By: Dan Moreland


THE UGLY TRUTH about . . . TAZ . . RANDY SAVAGE . . .ERIC BISCHOFF . . . BOBBY WALKER . . . and more, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!

First allow me to address all you dopes, idiots and stupid morons who booed Taz, spammed his website and chanted "YOU SOLD OUT!!!!" to him at the Anarchy Rulz Pay-per-view because he signed with the WWF.

Now I realize you jackasses have never bettered yourselves to the point that you got a job that paid more than working at the local Sheetz as cashier; or ever got a life and had a wife and kids to support.

With that in mind let me reveal a new concept to you ECW Einsteins out there: when someone offers you more money and you have mouths to feed . . . YOU TAKE THE JACK AND TAKE A WALK!

And just how much of a sell out can Taz be if he turned down a more lucrative offer from WCW anyway realizing that money was NOT the only thing? Simply put, dopes, Taz was offered an opportunity to better himself and possibly his career with the WWF. Get over it.


I've been wondering why my laptop fried two weeks ago and now sorting through my old emails I now know why. I was emailed a wonderful piece of high journalism called "The Dirt Sheet". This mailing list piece was full of innuendoes and rumors and half-truths about the wrestling industry. You know, kind of like a Gene Oekerlund hotline report.

To justify their poor attempt at bad humor, these net nitwits who put this piece (of crap) together tried to justify their cyber-rag by letting fans know that only 50% of what they wrote was true.

Since my computer automatically breaks down when it encounters stupidity, I am fully convinced that "The Dirt Sheet" contains a mentally degenerative virus and infested my computer, causing it to unceremoniously break down.


Eric Bischoff is gone finally. While I am not going to canonize the man and let's face it, the Bish did more harm than good in the final analysis, I will give credit where credit is due. Here is a man who:

-Convinced Ted Turner to open up the moldy money and sign Hogan.
-Challenged and beat Vince McMahon on Monday night, an accomplishment that no one has achieved since 1984.
-Turned a company losing $6 million a year to one that generated $200 million with a $55 million profit in 1998.
-Sparked the current wrestling boom by forcing both WCW and the WWF to give away pay-per-view level cards for free on TV in a vicious war for ratings.
-Spawned scores of spin-off angles by creating the N.W.O.-WCW feud.

Unfortunately most will still remember Bischoff as the man who signed Master P to a $200,000 per appearance contract; who unmasked the Mexicans; paid KISS $ million for a lip synch performance; and threw coffee at Eddie Guerrerro.

What does the future hold for Bischoff? I think he has an excellent TV production background and will find a home somewhere in the huge Time-Warner family. At this time due to several circumstances I feel it is very unlikely you'll see Easy-E in wrestling unless Dr. Schiller allows him in WCW again.


I feel that the only possible main event right now for WrestleMania 2000 barring injury or a celebrity signing is the Rock vs Stone Cold, with SC as a face or heel. HHH is not the answer- if he was he would be co-headlining the main event for the PPV Sunday night- not a participant in a six pack match. To put the original choice for that spot, Big Show in the main at WM2000 would be a joke since the guy is clearly a stiff. Mick is injured, and it's too soon in the company with Jericho.


WCW has told Barry Sanders- er Randy Savage that if he does not talk to them he will be fired. Yet another fine decision that would be under the new regime that has made some minor but positive changes since Bish got the finger. It will take a long long time for WCW to catch up with the WWF. And as long as Nash and Hogan are around, it will be longer than many people want to think.

How bad is it for WCW right now? Their latest PPV, Fall Brawl drew under 4000 paid for it's live audience. ECW's Anarchy Rulz drew over 5000 paid! What did I say this summer about ECW poised to be the #2 promotion?


Nichole Bass has sued the WWF for sexual harassment. Sure she has. Apparently Pat Patterson mistook her for a man and pinched her ass. That, like any insinuation of a lawsuit by this freak of nature, is another joke. Great now I'll get sued!


Speaking of lawsuit, it has come to my attention that "Hard Work" Bobby Walker has dropped his racial discrimination lawsuit and is working for WCW again. In return, Craig Leathers offered him one of three gimmicks: The New Saba Simba; Rufus R. Walker; or Robo Brazil.

OK I'll stop!

PWBTS 2000

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