by: Bob Magee

What a lovely little display last night....

Alex Wright as "Berlyn".

What a white supremacist's dream.

Someone needs to tell Eric Bischoff that this crap went out with Fritz and Waldo Von Erich decades ago.

The debut of this gimmick was delayed after the Columbine High School massacre, due to the similarities between Columbine's "Trenchcoat Mafia" and the "Berlyn" character. It should have stayed buried under the rocks that are passing for the collective heads of WCW's management.

One has to wonder what in hell Bill Goldberg thought of this garbage. Bill Goldberg, known to be Jewish, has been the target of anti-semitic signs that have occasionally gotten by the WCW thought police and made their way on at least two Monday Nitros I've seen. It seems the thought police was too busy looking for Chris Jericho and Ric Flair signs to see references to Goldberg and Hitler on signs clearly visible to the TV audience.

Now we have a character who plays up "German superiority" and speaks German because "your language (English) disgusts him", according to his supposed "translator". Funny, but I remember Alex Wright speaking perfectly good (even though accented) English as a babyface.

No, isn't "our language" that is disgusting... just your gimmick.

I'm waiting to hear how certain apologists for WCW explain away this know, the ones who crucify the WWF for each and everything they do that doesn't resemble a Saturday morning kids show?

I suppose this new white supremacist gimmick is in keeping with WCW's supposed "G-rated" approach...the one that features profanity, domestic violence and rape angles, and Nitro Girls that dance about as well as third-shift pole girls at a local strip club.

I hope the ratings for this unopposed Nitro reflect what WCW deserves. Maybe then someone in Time-Warner-Turner management will come to their senses, and remove those responsible for the last year of senseless, offensive, and aimless drivel. Eric Bischoff would be a good start.

Until next time.....

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