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AEW DYNAMITE Preview for May 20, 2020

This is it, the final edition of “Dynamite” before “Double
or Nothing” this Saturday night, and it's a loaded one!
Matt Hardy in action looking for vengeance on Vanguard-1's
behalf, 10 aims to weaken AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, MJF
preps for Jungle Boy, and two of the Casino Ladder Match
participants square off!

All that and more is coming your way THIS Wednesday night
when “Dynamite” takes to the airwaves at 8pm EST/7pm CST
LIVE on TNT, or on for our International fans!
Let's run down what is in store for the AEW fans!

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley vs. 10 (w/ Mr. Brodie Lee)

“You may find your AEW career is over before it started!”

Those were the words of the World Champion last week
regarding his challenger for “Double or Nothing” Mr. Brodie
Lee, but they could also be foretelling of what will go down
this Wednesday night when the Dark Order member dubbed “10”
steps into the ring with Moxley.

The man once known as Preston Vance aligned himself with Mr.
Brodie Lee several weeks ago, and since that decision, has
gone 2-0 on “AEW DARK”, a distinct improvement from where 10
felt his career was going prior to The Dark Order. But those
opponents were not in the league of Jon Moxley by any
stretch of the imagination, and this one will be the fight
of 10's young career.

Couple the assault Moxley suffered at the hands of The
Exalted One and his Dark Order after the hard-fought
Kazarian match with the theft of the World Championship
belt, and Jon is bursting at the seams to unleash violence.
10 will be a message to Mr. Brodie Lee, there is no doubt
about that, the only thing in question is will 10 survive
and what will be left of him?

“Broken” Matt Hardy VS. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara

One week ago Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega were riding high
after defeating Santana and Ortiz in tag team action, a bit
of comeuppance for their interference in the Street Fight
the “Dynamite” prior. Even the attempted involvement of
Sammy Guevara, as seen above, did not sway the odds into the
favor of Proud-N-Powerful. Unfortunately for Hardy, the
elation of victory was short-lived...

Vanguard-1 is no more, and Sammy Guevara is going to be the
one to pay for the transgressions of “Le Champion” this
Wednesday night. Vanguard-1 has been a companion to Hardy
for some time now, and this loss must be punished, and it's
pretty clear Hardy has ever intention of making Guevara
suffer once that bell rings.

For Sammy's sake, the injury he suffered from the golf cart
collision better fully healed up, or at least not as bad as
he's letting on, because this Damascus entity is going to
destroy “The Spanish God” if it is not. And if that's the
case, The Inner Circle may find themselves a man down going
into The Stadium Stampede at “Double or Nothing”. But keep
in mind, if anyone has a trick up their sleeve, especially
in a situation such as this, it is Chris Jericho. This one
is sure to color the outlook of Saturday night...

Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix

“He never saw it coming” does not do justice to the attack
Rey Fenix perpetrated on Orange Cassidy last week on
“Dynamite”. Cassidy was blindsided by that kick seen
above, just decimated by one-third of Death Triangle, and
reigniting a rivalry that ignited just prior to “Revolution”
where Cassidy was defeated by DT member PAC.

Due to the circumstances of the world at the moment, Rey
Fenix is flying solo now that he's made it back to AEW
competition, but it's not unfamiliar territory to him. For
example, the AAA Mega Championship that Kenny Omega has
defended in AEW a handful of times was actually won from
Fenix, and he's had a handful of singles bouts in AEW as

Much like Fenix, Cassidy has only competed in a small number
of singles bouts in AEW, but has seen great success in that
realm elsewhere. So it is with great interest that this
bout goes down just a few days before both men compete in
the Casino Ladder Match at “Double or Nothing”. This is a
chance for one of these men to get a leg up on the other
before Saturday night, before they vie with seven additional
wrestlers for a chance at the AEW World Title.

MJF (W/ Wardlow) vs. Marko Stunt

Last week Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his triumphant return
to AEW competition after (pretend there's an eye roll emoji
here) an injury threatened to end his career prematurely.
After his victory, MJF proudly boasted and bragged about his
accomplishments (as he always does), and informed Marko
Stunt that they would meet this week on “Dynamite”. It must
be mentioned that earlier in the night, following the
Jurassic Express/Best Friends tag team match in which MJF
factored into the decision by assaulting Jungle Boy, Wardlow
decimated Marko and tossed him into the ringside guardrails.

