AS I SEE IT - 12/10/2002:
More on December 14th 'Support Indy Wrestling Day' Shows

by: Bob Magee

As mentioned in last week's AS I SEE IT...this weekend, December 14th, 2002 to be precise is the date on which "Support Indy Wrestling Day" takes place with independent shows featured all over the United States., and the websites featuring this column are hoping to get you to attend an independent show in your area.

On December 14th, 37 different independent wrestling shows in 16 different states and in Canada will run, including Combat Zone Wresting's biggest show of the year....Cage of Death 4.

December 14th is a day to make sure you are at one of these very important shows. At a time when wrestling fans complain about being force fed 500 pound doses of Paul White and watching talented workers hitting their heads on the glass ceiling carefully constructed by Paul Levesque's ego and Stephanie McMahon's pen; here are alternatives.

If you're one of those people who think the only real wrestling product airs on Monday and Thursday nights... try an independent wrestling show this coming weekend instead.

The idea as explained last week by's Steve Bryant, is to attempt to "generate a buzz throughout the Internet wrestling scene, [and attempt to draw] a parallel between all feds running in a single day."

In commemoration of this day, has brought back their popular “Support Indy Wrestling” stickers for $1 plus .75 cents shipping and handling in the United States.

Fans who have any questions about ordering these stickers can email

Promoters running shows on December 14th can also email with their show card, bell time, website, etc. and it will be added to the list.

Here's a list of some of the shows running that day, with ticket information, websites, and lineups where available (courtesy of Jess McGrath’s Moonsaults, found on










North Carolina










Before some readers tell me one more time "Why are you lecturing us one more time about the indies?"...

Tell me you don't care about seeing old school talent like Harley Race, Kevin Sullivan, Road Warriors, or Ted DiBiase... high spots artists like Ruckus, M-Dogg 20... all-around talents like Low-Ki, CM Punk and Colt Cabana.... or hardcore action like Ian Rotten vs. Bull Pain or Zandig vs. Lobo at Cage of Death 4.... or even names that you've never heard of before...

Tell me that, and I'll tell you that you get axactly what you deserve when you tell me how much you hate what you see on Monday and Thursday nights... because you won't try something else.

However small a message you think you might be sending to Stamford, CT... send it anyway by going to a show this Saturday.

Then, next Monday, e-mail an address of your choice at WWE and tell them why you had a good time at the show you attended (if you did).

Tell them why you went to an independent show instead on one of their shows this Saturday.

Tell them you liked it enough that you may well go again.

Until next time...


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