AS I SEE IT - 10/12/2000
by: Bob Magee

Yes, I'm one of those who liked Rikishi as the "driver" in the "Who hit Stone Cold?" storyline. I'm also not going to say that I expected him to be the "driver", because I didn't.

Unfortunately, that isn't what I'm writing about this week.

It has now been FIFTEEN DAYS since representatives of Wrestling Fans Against Censorship and Rock Out Censorship first attempted to get an answer from from ConAgra as to whether or not they are planning to take steps to remove advertising of their products from WWF programming.

As you know, this situation started when the PTC reported on their website on September 29th that they had gotten an agreement from ConAgra's Board of Directors to pull future advertising of ConAgra brands such as "Slim Jim" meat sticks, "Crunch and Munch" snacks, and "Chef Boyardee" products from WWF programming.

While the PTC has reported this "agreement", there is absolutely no final confirmation or denial from any representative regarding this information. But there is also no comment from ConAgra.

There is only an unconfirmed report on PTCSUCKS.ORG of an 14 year old individual posting that he met with Vice President of Investor Relations Chris Klinefelter on Wednesday morning. The poster states that Klinefelter did seem somewhat intrigued about our views and said he had not heard much about the PTC themselves, nor the possibility of pulling ads from any WWF programming.

Assuming this happened, it still begs the question as to why ConAgra STILL has not officially posted an item representing their actions; despite a considerable number of requests that they do so.

So since ConAgra is apparently STILL not taking the concerns of potential consumers seriously in replying to their requests for information, I've been stating in the Wrestling Fans Against Censorship PTC Watches that many of the websites carrying AS I SEE IT run each day...that we have to STEP UP the phone calls and e-mails until a DEFINITIVE and OFFICIAL statement is made by ConAgra as to their plans.

But beyond just calls and e-mails, it's time to take our concerns to the next step.

We can thank Corey Hickman of Piledriver Press for the following suggestion...

Using the list of ConAgra products provided below, readers should go through their homes and gather all ConAgra items they may have, whether already opened/used or not. Put all the products into a box and send them to the attention of Karen Savinski from Corporate Communications/Media for ConAgra.

A letter should be enclosed indicating that the products are being returned due to the PTC situation. This will occur whether ConAgra refuses to officially and publicly address its intentions, or they do go forth and bow to the PTC terror tactics).

Further, I'd suggest that the letters also indicate that ConAgra products will no longer be purchased, and the writer will encourage as many friends as possible to do the same.

The packages should be sent to:

Karen Savinski, Corporate Communications/Media
ConAgra, Inc.
One ConAgra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102-5001

Readers can also continue the process by contacting staff of ConAgra to get a confirmation or denial of the PTC's claims:

You can contact ConAgra online via e-mail: at or or via their feedback page: at

If you call or write, POLITELY ask any representative you speak to if it is true that ConAgra has made such a decision on pulling advertisements from WWF programming. Explain that the source of this information is the Parents Television Council, the circumstances surrounding their report, and the extremist nature of the organization.

If the ConAgra representative indicates that the company has not undertaken this action; please ask for a representative of ConAgra to provide WFAC with that information in writing. Indicate that we will be happy to disseminate this information as far as possible.

However, if they indicate that the company has made a decision to pull WWF advertising, please get the name of the person you speak to, and contact us at WFAC.

ConAgra products include this partial list:

You can find a complete list of ConAgra food products at the following link:

When you write to ConAgra, remind them of the nature of the Parents Television Council.

Suggest that s/he read the information on The Alliance for Revival and Reformation at Check out the "Who We Are" section and then check out the "Ministry Partners" section wherein Bozell's MRC is listed...

Or suggest s/he read the information on the Council for National Policy at - Bozell is listed in the Members Directory...

Suggest that s/he read the information listed about the Council for National Policy as a one world "Christian" organization:

Or suggest s/he read the information about Sun Myung Moon, The Council for National Policy, and the American Freedom Coalition: which includes a transcript from Christian Radio program exposing the Rev. Moon's influence in the CNP. Bozell is mentioned as a AFC and CNP member.

Suggest s/he reads the information about The Alliance for Reformation & Revival:

Or they could read the information on a website called "The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy": which features more on the CNP.

Suggest that s/he read the information on the relationship between the Council for National Policy (CNP) and Scientology

Mention that they could read the information in L. Brent Bozell III's official Media Research Center biography... - indicate the fact that Mr. Bozell's official MRC bio mentions nothing about his membership or affiliations with any of the groups named above.

Finally, mention that Mr. Bozell frequently attempts to deny his membership in the Unification Church funded American Freedom Coalition, and that s/he can go to to prove otherwise. It will show that Mr. Bozell was not only a member of the American Freedom Coalition, BUT WAS ONE OF ITS BOARD MEMBERS.

Ask them if they feel their company should be involved with an organization with leadership that had background such as is outlined in the above websites... but feels compelled to lie about it repeatedly. Ask them if those represent the values of a major corporation such as their own.

It appears that ConAgra is making the mistake that other companies made of ignoring us, because they thought we were "just wrestling fans".

ConAgra apparently needs to be reminded by all of us that the potential consumers of their many products have no hesitancy in taking on major corporations that appear to supporting the Parents Television Council.

Just ask Avon, Burpee, CBS SportsLine, Dell, ESPN-the Store, FTD, Hickory Farms, Intel, JC Penney, LL Bean, McAfee, Office Max, Mattel, Toys' R Us... as part of the total of 90 companies that supported the Parents Television Council through the PTC Marketplace... about the degree of dedication that produced thousands of letters, e-mails and phone calls demanding that those companies remove themselves from the PTC Marketplace.

Remind ConAgra that we did pretty well... as companies finally listened to the hundreds of e-mail and phone calls, and began to withdraw from the PTC Marketplace one by one by one...

Then on Tuesday afternoon, August 8, 2000:

"From a staffperson at Effinity.Net as of about 3:25 pm EDT:

Effinity.Net has shut down the PTC Marketplace.

According to a statement by telephone by a representative of Effinity.Net, owing to the controversy surrounding the issue the PTC Marketplace has been closed 'until such time as the controversy blows over...which we anticipate will be some months'.

The effort by numerous wrestling fans, was initiated by Wrestling Fans Against Censorship [founded by, Strictly ECW, and Piledriver Press] in November 1999, and has been carried on by other groups, such as, who were opposed to the Parents Television Council's campaign against advertisers on the UPN-carried WWF Smackdown program.

The Marketplace had as many as 90 companies participating in this Marketplace program. Because of the efforts of what the Effinity.Net representative acknowledged to be a 'deluge' of e-mails and letters directed toward participating companies, many pulled out, until only 18 remained as of earlier today."

That happened because people cared enough about the entertainment that they watch weekly to step outside of their little world that only allows them to only worry about what new catch phrase Duane Johnson has come up with...or what bizarre storyline Vince Russo will come with this week....or how Paul Heyman is going to save his wrestling company...

They took the time away from their sports entertainment and their busy real lives to give a damn... and did something about it.

It's time to do it again.

Until next time...


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