by: Bob Magee

Continuing thoughts on a subject I wish I didn't have to discuss:

To "Gerald", the reader who dropped me an e-mail saying "Don't blame Titan Sports for all of this (referring to my comments on the Hawk suicide angle). There should be blame also on Ted Turner and WCW for the Scott Hall Alcohol angle" argument whatsoever.

If you've read my columns on the subject of drug use in the business, you know that I feel that none of the major promoters are blameless regarding the use of growth-enhancing or pain-killing drugs.

But it continues....and continues...

I went to an ECWA show last night featuring one of the developmental trainees of Titan Sports. I looked as this well-built young man had a back that one could have played connect-the-dots on. For those who don't know, this is often an indication of steroid use. It seems that some people don't learn and some things never change. Additionally, Dave Meltzer estimated that from 35-45% of the WWF's workers are on growth-enhancing drugs.

Then there is Steven Regal. Readers may be aware of the incident on an airplane where Regal was alleged to have had a conflict with a flight attendant, including urinating in an airplane while in flight.

Now Regal was sent home from the latest WWF tour for what the Pro Wrestling Torch reported may be an addiction to prescription pills, used, according to Regal, for a back injury.

Then there's the story of Tamara Sytch and Chris Candido, who are currently on a leave of absence from ECW. Initial Internet and hotline reports had even reported them as having been fired owing to their recent no-show on a ECW/FMW tour in Japan, which has been officially linked to a Candido's grandmother, who is on life support. Other reports, however, have linked their absence to "personal issues"... along the lines of Ms. Sytch's recent drug problems in Titan Sports.

One would think people would learn. For Lord's sake, one would think people would learn. I don't need to give the obituary list again. Many of you know it all too well. So do their families.

Perhaps Regal and Sytch have caught themselves. But as I go today to the Sunday Night Heat taping...I wonder about all the other workers who think they're immortal...who think that somas can't kill them, who think that steroids have no side-effects...and that they can continue with their addictions.

Just think about what Melanie Pillman said...."We all knew it could be someone, and that someone was my husband". Without a major change in the thinking of those working in the wrestling industry...I'm sure all too soon, I'll be writing another obituary.

Until next time...

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