guy,” he added.

Triple H said that he was still holding out hope while the
whole thing was going on “as illogical as it is” and then
said his thoughts and prayers are with his wife, son, and

You can see Triple H’s short interview with TMZ below.

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