AS I SEE IT - 8/25/2002:
Wrestling Alternatives for your Labor Day Weekend

by: Bob Magee

For some of you who've been reading my columns on XPW over the last three may find it of interest that I've been accused via e-mail by XPW Vice President Kevin Kleinrock of "spreading more falsehoods then I could possibly know" in these columns.

One small problem with that statement... the facts were confirmed, in some cases two or three times...several of them with a former XPW employee. In other cases, they were confirmed with employees or management of CZW, Ring of Honor, NWA-TNA, and 3PWrestling.

I stand by everything I've written.

Longtime readers may remember that I was accused of the same thing by L. Brent Bozell on Michael Reagan's national radio show two years ago.

We all know who the liar was proved to be in that situation.

The same will prove to be true in this situation as well.

On a more humorous tone... I've been accused, in an attempt to dismiss my comments, of being no more than "a 13 year old CZW mark" by Anthony DiBlasi, a webmaster and organizer of a bus trip to the scheduled XPW show at the ECW Arena...

Note to Anthony DiBlasi: whatever else I am... I haven't been 13 years old since May 12, 1970.

I'm sure you can do the math that will tell you how old I really am.

It seems that when some can't argue with the truth...they resort to flame wars and attacks on those that deliver a message or opinion that they don't wish to hear.

C'est la vie...

As I said I would in the last column, I'd offer some options for those wrestling fans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic that are looking for wrestling options over their Labor Day weekend.

First, Phoenix Championship Wrestling presents the Russ Haas Memorial Cup on Saturday, August 31st at the Recreation Station in Toms River, NJ.

The show is designed to memorialize former WWF/E developmental wrestler Russ Haas, who died on December 15, 2001; and to help provide for his family. Tickets are $12 and $15, with proceeds going to the family of the late Russ Haas.

A $15 VIP ticket will get you into the Haas Cup Fan Fest from 6:30-7:30 pm that night to meet those performing on the show that night.

Along with the lineup listed below, Nick Dinsmore of Ohio Valley Wrestling and Steve Corino will also be present at the Haas Cup.

The 12 team Invitational Tag Team Tournament includes the following teams:

Lil Ricky vs. Kid Knight (with Ryan Maher)

To reach Toms River, and the Russ Haas Memorial Cup:

From Philadelphia

Take the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to New Jersey, continue onto Admiral Wilson Boulevard (US 30). Take US 30 to Airport Circle, and exit onto ramp marked NJ Routes 38/70. After a 1/2 mile, veer RIGHT at the 38/70 split to NJ Route 70.

Follow directions below for South Jersey.

From South Jersey

Take NJ Route 70 eastbound approximately 65 miles, passing the New Jersey Turnpike and I-295... passing Marlton, Medford... US 206 and past NJ Route 72, until you reach Lakehurst, NJ.

At Lakehurst, veer right from Route 70 onto NJ Route 37. Continue on Route 37, you reach the Garden State Parkway. Take the first RIGHT past the Parkway, which is Main Street. Continue on Main Street into Toms River, about 2 miles, and you will reach the Recreation Station at 1 South Main Street.

From Jersey Shore/New York City

Travel northbound/southbond on Garden State Parkway. Take Exit 81 (Lakehurst Road/West Water Street) and travel eastbound. Take the first right onto Main Street, and continue until you reach 1 South Main Street.

For those of you seeking a more hardcore wrestling alternative for your Labor Day weekend...try CZW's Ultraviolent Tournament of Death; which takes place on Saturday, August 31st outside Rack's Bar & Billiards, 865 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, DE... immediately in front of Dover Downs with a belltime of 5:00 pm.

The participants announced are:
To reach the event:

From Philadelphia/South Jersey

From South Jersey, take I-295 or the New Jersey Turnpike to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. From Pennsylvania, continue southbound on I-95.

After crossing the Bridge get on I-95, stay in the RIGHT lane, and take Exit 5A southbound (US 202/Delaware 141 to US 13). Continue on US 13 over the St. Georges Bridge. Continue south until it becomes Route 1. Continue south on Route 1 and Route 1/US 13.

Split off onto Route 1 just north of Smyrna. Continue south on Route 1 until you reach Exit 99/Delaware Route 8 (North Little Creek Road) into Dover. Continue on Route 8 until you again reach US 13. Take a left onto US 13 (Dupont Highway) until you reach Rack's, across the street from Dover Downs.

From Maryland/Eastern Shore

Traveling on US 301, turn onto Maryland Route 300 eastbound (Sudlersville Road), which becomes Delaware Route 300. After crossing the Delaware border, at Everett's Corner, take Everett's Corner Road(Delaware Route 44). Delaware Route 44 (which becomes Hartly Road) merges with Delaware Route 8, continuing as Hartly Road. Continue on Delaware Route 8 eastbound until you reach Dover. Take a right on US 13 (Dupont Highway), and continue on US 13 until you reach Rack's.

From Southern Delaware

Take Route 1/US 113 northbound into Dover until you reach Exit 95 (US 13 North/Delaware 10 West) in Dover. Continue on US 113 until you reach the US 13/US 113 split. Take a left onto US 13 and continue southbound until you reach Rack's, which is across the street from Dover Downs.

For those not choosing to drive... a bus trip is planned to The Ultraviolent Tournament of Death for fans in the Philadelphia area. The trip (which will leave from the ECW Arena) will cost $40.00, includes round trip transportation, tickets to the event, and a pre-show meet and greet with Tournament participants.

E-mail to reserve a spot on the bus or for general ticket information.

Until next time...


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