ROH REVIEW: Jeff Gorman

Posted on 5/21/120 by Oliver Newman

ROH Review Press Release – Jeff Gorman Interview

Hosted by the Broken but Glorious Podcast Wrestling Network,
the ROHReview was formed in late 2019 by Three-Time Pro-
Wrestling Author Oliver Newman, and Pro-Wrestling
Journalist, Steven Jackson. Sharing a mutual love for Ring
of Honor Wrestling, the two likeminded fans set about
reviewing and covering the company’s current product, as
well as their back catalogue.

From this initial idea, the ROHReview has steadily grown and
gained a loyal fan following. This has led to over 35 hours
of recorded content, over 800 Youtube views and over 17,000
listens on SoundCloud! This growth in status and popularity
has also helped the ROHReview conduct several exclusive
interviews with former and current Ring of Honor talent,
leading the podcast to become a hugely viable source for
fans and journalists alike.

For their most recent interview, Oliver and Steven (for the
first time!?) are joined by former Ring of Honor Ring
Announcer, Timekeeper and Commentator Jeff Gorman! Jeff was
hugely influential in the early years of Ring of Honor, and
over the course of nearly an hour, Jeff answers questions on
a variety of interesting topics.

Some of these include; the ROH debut of Nigel McGuinness,
the ROH championship reign and impact of Xavier, calling the
Scramble Match from Scramble Madness, as well as being in
attendance for the famous 60-minute draw between CM Punk and
Samoa Joe at World Title Classic! And much more!

This latest interview can be found via these links:
SoundCloud –
interviews-jeff-gorman?in=bbgwpod/sets/roh-review Youtube –

You can follow Jeff and find his work through these social
media links:

Twitter - @JeffDGorman Youtube -

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