AS I SEE IT - 11/12/2002: 
Philadelphia's Independent Super-Weekend Revisited

by: Bob Magee

The weekend of November 9th and 10th has passed and Philadelphia got its super weekend of professional wrestling, with three shows within a 36 hour period that made all attending proud once again to say that they were professional wrestling fans.

There was also a WWE RAW brand house show at the First Union Center on November 9th, notable only for HHH's rants at several people in the small crowd estimated at 4-5,000, one of the smallest professional wrestling crowds in the building's history.

Back to the moments that made you glad to be a fan...

First, in an afternoon show on November 9th before a record crowd of 500 at Murphy Recreation Center, Ring of Honor began part one of Philadelphia's Indy Saturday super-doubleheader.

People came to this show from as far away as Japan, the UK, and Australia; and from as far away in the United States as California.

The Gauntlet match followed, to the number one contender for the Ring Of Honor Title:

As Shane started to go up the aisle to leave the ring; when, out of nowhere, Tommy Dreamer came out from the curtain to a tremendous, extended ovation, and backed Shane into the ring.

Dreamer got loud "Dreamer" and "ECW" chants as he got into the ring.  Dreamer got on the microphone, said that he was watching the show in the back, and would not going to let Shane walk out without respecting the Code of Honor.

Dreamer got his moment, the farewell or salute of sorts that he never got for his time in ECW.

In it, he thanked the fans, saying he was "part of something very special for eight years, and now Ring Of Honor was trying to make something special here." Shane then shook London's hand, but immediately heeled, clotheslining him.  Dreamer grabbed Shane and DDTd him, to another thundering ovation.

Dreamer took the microphone one last time, and asked the soundman, saying "he was feeling nostalgic.. to please play his music" Dreamer exited to "Man In The Box".

For those interested in sampling their product, Ring of Honor returns to Wakefield, MA (outside Boston) on November 16th with Jay Briscoe and a
mystery partner vs. Mark Briscoe and a mystery partner, Doug Williams vs. American Dragon in a 1/2 Hour Iron Man Match, AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels and more.

ROH debuts in Hamburg, PA on December 7th with AJ Styles vs. Xavier, Colt Cabana vs. CM Punk, and Abdullah The Butcher and Homicide vs Carnage Crew.

They return to Philadelphia on December 28th with one match announced: Red vs. Jodie Fleisch.

For further information, go to the Ring of Honor website.

Then, as people walked and ran (and buses and vans drove) the five blocks between buildings, in front of an estimated crowd of 1000 (the largest crowd since Cage of Death III last December), CZW ran part II of the November 9th Philadelphia independent super-doubleheader, entitles "Night of Infamy".

The show began at about 9:30 pm with the usual video promo to get things going, with Lobo being jumped by Zandig and parties unseen, as if to say
that this was a "Zandig show", and that there would be no interruption in the main event, as occurred in Dover, DE.

The results were:

The crowd, many of whom had been at the Ring of Honor show... were unbelievably hot for the main event... which began at about 1:15 am.

Wifebeater's retirement is legitimate, as he'll need a second major surgery on his shoulder, originally injured at Cage of Death III.

CZW returns for Cage of Death 4 on December 14th, with the following matches announced at last night's show:

Tickets for Cage of Death may be reserved by calling (856) 468-9147, by emailing or by using the CZW Online Ticket Reservations System at

General admission tickets for ECW Arena shows are also available at the door, or at these remote ticket locations:

Then, the weekend concluded with Premier Wrestling Federation's Vast Energy 2002 at Pottstown, PA's Academy Hall; again featuring Shinjiro Ohtani and Masato Tanaka, as well as the debuting American Dragon, and Reckless Youth.

Results of the show, which again saw an excellent crowd with the best advance in PWF history, are as follows:

The next PWF event will be December 8th at Academy Hall in Pottstown, PA.  Matches already signed:

Call (215) 793-6823 for tickets and information, or visit

To sum up the weekend, everyone succeeded.

This happened because two promoters who haven't gotten along did the right thing for business.

Fans and promoters everyone need to understand is that when competing promotions within a city or area cooperate, they all make money. Too
many times, competing promoters get into ego-driven pissing contests.

Fans get caught up in them, including the fans of CZW, Ring of Honor and 3PW in Philadelphia. Readers can name their own favorite local equivalent.

Neither Zandig or Rob Feinstein have to trade Christmas or Hanukkah cards. But as smart businessmen, they need to work together enough so that both of them make money if a situation like this comes up again.

Perhaps they could consider bartering for time on each other's TV programs, so as to cross-pollinate their audiences.

This very kind of situation will come up again on December 28th, as Ring of Honor is scheduled on the same night as 3PW...during Christmas week.

Jasmin St. Claire and Rob Feinstein don't get along...that's no secret. What is or isn't going on is between them.

But both of them presumably like to make money.

It's time for them to talk to each other, using intermediaries they trust, if need be.

This kind of cooperation is a priority for the three Philly-based indies; if for no other reason that there's a guy called Rob Black around, who can lose $10,000 or more with a show, and just use it as a tax writeoff.

Zandig can't do that.

Rob Feinstein can't do that.

Jasmin St. Claire can't do that.

Therefore, these three promoters need to work in some sort of cooperative manner until or unless Rob Black is out of the Philadelphia market.

If you come to shows in the Philadelphia area, and you agree, tell them.  Send your thoughts to 3PW at, and to Ring of Honor at

Until next time...


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