AS I SEE IT - 12/03/2002:
News on December 14th -"Support Indy Wrestling Day"

by: Bob Magee's Steve Bryant posted this item at PWBTS and I wanted to share it with AS I SEE IT readers... and beat the drum for his efforts...


December 14th National Support Indy Wrestling Day

It's been a long time since independent wrestling has seen a day like December 14th, 2002.

As of late, the entire wrestling scene seems to have waned into a small degree of mediocrity. More and more, shows are being canceled and interest in wrestling is becoming smaller. is hoping to help change all of that.

On December 14th, over 24 different independent wrestling shows in 9 different states will run, including one of the biggest indy shows of the year, CZW’s yearly “Cage of Death 4.” Therefore, we have declared this day “Support Indy Wrestling Day.” Fans, today is the day to make sure you are at one of these very important shows. Promoters, today is a day to show your stuff and put forth your best. The scene is in need of a turnaround, and a successful December 14th could contribute to the future of the independent wrestling scene here in the United States (Canadians, don’t feel left out. ECCW is running in British Colombia as well.)

We really hope that this generates a buzz throughout the Internet wrestling scene. Never before has a parallel been drawn between all feds running in a single day. We ask that fans across the globe help create this parallel by attending their local federations.

In commemoration of this day, has brought back their popular “Support Indy Wrestling” stickers for $1 plus .75 cents shipping and handling in the United States.

Fans who have any questions about ordering these stickers can email

Promoters running shows on the 14th can also email with their show card, bell time, website, etc. and it will be added to the list.

We hope to see you fans at the shows. Here's a list of some of the shows running that day:

Schedule by state (courtesy of Jess McGrath’s Moonsaults, found on













If you're a wrestling fan... rather than constantly sending me, Steve Bryant, and others complaints about the latest example of HHH and Stephanie putting themselves over... here's an idea: try an independent wrestling show.

Before some readers tell me yet again "Why do you beat the drum for the indies all the one cares about them"...remember this: most of you say you aren't satisfied with the major promotion in North America.

When a product of any other kind doesn't satisfy a consumer, they normally look for an alternative. If your Ford stinks, you buy a Honda or a Chevy the next time.

It should be the same with wrestling as well.

If you don't like any of these shows mentioned above...

If you're in California, go to to Revolution Pro Wrestling...or to Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest's Pro Wrestling Iron, or any one of the many independents in the Southern California area by checking out SoCal Uncensored for information on local independents.

If you're in the New York/Philadelphia area, go to John Ferretti's Combat Zone Wrestling, Jasmin St. Claire's 3PW, Rob Feinstein's Ring of Honor,Frank Iadevia's Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Donnie Bucci's Phoenix Championship Wrestling, Kevin Knight's IWF, Gino Moore and Joe Panzarino's National Wrestling Superstars, USA Pro Wrestling, or to any one of the dozens of promoters that run shows in the region.

If you're in the Ohio/ Indiana/Kentucky area, go see Ohio Valley Wrestling, Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Alliance, or Ian Rotten's IWA Mid-South Wrestling.

If you're in Oklahoma, go see Oklahoma Pro Wrestling.If you're in Louisiana, go see New South Pro Wrestling.

If you're in the Chicago area, try out Windy City Pro Wrestling, Lunatic Wrestling Federation, or Midwest Championship Wrestling, or check out the overall independent scene in the Chicago area at Chicago

If you're in the South, go to anyone of the seemingly endless series of independent shows I get news about, including Bill Behrens's NWA Wildside, Bert Prentice's USA Wrestling, or Sherri Russell and Donnie Prater's Southeastern Championship Wrestling.

Just go and support someone...

Go and support anyone...

Support whatever and whoever it happens that YOU like: a hardcore promotion, a lucha style promotion, or an old school promotion or whatever you can find.

Support any alternative to a situation that many of you are saying you can't stand... whether or not it's the booking... too much T&A, too little T&A... incoherent storylines... the wrong people getting pushed...or whatever it is that's made millions of you tune out of WWF/E television over the last year and a half.

Stop complaining and do something. On December 14th, and on any day, support your local independent.

Until next time...


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