by: Bob Magee

"One week ago, ladies and gentlemen, when Mark McGwire hit 62, you'd always know where you'd be on that day; well, at 10:38 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, Sept. 14, you were a part of wrestling history. He is back!"

Tony Schiavone, Monday Nitro, September 14, 1998

"When I see this, I know that the 25 years that I spent trying to make you happy every night of your life was worth every damn minute of it."

Ric Flair, Monday Nitro, September 14th

Watching that moment when Ric Flair returned to the Carolinas to a thunderous ovation, the likes of which seldom been seen.....with Ric Flair coming out in tears....reminded me of the power that the art form we all call wrestling on our emotions....even more so when those moments aren't just "good TV"...but real life. Even though the business we follow is based on a work...the best, and the most moving are those that are moments from real-life.

Some of those moments that come to mind for me...

The Brian Pillman memorial on Monday Night RAW, watching the Titan Sports crew as the ten-bell salute was done that night..... Starrcade 1993, the night that Ric Flair took the WCW Title from Vader, and had to come out to a certain call from the fans of Charlotte...watching Brian (Mark Curtis) Hildebrand come back from stomach cancer to accept an award from Jim Cornette at the 1998 Eddie Gilbert Memorial Weekend....August 1995 and the Dean Malenko-Eddie Guerrero farewell match at the ECW Arena with the match and the whole evening having what was still (back then) the smartest audience in North America in tears....chanting "Please don't go".

Yes, it can move our emotions....and in those special moments, it should.

For those who don't understand such moments...who scream "mark"...guess what? I feel truly sorry for've gotten too damned smart for your own good. Learn to (in the words of my high school English teacher, Jeanne Clowar) "suspend your disbelief" might even start to enjoy wrestling again.

Try remembering that wrestling is an artform...not the eighth Holy Sacrament. It's DESIGNED to be allow you to mark out....and on those rare occasions, to let you treasure the very real human beings who work within it.

As a closing note.... A reminder on the NWA 50th....

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