By: Dan Moreland


Join myself and Pro Wrestling's Between the Sheets Boycott of World Championship Wrestling Today!

We, the undersigned, recognize that even though your promotion has the greatest roster of talent in wrestling history tied up in long term contracts, you continually misuse their talents. The relationship between the wrestler and his megalomaniacal booker, not his in ring ability and drawing power have been the reason for their pushes or lack thereof.

This management philosophy of those in power in your promotion combined with their substandard booking ability has resulted in declining ratings, poor morale, and a substandard product.

Therefore, we refuse to watch your television, buy your pay-per views, or purchase any of your merchandise whatsoever until the following demands are met:

1. Keep the WCW/N.W.O. World Heavyweight Championship off Hulk Hogan for at least one year.

2. Remove ALL booking responsibilities from any on-camera personality.

3. Inform all on air announcers of booking plans PRIOR to any live broadcast so that they look half-way intelligent when they call the matches.

4. Have at least 75% in-ring wrestling as content during any broadcast.

5. Ban all wrestlers over 300 pounds from having matches with any wrestler under 200 pounds.

6. Allow all Mexican luchadores who have been unmasked in the past year to wear their masks to the ring again. An apology to those wrestlers and to all Mexican and Mexican-American people will be issued by WCW.

7. Remove Eric Bischoff as Senior Executive Vice President of WCW.

8. Disallow any angles featuring the abuse or molestation of innocent females by roided out wrestlers and oversexed WCW officials.

9. Implement an acceptable random steroid, illegal drug and prescription pill test of all WCW wrestlers immediately.

10. Remove all angles and booking that make babyfaces look stupid, geeky or foolish.

11. Release all wrestlers with less than a 50-50 winning percentage over the past 12 months who wish to do so.

12. When holding title tournaments, release to the public the actual bracketing and format for the tournaments before it starts.

13. All main event matches must end in a clean finish with no run ins for at least one year.

14. All announcers must call the action in the ring during the match, and are allowed only two comments every five minutes about any other storylines or matches taking place during the show. Bobby Heenan must be removed from the broadcast booth during any lucha match.

15. Combine the WCW Cruiserweight, TV and US tiles into one championship. All titles must be defended once every 30 days.

16. Tag team championship belts can only change hands during matches between the actual tag teams wrestling for the belts.

Join our boycott! Email PASpoiler at and title the email: "WCW Boycott". We'll email all your names to WCWs website on April 14, 1999!


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