by: Bob Magee

This week's column is written a little early, since I'll be rather busy this weekend with the events at the NWA 50th Anniversary Weekend. In this column, a few thoughts on a few real-life subjects....

First, I've commented numerous times on the tastelessness of the Scott Hall and Hawk substance abuse angles. The most recent twist on the Scott Hall angle have been the comments of ex-wife Dana Hall, criticizing WCW for using this angle via websites and on at least one radio show.

No one knows enough about the relationship of the Halls to know who was the "guilty party" (if there is such a thing) in their divorce, save perhaps family and friends. I DO know, however, that I don't understand WHY Dana Hall felt obligated to air her feelings, which included pictures of the Hall children, and a mugshot of Scott Hall after one arrest.

At first, I thought her comments had to be some sick twist to the Scott Hall angle. But then the website that originally aired the Dana Hall comments suddenly was taken offline, and the webmaster suddenly became unavailable for comment. Different websites began to refuse to air further Dana Hall comments. One could speculate that lawyers for Scott Hall or WCW pressured this website to go offline, and others to refuse further publication of Dana Hall's "open letters". Thank God for that. Private lives belong private.

There have been pieces of personal information about people in the business I've been made aware of since I've been writing this column. As a rule, I've made a point of keeping them just that...personal. That's the way it ought to be, and the way other websites and newsletters would be better served by doing as well.

On a totally different note, another twist (this time, worked) to the Scott Hall angle has been the continually reported "incidents" involving Scott Hall. The timing of these "incidents" are oddly convenient to furthering the storyline, ranging from the alleged incidents of the fondling of a middle-aged woman to the infamous "keying" to "bar altercations".

Nice to see that people find real-life (or God forbid, worked) alcoholism to be such an amusing subject. You know my opinion on this. But I'd like to see other Internet and newsletter writers refuse to print any more pieces on this angle. Let the angle DIE. Refuse to cover it in any form. After a while, God forbid, we might actually see the creative energies of WCW booking staff used to produce a better overall product, not making light of a very real problem.

Finally, on a more important note than real-life marital problems and tasteless wrestling storylines.... I've been mentioning, as have many online, the recent challenges that WCW referee Brian Hildebrand is facing. I've been asking readers to keep Brian in their thoughts and prayers. Brian has sent a response posted in and elsewhere to all of those who've been kind enough to send e-mail, snail mail, and telephone messages.

"I just wanted to thank everybody from the time I went into the hospital until the time I got out I got close to 800 emails from various and different people wishing me well and keeping me in their prayers. You have no idea how much that helped me out, and I ask that you continue to say the prayers. I'm gonna need it and I'm not going to let anything slow me down. I'm expected to be back at work in a couple of months, but I will be back. I appreciate all of the support from and the rest of the wrestling fans, Internet people and wrestlers and organizations out there that regulate wrestling have given me their total support and it really feels good."

Brian's message makes you see what's important in this life and what's not. It makes you see that the courage and spirit of someone fighting a serious illness hits home much more than the pettiness of an ex-spouse, or the stupidity of those who treat real life problems faced by people as storyline fodder.

If you haven't done so already, and would like to contact Brian, you can reach him by e-mail at A website has also been set up to send messages to Brian at

See you at the NWA 50th...Until next time....

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