VOC NATION: Shelly Martinez debuts the first episode of Shelly LIVE on VOC Nation

Posted on 5/21/120 by VOC Nation

Shelly Martinez, the former Ariel (WWE) and Salinas (TNA),
had her debut episode of Shelly LIVE on VOC Nation Radio.
She shared stories from her past, talked about missed
opportunities working with Gangrel, and her emotional
reaction to the disappearance of Shad Gaspard. Here are
some highlights:

On her relationship with Gangrel and missing an opportunity
to make big money together: “Gangrel and I could have made
a lot of money together, but that didn’t happen because of
whatever the issue is…I actually did a show with him in
Germany. Half of the trip, everything was fine to where I
brought things up to him and he really confided in me…he and
I had such a cool conversation. I felt like I understood
him more, I felt like perhaps he understood me more, and I
really thought we were getting somewhere there. Then, the
second half of the trip wasn’t so good and I’m not sure why
that went that way…I’m not going to get into the details
because I’m not trying to be gossipy. It was so weird; I’m
friends with the Germany people and to this day we joke
about it because it was so unnecessary and weird, and I
don’t understand it. However, it’s fine…Gangrel has every
right to dislike me – and maybe it’s not even a dislike,
maybe I just rub him wrong. That’s fine, that happens in
life; I’m fine with it. But it did break my vampire heart
here and there, because that Germany trip I really thought I
connected with him…We could have made so much money and he
wouldn’t have had to take but one bump!”

On Shad’s disappearance and her up and down relationship
with him: “I just can’t stop thinking about what Shad must
have been going through in those moments….It’s tragedy, you
know, such a terrible thing to happen. It just doesn’t seem
real, but then it is. I just know how it’s affecting me so
I can’t imagine those that are close to him, specifically
his son and his wife, I just can’t… Something that I can do
is remember my up and down relationship with him, and how
cool it was that because we talked about it, he was able to
see where my pain was coming from… There’s (bad people) who
screwed me over and that’s different. Shad didn’t screw me
over, he just did something that hurt my feelings and he
just didn’t realize to what extent that was.”

On learning lessons from every interaction in life: “In
life we should honor people, especially people that help us
understand things or situations that we didn’t. I think
that’s really beautiful. That’s the best gift you can give
somebody, and vice versa. Cheers to Shad; may God be with
his soul, his wife, his son, his fans, and everybody that’s
been affected by this terrible situation.”

Shelly LIVE airs every Tuesday at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on the VOC
Nation Radio Network. Shelly shares stories of her past and
present, and takes listeners calls and tweets.

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