LUCHA: Lucha TV preview for weekend of November 8

Posted on 11/08/119 by Bob Magee

There are 9 different lucha TV shows or streams you could
watch in the next week. Though the two CMLL Sunday shows fit
with the additional TV shows I don’t list here, just showing
matches that are already available in some other format.

AAA Twitch returns Saturday night at 8 pm. Poder del Norte
versus Flamita, Octagon and Vikingo sounds fun. Torreon to
Monterrey is an easy 4 hour drive, so maybe they’ll be
pushing the TripleMania Regia tickets.

Volador returns to CMLL on Friday, which should return to
Marca’s YouTube. I hope he got to keep the Liger hat.

great match roundup, week of 2019-10-19

November 7, 2019 thecubsfan Leave a comment


10/19 AAA on Twitch (Heroes Inmortales)
10/21 CMLL Puebla
10/22 CMLL Martes
10/23 Lucha Capital (2×2)
10/25 CMLL Marca
Five shows in seven days is the only thing that makes me ok
that Lucha Underground doesn’t exist.

AAA has a show where five of the seven matches were stuff
I’d say is worth watching. It is unclear if that has every
happened before. (I think I meant to rate the Copa Antonio
Pena ‘great’, or I’ve changed my mind now.) There were also
some CMLL shows.

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