Max views this as nothing more than a warm-up before he
faces Jungle Boy at “Double or Nothing, an opportunity to
send a message to The Jurassic Express member through his
friend. That is the arrogance of MJF at its finest, viewing
an individual like Stunt as nothing more than a message. In
recent weeks, Stunt has weathered the onslaughts of both
Lance Archer as well as Mr. Brodie Lee and survived to tell
the tale. He has hung in there with The Butcher and The
Blade, The Inner Circle, and The Dark Order just to name
drop a few, and proven time and again he has the heart of a

MJF's heart, on the other hand, probably does not exist.

But heart isn't akin to victories, and Marko does not have
one of those between his three singles bouts in AEW. MJF,
on the other hand, has an undefeated record in his singles
matches, and only one overall loss period. Max fights for
himself, while Marko fights for himself, but also for his
JurEx partners. He's supported by Jungle Boy and
Luchasaurus just as Marko supports them, and that is
something Max doesn't have, want, or need in his world.

The arrogant MJF whose only ally is someone he pays to stand
by his side, or Marko Stunt who fights for something more?
Who will you take?

AEW Women's World Champion Nyla Rose & Dr. Britt Baker D.D.S
vs. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

In just a few short days, all four of these women will be
engaged in battle at “Double or Nothing”. For the champion,
she will have to defend her championship title against a
Hikaru Shida rolling into the match on a very impressive
streak. Baker and Statlander are also on a collision course
of their own after the Four Way match a week ago where the
good Doctor had Kris Statlander trapped in her Lockjaw
submission on the outside of the ring.

So it is, on the last stop before “DoN”, that the four top
women of their division will collide in tag team action!
It's one final chance for someone to gain an advantage, be
it physical or psychological, over the opponent for Saturday
night. Shida could snag a pinfall over the champion to
strike a devastating blow before her championship
opportunity, or Baker could sink the Lockjaw into Statlander
once again to further soften “The Galaxy's Greatest Alien”
before their match-up.

Whatever the outcome of this tag team affair, it will
certainly have implications for both the Women's World Title
match between Rose and Shida, as well as the grudge match
between Baker and Statlander. The thing that remains to be
seen is who will benefit the most from this contest.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Arn Anderson

They are two of the greatest minds in the history of
professional wrestling, two men with incredible verbal
gifts, but the experiences they bring to the table could not
possibly be more different. Neither their in-ring career
nor their outside the ring life bear any resemblance to one
another, and quite surprisingly, they only shared the ring
on one occasion back in 1989.

But this week on “Dynamite”, in a rather momentous
situation, Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson will sit-down
together and verbally have it out on behalf of their
clients. With Cody and Lance Archer's “Double or Nothing”
collision just a few days away, their respective mentors
will have a not so private tete a tete that will likely get
ugly. Roberts, as evidenced by his comments regarding
Brandi Rhodes, has no filter; there is no line he will not
cross, and no button he will not push when playing his
games. He will poke the bear over and over and over again
until that bear responds, and where he once would have
retaliated himself, now Jake has Lance Archer there to choke
the bear out.

Now where Jake is mean and nasty, a cruel monster of a man,
Arn is cerebral, calculating, choosing his words for maximum
impact as opposed to maximum carnage. He can verbally
dissect a man without raising the timbre of his voice, but
with a look in his eye that is still as intimidating as it
was decades ago.

What path this sit-down will take is anyone's guess, but it
will no doubt be a thrilling journey for all who witness it.
This is not to be missed!

It's the penultimate “Dynamite” before AEW returns to pay-
per-view THIS Saturday night for “Double or Nothing”. With
all the above on tap, the Stadium Stampede match between The
Elite and Inner Circle looming large and much more, the
final look of “DoN” will be shaped by what happens LIVE on
TNT (AEWPlus for our International audience), and it all
starts at 8pm EST/7pm CST. Join us Wednesday night as the
wrestlers of AEW raise the stakes in preparation for “Double
or Nothing”!

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