AS I SEE IT - 10/21/2003:
Promoting your indy promotion online

by: Bob Magee

Seven months ago...I wrote a column regarding the ways that independent promotions can promote their products. With the feedback I received on well as some of the good promotion of indies I've seen over the last seven months since the article well as the bad, it seemed like a good time to discuss the issue again.

As most of you, PWBTS, the flagship site of this column, features lots of coverage of independent wrestling. As someone who happily shills independent wrestling promotions whenever possible, one of the things that's the most maddening to me is the way independent promotions seems to have no sense about the basic sorts of things that they need to do to promote their product.

As I did months ago, I'd like to offer some observations as to some of those things I think that promotions need to do to publicize their product online.

I realize that some people may find some of the suggestions listed below to be painfully obvious, but trust me...they aren't. All too many independent promoters don't use some or all of these ideas. I've seen all too many cases where promoters don't...well...promote... and crowds suffer accordingly.

You don't need to attend the Wharton School of Business to know that Marketing Theory 101 says whether you're running wrestling shows or selling hamburgers, the most important thing is to advertise your product.

Along with the usual (and necessary) grunt work of postering, leafleting, and flyering (and getting sponsors to defer the cost)...which is necessary no matter what kind of fan base you have, the most cost-effective way to promote your shows is online.

Here's some of the things that can be done... that don't cost much and can potentially help a lot.

Company website

What should that website consist of?

If nothing else, it should use intelligible English. Use spell check. Just write it simply with items such as these:

Promotional website

Sell your merchandise.

Let's face it, if you're an independent promoter, you need every revenue stream that there is....or in English, you need any way you can to make a dime.

Some promotions are small enough that the wrestlers just sell gimmicks at the shows. But others can also do so on their website.

Here are some examples from promotions of varied sizes.

Press releases/results

Now, does your promotion send out press releases before a show, or results afterwards to websites like PWBTS...or the Wrestling Observer...or to online wrestling newsgroups?

If not, why not?

First, press releases. They don't have to look something out of Northwestern University's School of Journalism.

First, it's not necessary to capitalize everything...or use exclamation points throughout the release you send to a website. We know you want people to come to the show, so write an intelligent sounding release that makes your company, and the show you're promoting, look good.

The things you need to include are largely the things we've discussed above... namely to:

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